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Cassandra Sethi Bio, Age, Net Worth, Ramit Sethi Wife

Ramit Sethi will teach anyone how to be rich! However, there’s one person he wouldn’t coach, but rather get rich alongside — his wife Cassandra Sethi.

Let’s get to know more about her as this Cassandra Sethi Bio proceeds.

Meet Cassandra Sethi, Ramit Sethi Wife

Cassandra Sethi first met Ramit Sethi back in 2012 at a mutual friend’s barbecue party. Fast forward to over 6 six years of dating, the two then tied the knot on July 28th, 2018 in Lake Tahoe, California.

Their Indian-themed wedding was officiated by Rev. Charles Grande, a minister of the American Catholic Church, after Sikh priests, Manjit Singh and Amarjit Singh, performed a Sikh ceremony earlier in the day.

Overall, the wedding was vivid and completed in four steps.

1) Baraat (buh-raat) Groom’s Parade: Ramit entered the wedding area on a horse with his family and friends dancing to music

2) Milni (mil-nee) Families Embrace: The families said Ardaas, a prayer, and the Campa family welcomed the Sethi family. This ceremony of exchanging flower garlands symbolized the joining of two families.

3) Aanand Karaj (uh-hund kah-raj) Blissful Union: Guests were seated on the floor with their heads covered and shoes removed. Ramit then entered the prayer hall, bowed, and sat in front of the Guru Granth Sahib (holy book). Then Cassandra followed with her family.

4) Palle di Rasam (pul-ay deer rus-um) Giving Away the Bride: Cassandra’s father took one end of Ramit’s palla (scarf) and placed it in her hand. This symbolized that she was leaving his care to join her husband.

After the reception, the lovebirds then made their way to the Taj Mahal in India for their honeymoon. This was more of a tradition than a honeymoon as Ramit’s family including his parents have done it.

Cassandra Sethi Age

Cassandra Seth was 38 years of age in 2023.

She is three years younger than her husband Ramit.

Who Are Cassandra Sethi Parents?

Cassandra Sethi was born to her parents, Patricia A. Campa and Roy J. Campa.

Her father, Roy is the owner of  Campa’s Custom Painting, an automobile restoration company in Visalia. There, he completes refinishing of all items, automobiles, customs, hot rods, motorcycles, and antique memorabilia. Find him on FB @roy.campa.1.

As for her mother, Patricia was a kindergarten teacher at Linwood Elementary School.

Roy and Patricia turned 71 and 61 years of age in 2023.

Fun Fact: Roy had the pleasure to be on the set of How to Get Rich alongside his co-parents-in-law. On top of that, he also got to enjoy Ramit’s parents’ home-cooked Indian meal which they made for the entire team of over 20 that day.

Cassandra Sethi Job

Cassandra Sethi is the owner of Next Level Wardrobe, a men’s styling company based in New York. She started the company back in Jan 2018 with a mission to help successful professionals get great style, systematically.

“For every client, we implement a proprietary framework called ‘The Next Level Wardrobe Style System’. This guarantees our busy clients more outfits with less stuff in their closet and that they have the right foundation in their closet,” she explained.

Now, Next Level Wardrobe is rated one of the top personal styling services for executives in the US with over 70 “5-star” online reviews. Most of her clients include executives working in Silicon Valley and the Tech industry, Entrepreneurs, Busy Mothers, and Plus Size individuals.

Before starting her own company, Cassandra worked as a “Senior Buyer in Men’s, Women’s, Accessory and Logowear Departments” at Equinox for 4 years. There, she was directly responsible for a $3 million budget for men’s and accessory merchandise. 

Also, she’s worked as a “Retail Merchandise Manager in Men’s, Women’s, and Accessory Departments” at SoulCycle for 2 years.

When Cassandra wasn’t working, she love to travel around with her husband Ramit. Infact, each year, she and Ramit would sit down and talk about their travel dreams for the following year so they could discuss the financial portion of traveling.

The next year, they then take a 6-week vacation and head out. “Traveling with my wife, Cass, is one of the most important and meaningful parts of my Rich Life,” Ramit said.

As for her education, she got her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising from California State University in 2006. The next year, she then earned her Post Graduate Certificate in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from the London College of Fashion.

How Much Is Cassandra Sethi Net Worth?

Cassandra Sethi garnered a net worth of under $2.5 million by 2023.

On the other hand, her husband Ramit Seth was worth around $20 to $25 million then.

Ramit’s the founder and author of the book I Will Teach You To Be Rich. His works have been featured in media like the Today Show, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.

Is Cassandra Sethi On Instagram?

As of April 2023, find Cassandra on Instagram @nextlevelwardrobe with 24.4K followers.

Also, here’s her Facebook @cassandra.campa.9 and Twitter @NLW_NYC.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Cassandra Sethi Birthday?

She receives her birthday wishes on June 10 and is of the Gemini zodiac.

  • What Is Cassandra Sethi Maiden Name?

Cassandra’s maiden name is Cassandra Alicia Campa.

  • Where Is Cassandra Sethi From?

Cassandra hails from Visalia, CA.

But in 2023, she resided in New York, USA.

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