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Casey Costa Bio, Job, Husband Today, Age, The Big D

Casey Costa was tired of her ex-husband clinging on to the hopes of them getting back together. Thus, she agreed to join The Big D with the intention to help him get “laid” and move on!

Get to know her better as this Casey Costa Bio proceeds.

The Big D: Are Casey Costa And Brooks Peters Together?

No, Casey Costa and Brooks Peters have parted ways for good! Infact, the latter has already remarried and now is enjoying marital bliss in South Lake Tahoe.

Looking back, Casey and Brooks tied the knot back in September 2017 — a little over a year after they welcomed their son Brody in July 2016. However, what they thought would be a smooth sail later, turned out to be the exact opposite as Brooks became more and more involved with the day-to-day responsibilities of his business.

According to Casey, he started bringing all the difficulties and stress from work to home. Within 2 years of marriage, she felt that her husband was no longer the man she had married and divorced him. “Our marriage lacked passion entirely,” she said.

On the other hand, Brooks was still certain that he could make things right.

“He needs to face the music and realize I’m moving on with my life and so should he,” Casey said on the show.

Also, to help her former husband get laid and find the next love of his life, she gave her hundred percent when it came to the challenges. In fact, she did such a great job selling her ex that she won the first challenge. For those who missed it, Brooks surprised everyone by dropping his pants and revealing a brightly colored Speedo on the first challenge.

Obviously, Brooks won everyone’s heart including that of the viewers thereafter.

On the contrary, fans slammed Casey for being too harsh on Brooks. “Free Brooks from the shame. Casey, stop embarrassing him,” a user tweeted. While another wrote, “Casey is nasty.”

Casey Costa Husband Today

Casey Costa isn’t married today (as of 2023). She came out of the show single and chose to keep her relationship status that way.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Brooks has finally moved on and is married to Tonya Jabelle Hickey.

Casey Costa Age

Casey Costa was 34 years of age when The Big D premiered in 2023.

However, she was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Is Casey Costa On Instagram?

As of June 2023, find Casey on Instagram @casey_costa_official with 90.4K followers.

Also, here’s her Facebook @caseycosta22 and Twitter @casey_costa_.

Casey Costa Job

Casey Costa is an influencer and a TikTok star. She has almost a million followers on her TikTok @costalicious. Most of her TikTok posts promote her products and provide updates about her life.

Initially, Casey rose to fame through her TikTok account when she started sharing humorous and unbelievable snippets of her life. Thereafter, she went on to be featured in the New York Post for her series on Cruella Chronicles — Casey’s stories on weddings and the crazy expectations brides have, which helped her rise to fame even more.

It was also thanks to her TikTok popularity, a casting producer offered her a chance to appear on The Big D. “To think that exactly 2 years ago today, I was approached by a casting producer who had been watching my TikToks and my life story/ personality on social media to be cast to film a reality show in Costa Rica,” Casey wrote in March 2023.

Other than social media, Casey also is a Fansly and OnlyFans creator. Find her on OnlyFans @caseygonnacostya. “Your fav Pretty & Petite OF Medical Milf,” her OG bio read. However, Casey made it clear that her “pics are for looks and convo only” and that she is not a “cam girl.”

“Everyone asks for longer videos and I am not a “cam girl” pics and clips for your pleasure, if you disrespect and complain then you get blocked,” she explained.

Besides this, Casey earned commission from her Amazon Storefront @casey_costa_official.

Also, she made money as a ring girl in 2022.

Lastly, Casey is an author. She’s penned the book “Cinderella Girl,” a fictional novel based on her childhood experiences and upbringing. “This has been an emotional and very personal book about my childhood,” she explained. “I am always very open about my life now and all things with divorce, relationships, etc, but never spoke on my upbringing for the protection of others. God put me here on earth, and it is not to keep my story a secret.”

Casey Costa Height

Casey Costa stands tall at a height of under 5 feet (152 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Casey has hazel eyes, a triangular face, blond hair, and a tattoo under her arms.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Casey Costa Birthday?

Casey receives her birthday wishes on March 22 and is of the Aries zodiac.

  • Where Is Casey Costa From?

Casey Costa hails from South Lake Tahoe, CA.

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