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Cem Habib Bio, Girlfriend Now, Net Worth, Caroline Stanbury

People must remember Caroline Stanbury from the time she starred on Bravo’s now-canceled program Ladies of London and or the time she made an extended appearance on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. After some gap and she returned as one of the cast members on The Real Housewives of Dubai (abbreviated as RHODubai); but unlike old times, with a new and much younger husband.

Born and raised in London, Caroline lived in Dubai with her new husband, former Real Madrid soccer player Sergio José Carrallo Pendás, and her three children, as of 2022. Meanwhile, some of us have been wondering where her handsome devil ex-husband Cem Habib is.

So, the rest of the writing is just about him, now better known as Caroline Stanbury’s ex.

Meet Cem Habib, Caroline Stanbury Ex

Cem Habib was married to Caroline Stanbury from 2004 until 2019, and the couple tied the knot after two years of dating.

After being linked to the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Hugh Grant, and even Prince Andrew, Caroline had left everybody a little surprised when she announced her wedding to this handsome moneyed man named Cem. And since, the Ladies of London had gotten some peek into their marriage on the show. However, Cem was featured very rarely on the show. And the few times that he appeared on the show, he left a strong positive impression on fans. So in 2019 when Caroline announced they were divorcing, everybody was left dumbfounded. Because they assumed Caroline was never going to leave the man who spent big bucks on her, from buying her a marble Birkin bag statue to a canary yellow diamond ring.

However, despite the separation, Cem’s glamorous socialite ex-wife time and again insisted that their split was amicable and there was no “big drama”. Among many other places, Caroline explained in one of her blog posts that because they have been married for 17 years, together for 19, and have shared countless special memories they decided to continue their relationship as friends. She also called Cem a wonderful, intelligent, handsome and caring person.

Also, not to miss, the now-estranged couple shares three children together: daughter Yasmine, and twin sons Aaron and Zac. (The twins turned 12 in April 2022 and Yasmine celebrated her sweet 16 on 8 March 2022.)

Cem Habib with ex-wife Caroline and the kids, as seen in 2018 (PIC: Instagram)

Most lately, in an interview with Life After Bravo, Caroline also gave a hint as to where she stands with her baby daddy in their post-divorce life. She said they are “fine”, Cem lived just across the road and he’d got the kids the night he was sharing all this with Bravo Insider members.

Who Is Cem Habib Girlfriend Now?

There is a handsome man in Cem Habib’s ex’s life and the world even knows that he is nearly twenty years younger than her.

Cem, however, has always been the opposite of his ex-wife Caroline who is an open book about her life. Even Caroline has admitted it herself that among the two Cem wants a quieter life and she is more out there.

So this applies here as well. One could not tell what Cem’s life looked like after Caroline. And now, one could also not tell if he has a girlfriend.

Cem Habib Job

Cem Habib is a Turkish businessman and financier. The last time media several outlets reported, he was the CEO of an investment banking firm called, SB Group, in the United Kingdom. And before that, he was employed as a partner at Cheyne Capital Management until 2010; and was also a principal, portfolio manager, head of research, investment adviser, director, and member of the Investment Committee at AltEdge Capital Limited (also in the UK).

Cem Habib Net Worth

Cem Habib reportedly had an estimated $50 million net worth by May of 2014.

He started his career in 1996 at the Millburn Corporation. At one point, he was also involved with the fundraising activities of the company. And before that, he got his B.A. in International Business; and a B.S. in Finance from the American University in Washington, D.C.

Also about Cem, even his ex-wife has admitted that he has a successful career that requires him to travel the globe; that he can speak six languages; and that he has the best memory ever.

Is Cem Habib On Instagram?

Cem Habib, despite being friends with some famous names like Naomi Campbell, Nicole Scherzinger, and Vernon Kay, clearly wants a quieter life. So, he despite being on Instagram @cemmin, had not allowed people to see his content publicly. As of 3 June 2022, there were 369 posts and 3,144 followers on the page.

Cem also had not shared anything yet on Facebook.

Cem Habib Age

Born in 1975, Cem Habib reached the age of 47 in 2021.

Cem Habib Height

Cem Habib stands below 5’11” tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Cem Habib Nationality?

As prior said, Cem Habib is Turkish and is originally from Turkey. But though he still returns to his home country once in a while, London was said to have been his home for a while

  • Where Does Cem Habib Live Today?

As of 2022, Cem likely lived just south of London in Wentworth, Surrey.

  • When Is Cem Habib Birthday?

Cem Habib’s birthday is on the 21st of February. So, he is Pisces.

  • What Do We Know About Cem Habib Family?

The only family members that we about Cem’s are his former parents-in-law (Caroline’s parents) parents Anthony and Elizabeth. Caroline’s family so you know is called one of the upper-class Vestey families.

And at last, because ‘Cem Habib’ is not exactly the most common name around where he lives. So, he said people have a tendency to misspell it. And the misspellings have ranged from “Hem” to “Jam”.

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