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Caroline Stanbury Kids: Yasmine, Aaron, And Zac Habib

It’s been quite a while since we last saw Caroline Stanbury on season 1 of Ladies of London. Exactly 8 years, to be precise. So, now that the millionaire’s back on TV for the inaugural season of The Real Housewives of Dubai, let’s catch up with what we’ve missed; especially about her kids who were just babies then.

Keep reading to learn all about Caroline’s kids — Yasmine, Aaron, And Zac Habib.

Who Are RHODubai Caroline Stanbury Kids?

RHODubai Caroline Stanbury has three kids. They are Yasmine, Aaron, And Zac Habib. They were born from Caroline’s previous marriage with Cem Habib.

Caroline’s first met her ex-husband, Cem back in early 2000. The two then went on to announce their wedding in 2004 and went their separate ways in 2019. According to Caroline, they mutually ended the marriage as they believed that they were better off as good friends and parents to their wonderful children rather than as husband and wife.

Being a little more specific, Caroline mentioned that they had “moved in different directions” and felt that it was best to part as friends “I know it sounds cliché, but we just grew apart. We didn’t enjoy the same things. We weren’t holidaying together. I mean, I used to get it all the time from my Instagram [followers]: ‘Where’s your husband, where’s your husband, where’s your husband?’” she explained.

Talking a little more about her baby daddy, Cem is a Turkish financier who began his career in 1996 with The Millburn Corporation, as a marketing executive. Eventually, he then changed jobs to Altedge Capital, Cheyne Capital, and CIS Private Equity Management Limited before finally moving to Dubai.

After the divorce, Caroline then went on to marry retired soccer player Sergio Carrallo on Dec 18, 2021. The duo exchanged vows at the Raffles, the Palm Resort in Dubai, in the attendance of family and friends including Caroline’s kids.

Infact, Caroline’s kids were a big part of her wedding.

Now, the blended family of six (including Sergio’s teen kid) lives happily together. And from the looks of it, Caroline’s kids have bonded well with their stepdad.

Meet RHODubai Caroline Stanbury Daughter, Yasmine Habib

RHODubai Caroline Stanbury’s daughter is named Yasmine Habib. The duo were super compatible and often spent their weekend together. No wonder, on national daughters day 2021 Caroline took it to his IG with pics of Yasmine to write, “Must have done something right.”

Scroll below to learn more about Yasmine.

  • Yasmine Habib Age

Yasmine Habib celebrated their turning sweet 16 on March 7, 2022, and it was a celebration to remember. For the special occasion, Yasmine donned a black minidress and sneakers while Caroline wore a white minidress paired with eye-catching heels in a room filled with black balloons.

“I could not be more proud of the woman she is becoming,” Yasmine’s mother wrote over her IG commemorating the day.

  • Yasmine Habib Instagram

As of 2022, Yasmine wasn’t on IG.

However, now that she’s past 16, she may soon get to have her own account.

Meet RHODubai Caroline Stanbury Son, Zac Habib

RHODubai Caroline Stanbury’s son Zac Habib is one of her twins. He was her apple of the eye, and physically the smallest in the family.

Get to know him better below.

  • Zac Habib Age

Zac Habib turned 12 on April 24, 2022.

As per his birthday, Zac is of the Taurus zodiac.

  • Zac Habib Instagram

As of 2022, Zac wasn’t on Instagram.

However, he was heavily featured on his mother’s IG @carolinestanbury.

Meet RHODubai Caroline Stanbury Son, Aaron Habib

RHODubai Caroline Stanbury’s son Aaron Habib is the other half of her twins. Though Aaron and Zac looked identical, Aaron was definitely bigger than his brother.

Learn more about him as you scroll down.

  • Aaron Habib Age

Aaron Habib was born on the same day as Zac, i.e. April 24, 2010. That made him 12 years of age in 2022.

Coincidentally, the twins and their mother’s birthday are just 3 days apart.

Caroline just said goodbye to her 45 on April 27, 2022.

  • Aaron Habib Instagram

Like other of his siblings, Aaron wasn’t on Instagram. But you can spot him on his mother’s socials, and often with lovely captions.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do RHODubai Caroline Stanbury Kids Live?

As of 2022, RHODubai Caroline’s kids lived with her in Dubai, UAE. They were still attending school and making memories then.

Talking about memories, here’s Caroline’s favorite Christmas video ever.

  • At What Grades Do RHODubai Caroline Stanbury Kids Study?

The last we checked, RHODubai Caroline’s kids — Yasmine was likely in high school, while her twins Aaron and Zac were still in middle school.

  • Have RHODubai Caroline Stanbury Kids Appeared On TV?

Yes, RHODubai Caroline’s kids have starred in both of her shows — Ladies of London and The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Back in 2014, when they first appeared on Ladies of London, Yasmine was a preteen, and Aaron and Zac were just 3 years old.

However, on The Real Housewives of Dubai in 2022, all of them had already grown up, and each of them also had an IMDb page. For season 1, Yasmine was credited with 5 episodes, and Aaron and Zac with 10 episodes.

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