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Carlos Minor Bio, Age, Net Worth, Spouse, Gold Rush

Carlos Minor is the tough-talking guy who you often saw clashing with Dustin on Gold Rush: White Water. But while his strict demeanor towards diving and optimism was appreciated by many, a few found his constant positive attitude quite draining.

So, what’s his story? This Carlos Minor Bio explores everything you need to know about this Gold Rush star.

Carlos Minor On Gold Rush

Carlos Minor joined Gold Rush: White Water on its inaugural season in 2018, and fast forward to its 5th installment in 2022, the guy had already established himself as an integral piece.

For those who haven’t caught up to its 5th season, he finished filming it in October 2021.

Now, coming to the talk about his unyielding personality, Carlos was criticized by his fans for “doing what he needs to do to get extra airtime and that sweet Discovery money.”

There even opened up a long Reddit thread discussing this good man’s “annoying habit.” Where a user wrote, “Love the guy and his unbridled enthusiasm and optimism, can’t stand the talking it generates.”

Also, another agreed, “just feel like he’s acting so hard.. always looking for the right thing to say, and then just over-doing it.”

But whatever the viewers have to say, unfazed Carlos stayed past each season. What’s more, given his contributions and adventures on the show, we don’t see the star ever leaving Gold Rush.

Carlos Minor Net Worth

Carlos Minor garnered a net worth of under $500 thousand by 2022.

A commercial sea diver by profession, Carlos spend 3 years in the marine before finally making a name for himself by joining Gold Rush: White Water in 2018. Since then, he’s appeared in over 56 episodes of the show and also graced a few of its spin-offs including Gold Rush: The Dirt, or Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune.

Reportedly, the Gold Rush casts were paid anywhere from $10 – $25 thousand per episode. So, he probably earned somewhere in mid-range of that as well.

Besides the show, Carlos also worked as a driver for other projects, which reportedly earned him around $50 thousand per annum.

Overall, the guy made a pretty handsome salary.

But given the risks, it’s never enough.

Do you remember when Carlos got trapped underwater in the raging McKinley creek? That indeed was a scary moment when a short distance and an easy assignment turn into a life-or-death race to free Carlos.

In case you missed it, Carlos was once trapped unable to escape from the vast weight of water pummeling down on top of him while diving. Thankfully, Dustin and his crew immediately rushed into action and moved the tether cables attached to Carlos in a way that allowed him to get unstuck. Phew!

How Old Is Carlos Minor?

Carlos Minor was reportedly born in 1970. So, that would make him 51 years of age when Gold Rush: White Water season 5 premiered in 2022.

He was one of the oldest cast on Gold Rush.

Carlos Minor Spouse

Carlos Minor’s spouse Teresa Garcia De Minor is a cosmetic care salesperson. She often took it to her FB @teresa.garciademinor.3 to showcase her merchandise, and from the looks of it, it worked magic. Some of her products include — skin firming/ cellulite cream, smoothening/tightening cream, liquid collagen, and many more.

This charming lady has also appeared on Gold Rush: White Water alongside Carlos back in 2019.

And not to mention, she was the star of her husband’s IG.

Back when Teresa finally returned after 2 weeks in CA in Jan 2020, Carlos took it to his FB to write, “The Mrs. is finally back… I’ve been Mr. Mom for the past 2 weeks while she was in CA caring for her mother. Happy to have you back My Wife…”

As for their kids, Carlos and his wife, Teresa have a little daughter who was born circa 2017. She was also once featured over Gold Rush when Carlos decided to move his family to Alaska in 2019.

Besides her, Carlos has a son named Teclo Minor, and a daughter named Xochitl Nayeli Minor, born from a previous relationship. They were 27 and 25 years of age respectively as of 2022.

His son, Teclo @teclo.minor.7 was in the Marine Corps, while his daughter Xochitl @xochitl.minor worked at Domino’s Pizza.

Born in Laguna Hills, California, Xochitl resided in San Diego, California as of 2022.

Carlos Minor Height

Carlos Minor stands tall at a height under 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm).

His district features include — dark eyes and hair, and a square face.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Carlos Minor Birthday?

Carlos’ birthday wasn’t revealed as of 2022.

  • Where Is Carlos Minor From?

He hails from Laguna Hills, California.

But the guy is of Mexican-American heritage.

  • Is Carlos Minor On Instagram?

No, Carlos wasn’t on Instagram as of 2022.

However, find him on Facebook @carlos.minor.33 (private) and @Carlos Minor Gold Rush White Water (public).

Most of his posts then featured his time on Gold Rush, his late loyal dog, and his family.

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