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Robert Sieber Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Danielle Olivera

Robert Sieber is the boyfriend of Danielle Olivera. If you do not know Danielle Olivera, you should watch Bravo TV’s very very interesting reality TV show Summer House. She is one of the cast members in the show and is very popular.

In this article, we cover Robert, his age, height, net worth, and of course, his relationship with Danielle Olivera.

Meet Robert Sieber, Danielle Olivera Boyfriend

According to Showbiz cheatsheet, Robert Sieber and Daniela Olivera first met at a private dinner in 2020. It was around the time before Danielle went to the Summer House in 2020. Robert was the caterer and chef for the dinner.

They started dating in early 2020. They dated right through two seasons of Summer House. Robert even spent a good deal of time with the cast members of Summer House at the Hamptons. Robert will likely appear in the upcoming season of Summer House.

The sixth season of the show premiered on 17 January 2022.

Robert spending some time in the Hamptons was the next step in the development of their relationship. And it seems Danielle’s Summer House co-stars approved him. He “fit right in”. Although, Danielle was nervous about bringing Robert into the reality TV world.

However, despite everything, Robert and Danielle are still together and still very much in love.

For example, on the occasion of Danielle’s birthday in 2021, Robert wrote on his Instagram, “Happy birthday to my baby @danielleolivera. A year older and somehow in that time, you’ve made me even happier. Thank you for always supporting me especially in this time apart. Love you baby.”

Robert Sieber Age

As of January 2022, Robert Sieber is 33 years of age.

Robert Sieber Job

Robert Sieber is a chef. And as a chef, he has a “Michelin-starred resume”. That is to say that he has worked with some of the finest restaurants and food services in the world. Also, Hot Chefs has included Robert among its list of hot chefs.

Robert started his journey in the culinary world quite late. Of course, he loved food and some of the dishes prepared by his family members were always in his mind. For example, his grandmother’s egg had remained in his mind for a long time. It is also one of those dishes that Robert makes most of the time for himself.

However, Robert started to cook professionally only later in life. In Cincinnati, he worked under David Cook. He learned a lot from David, including his taste for Asian food. David was also the person who inspired Robert to be a great cook.

Reportedly, Robert works as an executive chef for The Surf Lodge Restaurant in Long Island, New York. The Surf Lodge is famous for its “concerts, lobster rolls, and barely-contained Saturday chaos”. You can find the recipe of one of Robert’s famous Lobster Roll here.

You can find the recipes for more delicacies here.

A branch of The Surf Lodge called The Snow Lodge started in late 2021. The Snow Lodge is a restaurant in the Aspen Mountain of Colorado. The Snow Lodge serves “locally-sourced” authentic Colorado cuisine, which may include river fish, caviar potatoes, fondue, and other delicacies.

Before The Surf Lodge, Robert used to work as an executive chief for All Day Cafe and Bar at Breakers Montauk.

How Much Is Robert Sieber Net Worth?

As of 2022, Robert Sieber has a net worth of not more than $600 thousand.

Robert Sieber Height

As for his physical features, Robert Sieber has a height of over 6 ft.

Robert Sieber Family

Coming to Robert Sieber’s family, not much was known about his parents, not even their names. Although, we did find the obituaries of his grandparents. His grandmother, Margaret “Marge” Sieber, died on 14 December 2014 at the age of 84. And his grandfather, Robert J. Sieber, died on 6 December 2008 at the age of 82.

According to the said obituaries, grandfather Robert and grandmother Margaret had four children, three sons, and a daughter. Their daughter’s name was Margaret Callahan. And their three sons’ names’ were S. Jake Sieber, John E. Sieber, and Robert J. Sieber. Robert is the son of one of those three sons.

Robert had quite a few brothers. He had four brothers: Jacob Sieber, Matthew Sieber, Michael Sieber, and Steven Sieber. Although all of his brothers appear quite often on Robert’s social media, nothing more was known about his brothers except for Mike.

Mike celebrated his 31st birthday on 9 March 2021. Furthermore, Mike is an Associate at Sieber Group in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a licensed real estate broker and went to Indiana University Bloomington and Saint Xavier High School for his education.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Robert Sieber From?

Reportedly, Robert is from Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • When Is Robert Sieber Birthday?

Robert Sieber celebrates his birthday every year on the 19th of February. And Danielle celebrates her birthday on the 22nd of December.

  • Is Robert Sieber On Instagram?

Yes, Robert is on Instagram. And his handle is @robertsieber.

  • Has Robert Sieber Appeared On Summer House?

So far, Robert has only appeared on one episode of Summer Houe. It was a 2021 episode named Crawl Me Maybe.

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