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Carlee Russell Bio, Age, Job, Missing Alabama Woman

Carlee Russell from Hoover, Alabama has returned home after going missing for more than 48 years. Her parents and her boyfriend, all have spoken publicly about her missing. So, here are a few details you should know about Carlee.

Here we discuss her age, job, current residence, and more.

Meet Carlee Russell, The Missing Alabama Woman

According to officials, a woman from Alabama who went missing after reporting to a 911 dispatcher that she observed a toddler strolling by himself on the side of a highway has returned home. The infant had been missing since Thursday night, when Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell, 25, contacted 911 and reported seeing it along the side of I-459 South.

According to the Hoover Police Department, Carlee made a stop after making the call to check on the toddler and to phone a relative who had lost touch with her, even though the line was still open. Police said that when they arrived on the scene, they did not find Russell or the child but did discover Russell’s car and some of her things, such as her wig, phone, and purse.

According to a news release from Hoover police on Saturday afternoon, Carlee was reported to have returned home on foot at about 10:45 p.m. on Saturday. When police and firefighters arrived on the scene, she was taken to a nearby hospital where she received treatment and was later released, according to authorities.

It’s unclear where Carlee was since Thursday and no further details were provided. Police said they were able to take “an initial statement” from Russell. “The details of that statement are a part of the ongoing investigation which is expected to continue over the next few days,” the release said.

Police said they are investigating traffic camera footage as part of the investigation. “That footage is still being analyzed as part of the investigation in conjunction with the 911 call to accurately determine the timeframe,” the release stated.

According to Hoover Police Chief Nicholas Derzis, who spoke to CNN affiliate WBRC, the police department is “very happy” that Carlee has arrived home safely. “We wanted her to come home safe and sound – and we’ll hope that’s what happened here,” he said. “And I couldn’t be more excited, and I hope the community feels the same way.”

“The first thing is to give Carlee and family a little time to get themselves back together,” he said, WRBC reported.

“I know it’s been a tough experience for them. When we think it’s time to sit down and have a conversation with Carlee and try to get some facts, we’ll do that.”

News of Russell’s disappearance sparked a frenzied 48-hour search effort across the area, with police offering a reward of $25,000.

Carlee Russell Boyfriend

After Carlee Russell returned home her boyfriend Thomar Latrell Simmons made a statement. He claimed in the statement that Carlee was indeed kidnapped – and revealed she was ‘fighting for her life for 48 hours’ after vanishing from the Alabama Interstate 459 highway on Thursday.

Thomar claimed on Sunday afternoon that his girlfriend isn’t ‘physically or emotionally stable’ enough to discuss the whereabouts of her alleged kidnapper right now. Thomar, who shared heartwarming images of the pair together, said he was wrongly implicated in her abduction but ‘kept his faith’ and persisted in the futile quest for his lover. The boyfriend, who traveled to New York City last week with Carlee, spoke of his “nonstop” search for her and promised to keep going “until I saw her face again.”

In a lengthy post, Thomar posted online he started by thanking “my lord & savior Jesus Christ for saving my girlfriend’s life!” He also thanked whoever came out to Hoover Met to join the search party.

He wrote, “I have been going nonstop since I received the call that she was missing on Thursday night. I know she would’ve done the same for me, so I wasn’t going to give up until I saw her face again!”

Thomar concluded the post with, “Once again I can’t thank you guys enough for helping us bring Carlee home! God bless you all.’ ”

Thomar hailed from Birmingham, Alabama. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram. Born in December 1997, Thomar is 25 years of age.

Carlee Russell Age

In 2023, when Carlee Russell went missing, she was 25 years old.

Who Are Carlee Russell Parents?

Alabama missing woman Carlee Russell is the daughter of Talitha and Carlos Russell. According to her parents, she was on her way home from her job and stopped to get food at The Colonnade which was about 10 minutes from her house.

After it was clear Carlee was missing, the family gathered to search for Carlee Russell Friday morning at the Hoover Met and asked for help. “We’re just gonna scour the earth,” said Carlee’s dad, Carlos Russell. “There’s no stopping us.”

“My son’s girlfriend heard her asking the child, ‘Are you Ok?’ She never heard the child say anything but then she heard our daughter scream,” Talitha said. “From there, all you hear on her phone is background noise from the interstate.”

Her parents were informed that a trucker had reported seeing her car with the door open and a grey car had parked up in front of it. The Russells further stated that they think Carlee was lured out of her car using the kid as “bait.”

After Carlee’s safe return, Talitha posted on Facebook Sunday morning that “God is faithful and He has answered (their) prayers.” The family is asking for privacy at this time and plans to speak in the “near future,” according to their post.

Talitha is on Facebook. She is a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery and now lives in Hoover, Alabama.

Carlee Russell Job

When Carlee Russell went missing she returned home from her job at the Woodhouse Day Spa in the Summit. She had a part-time job there and took nursing classes at Jefferson State Community College to become a registered nurse.

Moreover, she also holds a bachelor’s in psychology from AUM.

In September 2022, Carlee shared on her IG, “I don’t usually post things happening in my life, but I need to give God public praise for showing out for me like this! So short testimony.”

She added, “I applied to two nursing schools and didn’t get accepted. I started getting so discouraged and thinking maybe this isn’t what I was supposed to do, maybe I’m just not good enough for this program, maybe this just isn’t for me. Then I applied to UAB BSN joint enrollment program where you can get your BSN degree and ADN degree at the same time in 5 semesters!! When I applied, I was discouraged because I had been denied so much, but then I got a call and they told me that I was at the top of the acceptance list! Now, I’m in nursing school and feel so complete in life.”

Carlee concluded, “I feel like I am exactly where I need to be and doing exactly what God intended, on His time! To anyone who has gone through similar or is going through it right now, relax. rest and know that God will put you in certain places when it is TIME and you’ve done your part. Discouragement is a trick of the enemy! There’s a song that I listen to every day and part of it says “If He dresses the Lillies with beauty and splendor, how much more will He clothe you? If He watches over every sparrow, how much more does He love you?” I know this isn’t all God has planned for me, this is just the beginning, stay tuned 👩🏾‍⚕️😉.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Carlee Russell Born?

Carlee Russell was born and raised in Alabama.

  • Is Carlee Russell On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Carlee Russell is not on Facebook but has Instagram (@carleenichole__).

  • When Is Carlee Russell Birthday?

Carlee Russell celebrates her birthday on 23 July. In July 2023, she reaches 26 years old.

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