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Kevin Edlin Bio, Partner, Net Worth, Songs, Home Town

Meet Kevin Edlin, a Grammy-nominated sound engineer who appeared on HGTV’s Home Town. This article covers information on his net worth. songs, his partner, and his family.

Scroll down to learn more about him and his appearance on the show.

Kevin Edlin On Home Town

HGTV’s “Home Town” restored a family heirloom to create a welcoming and secluded home base for a musician and audio engineer Kevin Edlin in Season 5 Episode 4. Because he does back and forth between Nashville and his original home of Johns County, outside of Laurel, Mississippi, it is a perfect spot for him to work on his music.

The cabin was previously turned down for being too problematic and costly but, Erin and Ben took the challenge and restored it which has been featured on HGTV. Ben from Home Town claimed, “It could be an excellent film set for a scary movie, …or a home renovation show.”

Erin told Kevin, “I get why you want to save the cabin. I think it’s special, too. But it needs a ton of work.” To which Ben added, “What we’re talking about is kind of like a writer’s retreat.” He explained further, “A place where he can come to work on music, spend time with family, get back to his roots and then go back to Nashville.”

Erin wanted to renovate the place in such a way that it feels like it is a part of the wood. She explained, “I think of mossy rocks and stones and that’s the color palette that I’m going with for the whole cabin.”

The cabin was built by Bobby Webb, a friend of Kevin’s dad in 1980, hence the place was dubbed The Webb House. From the roof repair, siding, paint, chimney work, utilities, water heater, and electrical, the estimated cost for renovation was $40,000 before they ever get inside.

Ben and Erin did a fabulous job from the front deck, living room, kitchen, living room, and all the space in the house.

Now “The Edlin House” is available as a BNB where he charges $100-$750/night.

Kevin Edlin Age

Kevin Edlin turned 46 years old in 2021. He celebrates his birthday on 21 July.

Does Kevin Edlin Have A Partner?

Outside of his music business, Kevin Edlin seems very private about relationships. Even if he might be maintaining a relationship he has successfully kept it out of the public attention. Furthermore, there is nothing on his social media that hints at his current relationship status.

So, we believe that Kevin is single at the moment and doesn’t have any kids based on what he has shared on his social media accounts.

Kevin Edlin Net Worth

Kevin Edlin should have a net worth of at least $1 million.

His LinkedIn revealed that he started his career as Staff Engineer and Night Assistant at Quad Recording Studios in January 1998. Meanwhile, he started working as a Recording Engineer at Aspen Music Festival and Recording Institute in June 1998. In January 1999, he started working for Cartage/Rental Personnel for Underground Sound INC.

He quit his job at Quad Recording in January 2000 whereas left his job at Underground Sound Inc in January 2001.

Then, Kevin worked for The Bennett House as Assistant Engineer. He also joined The Belcourt Theatre as House Audio Engineer. In 2003, he joined American Garage Recorded Entertainment as Production Assistant. By, the end of 2004, he had quit his job at all three places.

Kevin worked in Nashville Symphony Orchestra for 10 years from 2001 to 2011. He worked in Schermerhorn Symphony Center as Recording Engineer from 2006 to 2011. His other jobs included working for Alayna Krye, Cryogen Second, Hard Rock Cafe, D. Ryan as a bandleader.

Currently, Kevin has been working for Brantley Sound Associates as a Live Sound Engineer, Tennessee Performing Arts Center as an Audio Engineer, Iris Chamber Orchestra as a Recording Engineer, and The Vanderbilt Blair School of Music as an Audio/Recording Engineer.

He is also working as a freelancing gig as a recording and live sound/recording engineer, music producer, and guitar player.

Kevin is a graduate of North East Jones High School and Middle Tennessee State University.

What Are Songs Written By Kevin Edlin?

Kevin Edlin has worked for several musicians and bands such as Jared Hauser, Blair String Quartet, The Blakemore Trio / Susan Botti, Ho Yan Agnes Wan, David N. Childs / Vox Humana, Livingston Taylor, Nashville Symphony / Riders in the Sky, Big Daddy Weave, and many more.

Some of the songs Kevin wrote and engineered are La Loba, With All Strings Attached, And the Time Is: The Music of Jack Stamp, A French Connection, Reinecke: Cello Concerto, Stopping By, On Light Wings, Last Alaska Moon, Joyous Salvation, Simple Things, and many more.

Kevin is also a band member of Lady E & The Black Light. He revealed in an interview, “I got into the music business because I wanted to make rock and roll albums, and I have, but I’ve made rock, pop, country and everything else”. He decided to be in the music business in college.

He added, “I think it was when I was in college or getting ready to start at MTSU that I realized that if I was going to learn how to be a recording engineer and make records – that I would not be able to move back home after college and get a job doing it. I would have to be somewhere else and do that full time, and there would be no turning back. So I guess the short answer is around age 20 or so.”

Fun Fact: Kevin is a voting member of the Recording Academy (NARAS, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) and a member of their Producers & Engineers Wing.

Is Kevin Edlin On Instagram?

Yes, Kevin Edlin is on Instagram (@kevinedlin) but it is private. He also has a personal Facebook account and a Facebook page.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kevin Edlin From?

Kevin Edlin hailed from Laurel, Mississippi. He was born to his anonymous father and his mother Debbie Hickson Holland. After his father’s death, his mother married his step-dad Randy Holland. Randy was the 1978 class president at Jones County Junior College.

Debbie and Rany have been married since 1986. His mother is a founding member of Pine Belt Women’s Sertoma.

As for his late father, he was the one who handed him the cabin featured on HGTV. The sound engineer revealed, “My dad loved this place and he wanted to fix it up. He had all sorts of different ideas. He did what he could for it, but he got in bad health in later years and it just never got fixed up He passed away about four years ago. So I started coming back to this place again, just to see what all was here, and that’s when I started to realize the state it was really in.”

Moreover, Kevin has a half-brother on his mother’s side named Curtis Holland Jr. who is also a musician. Curtis studied Vocal Performance at The University of Mississippi – Ole Miss and studied Business and Liberal Arts at Jones County Junior College. His music is available on Apple Music and Spotify where Kevin worked as an engineer or producer.

  • How Tall Is Kevin Edlin?

Kevin stands tall to the height above 6 feet.

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