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HGTV Davina Thomasula Parents: Deb Collins And Ken Thomasula

Deb Collins and Ken Thomasula are the parents of HGTV show host Davina Thomasula. Davina is the star of the new show Small Town Potential. Learn more about her parents in this article below.

This article covers detail about their age, job, and marital status.

Who Are HGTV Davina Thomasula Parents?

HGTV Davina Thomasula is the daughter of Deb Collins and Ken Thomasula. Davina was born in Buffalo, New York but was raised in Coral Springs, Florida.

Davina Thomasula and her project as well as life partner Kristin, work on renovation projects in the Hudson Valley for their new HGTV series, Small Town Potential. When Davina shows prospective buyers a house listing, she repeatedly says, “It’s got great potential.”

Both of them credited their family for inspiration. “I will always look up to my family. They’re just so hardworking,” Davina told HGTV.

“They’re in my heart when I wake up every morning,” Kristin added. “It may sound cliché, but my mom and dad inspire me every day. As I get older, I realize I’ve inherited some great qualities from both of them, and they still influence how I do things. I’m so fortunate to have them in my life.”

Meet Deb Collins, HGTV Davina Thomasula Mother

HGTV Davina Thomasula’s mother is named Deborah “Deb” Collins. On Mother’s Day 2015, Davina and her siblings presented Deb with several notes on a jar that was labeled “100 reasons we love you, Mom.”

  • Deb Collins Age

Deb Collins is 68 years old as of 2023. Her birth year is 1955.

  • Deb Collins Job

Deb Collins is working as a vice president of Sales and Revenue Enablement @ TSE Advisors. LLC.

She began her career at AT&T as Direct Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Sales Operations, Sales Training. She then worked as VP of Sales and Operations at Team Sales Effectiveness & Middleton House & Co. Moreover, he also worked as Regional Training Manager in Mid Atlantic at PAETEC/Windstream.

Furthermore, Deb worked as a Director of Sales Training and Development at Logi Analytics. Other career milestones that she had over the years include being Director of Sales Enablement at TEGNA (formerly Gannett), Global Sales Enablement at Aruba Networks, and Sales and Revenue Enablement at Ivanti.

  • Is Deb Collins On Instagram?

Yes, Deb Collins is available on Instagram (@debi.tse) and Facebook (@DebiCollins101).

Meet Ken Thomasula, HGTV Davina Thomasula Father


Ken Thomasula is the father of HGTV Davina Thomasula. On Father’s Day 2018, Davina wished her dad, “Happy Father’s Day to the coolest Dad in the world. I love you. Ken Thomasula.”

  • Ken Thomasula Age

For Ken Thomasula, his birth year is 1954. His age is 68 years old as of this publication in June 2023.

  • Ken Thomasula Job

Ken Thomasula is self-employed since 2018 working in Visual Displays and Signage.

Whereas, Kenny’s work on music has become so commonplace that perhaps you might not even be aware that you are hearing him. This is due to the fact that he has been actively involved in music since 1970. He performed with a variety of bands, including Hernandez, Junction West, and his own group, Kenny Thomasula & Breakthru, in addition to doing many radio advertisements, singing the national anthem at several sporting events, and working on numerous albums.

Thomasula played in the 1970s alongside Breckenridge, Hernandez, Destiny, and National Trust while singing and playing piano and percussion.

He relocated to Florida in the early 1980s and joined Ben Champion and the Jazzberry Patch there. Thomasula was “a huge part of the music scene in South Florida in the early 1980s,” according to Elliot Zimmerman, who co-wrote and co-produced a number of songs with him that were later covered by the Ink Spots and Spider Martin.

Zimmerman recalls Thomasula’s support of artists like the Ink Spots, Ahmad Jamal, Martin, Dizzy Gillespie, and Jaco Pastorius at the time.

He founded Kenny Thomasula & Breakthru with Jim Beishline, Jim Kurzdorfer, Dave Schiavone, Bruce Johnstone, and Abdul Quadir after returning to Western New York. It was active from 1989 to 2010. Additionally, from 1989 until 2012, he performed with Junction West and collaborated with Mike Caputy, Stan Szelest, and Barbara St. Clair.

Ken has also performed national anthems for the Buffalo Bills, Sabres, Bandits, Blizzard, Destroyers, and University at Buffalo football and men’s and women’s basketball.

  • Is Ken Thomasula On Instagram?

Ken Thomasula is not on Instagram but is available on Facebook (@ken.thomasula).

Related FAQs

  • Where Do HGTV Davina Thomasula Parents Reside?

HGTV Davina Thomasula’s father resides in Amherst, New York. Her mother is residing in Ashburn, Virginia.

  • How Many Kids Do HGTV Davina Thomasula Parents Have?

HGTV Davina Thomasula’s parents also have a son named David Cogen who is a founder of TheUnlockr. And, they also have a daughter named Kendelle Thomasula. Kendelle is 30 years old after celebrating her birthday in May 2023.

  • Are HGTV Davina Thomasula Parents Still Married?

No, HGTV Davina Thomasula parents are currently divorced. Both of them are married to their respective partners.

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