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Carmela Zumbado Boyfriend, Relationship Status

Carmela Zumbado was first introduced to the Chicago universe fans on Chicago P.D. season 9, episode 7. Her character, Anna Avalos entered the scene offering help to investigate the drug ring “Los Temidos,” saying she was sleeping with one of its members, Luis Cortes.

But that’s her on the TV. Are you intrigued about her relationship status and who’s her boyfriend in real life? This article is all you need. 

Carmela Zumbado Boyfriend: Is She Dating James Scully?

No, Carmela Zumbado is not dating James Scully. Also, he was never her boyfriend.

However, the two are good friends in real life. They are one of the pairs who took their on-screen friendship (as Forty Quinn and Delilah Alves) from You season 2 to the real world.

James doesn’t agree that they are just good friends. Over an IG picture that Carmela posted on August 23, 2019, captioned, “work friends,” James took it to the comments to write, “WORK FRIENDS? How about SOUL MATES!? HOW ABOUT THAT?” and it garnered over 1.7K likes.

Guess they’re soulmates now.

But this wasn’t the only IG post where Carmela featured her “soulmate.” James made several appearances over her socials especially in 2019, right around the time they were filming You.

Likewise, James didn’t step back from flaunting his soulmate over his IG either. His September 21, 2019, IG post, featuring Carmela in his arms was captioned, “Sometimes @carmelazumbado lets me stand near her and my gosh is it just the tops. Proud of you beautiful, honored to know you. (And also: LOOK AT HER)”

Naturally, seeing this friendship, it’s hard for any fans not to ship them together. A few even had theories about their relationship. Moreover, even the MTV official tweeted, “YOU know I can’t get enough of James Scully and Carmela Zumbado!! “

But all it was debunked when Carmela revealed that James wasn’t her boyfriend.

However, she confessed that he was her favorite actor. 

For those of you who don’t know, James is a Texas-born and raised blue-eyed actor, who graduated from Robert E. Lee High School‘s North East School of the Arts. He was most popular for starring alongside Carmela in the Netflix series You and The Last Thing He Wanted, and HBO’s Heathers.

Carmela Zumbado Relationship Status

Well, ever since Carmela Zumbado debunked the rumors about James Scully being her boyfriend, she hasn’t spoken about her dating life. So, as of Jan 2022, her relationship status remained a mystery.

As for James, he’s open about women in his life. Back in Jan 2020, James was spotted on a Lakers basketball game with the actress Jenna Ortega, and the next month, he was with the broadway artist Mel Weyn cozied up at his apartment.

James even took it to his IG at the time to post their pic captioned, “Romantic love is not the only kind of love … tbh I don’t even really think it’s the best kind of love.”

He then went on to remind people that if they were feeling lonely, “Remember, there are already people in your life who love you very much.”

What Is Carmela Zumbado’s Ethnicity?

Carmela Zumbado flaunts half Cuban and half Colombian ethnicity — (Cuban from dad, and Colombian from mother).

Also, her two sisters, Gigi and Marisela Zumbado, who are professional actresses as well, inherit the roots.

Listing some of their popular movies and TV shows are:

Gigi Zumbado: The Rookie (2021), 9-1-1 (2020), Bridge and Tunnel (2021), and many more.

Marisela Zumbado: The Rookie (2021), Generation (2021), The Affair (2021), The Originals (2015), etc.

Carmela Zumbado Mother

Carmela Zumbado’s mother, Lilliam Zumbado @lilliam.zumbado.1 is a flight attendant who worked with Spirit Airlines for over 6 years. Before that, she was in the office administration department for Zumbado Production for 18 years and Alijoma Luber for 8 months.

From 1979 to 1991, Lilliam also worked as a flight attendant at Eastern Airlines.

As for her education, she is a Florida Internation University B.A. graduate.

Talking about Carmela’s dad/ Lilliam’s husband, Tony Zumbado is an Emmy Award-winning photojournalist. He had worked as a producer on NBC’s Dateline, and as a cinematographer on 30 for 30 Shorts.

How Much Is Carmela Zumbado Net Worth?

Carmela Zumbado flaunted a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2022.

Besides Chicago P.D, you might have seen this actress as “Gwen” on iCarly (2021), “Frida” on The Rookie (2021), “Paloma Ball” on The Magicians (2020), “Denise Martinez” on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2019), and two NCIS franchises: Los Angeles and New Orleans as “Susan.”

Looking back on her journey, Carmela said that she’s come a long way since one of her high school teachers Mr. Flynn inspired her to pursue acting. “Ever since then I’ve felt encouraged and felt like I love being able to entertain an audience,” she recalled.

This actress who loves a good laugh is also passionate about human rights. She often used her celebrity status to help raise awareness about a variety of subjects including racism and LGBTQ+ rights.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Carmela Zumbado?

Carmela was born on February 27, 1991. That made her 30 years of age when she first appeared on Chicago P.D. season 9 in 2022.

  • How Tall Is Carmela Zumbado?

She stands tall at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Here’s her IG @carmelazumbado.

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