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Chanita Stephenson Bio, Family, Height, MAFS UK 2022

Chanita Stephenson from Derby is a blushing bride on Married At First Sight UK 2022. She opened up about why she was single and needed an expert while speaking to Channel 4. Before she joined the show she said, “It’s so hard to pick out the right people, so I thought why not give the experts a challenge and they can do all the hard work for me.”

Chanita is paired with account manager Jordan Emmett-Connelly. By the end of the experiment, she hopes to “find a stable home”. Describing herself, she said that she is “a caring, loyal and protective social worker from Derby.”

Learn more about the contestant here in the article below.

MAFS UK 2022: Are Chanita Stephenson And Jordan Emmett-Connelly Still Together?

Jordan Emmett-Connelly and Chanita Stephenson are one of the new couples on the show. The newlyweds appeared to become closer over their romantic honeymoon in Mauritius after the wedding. There was plenty of flirtation between Jordan and Chanita. They were dancing closely together and massaging each other while beaming from ear to ear.

They became the first couple in the show to have s*x.

Later, the couple acknowledged they had finished their relationship. Jordan winked at the camera and said, “No I definitely didn’t consummate the marriage last night, no’.” They had more than just “a kiss and a cuddle” in bed, Chanita continued. In separate interviews, they comment on each other’s eyes and Jordan said: “She looks beautiful in the dress.”

When she was left alone with Jordan’s mother, who was curious about the lady her son had recently married, Chanita experienced another anxious moment. Fortunately, she seemed to click with Chanita right immediately and informed Jordan that she felt at ease.

Jordan choked up during his statement as he mentioned his beloved nan, who had passed away. When Chanita noticed her husband was having trouble speaking, she stood up with him to offer Jordan a hug, to the delight of their loved ones. So there are many positive moments that suggest a future of romance for this couple.

While MAFS UK fans saw it all unfold, they were utterly gobsmacked over Jordan Emmett-Connelly’s cheeky nickname for Chanita Stephenson’s bum during a sensual massage, and called it “side panels”. Viewers of the show took to Twitter and wrote, “Jordan, calling a lass’s bum cheeks her ‘side panels’ isn’t recommended. #MASSUK #mafs P.s. they seem lovely.”

Another added: “Side panels [laughing emoji] #MAFSUK #MAFS,” as a third echoed: “Side panels [cry laughing] #MAFSUK #MAFS.”

While the relationship with Jordan seems well, she briefly clashed with fellow cast member Thomas. However, Jordan did mention that he felt hurt when she told him that he might have ADHD. After Chanita stressed how sorry she was for how she made him feel, they both disclosed that they had decided to remain in the process, as they took their seats back on the sofas with the other pairings.

But as they settled in, an unexpected turn of events took place when Chanita received a warning from Kwame that there would be no more diagnoses. Don’t examine him once more.

“I’ve just been told by them. I’ve apologized to him so many times,” she emphasized, as Jordan, an account manager, sat silently by her side.

As Kwame continued to try to push his point of view, she then added: “Are you the fourth expert? Do you want to go take up a chair there? Just leave me alone. I don’t need that.” Tears began to fall down Chanita’s face, as Jordan took her by the hand as they both walked out of the room.

On the way to the venue, Chanita and Thomas both make it clear they’re not keen to see each other.

It prompts Chanita to say: “I think someone dislikes me.” After a brief back and forth, she says: “You’re apparently the one who’s been saying stuff.” Thomas responds: “If I have a problem I go to the source.” She replies: “I don’t know the problem.”

But fans are definitely rooting for this relationship to work, and this couple just might.

Before signing up for the show, Chanita was in a ten-year relationship with her boyfriend Tom Lean from Walsall, Derby. Although she hasn’t shared much, her Twitter has chronicled some evidence. In May 2013, she wrote, “Never been brought flowers before buzzing my tits off lol love my gorgeous boyfriend @tom_lean.”

Likewise, in April 2012, she wrote, “@tom_lean hehe I do have the most gorgeous boyfriend 🙂 xx.”

Chanita Stephenson Family

Chanita Stephenson is private about her family members. Hence, we don’t have any information on her family members as we speak. According to, Chanita’s mother raised her and while they haven’t always had the closest of relationships due to a “bully” of an ex-partner, they are now closer than ever.

The outlet reports that her mother had her when she was only 16 years old.

Chanita Stephenson Height

Chanita Stephenson stands tall under the height of 5’5”. In October 2021, Chanita opened up about struggling with her mental health issues. She also had her tooth removed during COVID.

Is Chanita Stephenson On Instagram?

Chanita Stephenson is on Instagram (@chanita__x), Facebook (@chanita.stephenson), and Twitter (@chanita_x). Furthermore, she had a Twitter account (@c.j.s.13) however the account doesn’t exist.

Chanita Stephenson Age

Reportedly born in 1991, Chanita Stephenson is 30 years old.

Chanita Stephenson Job

By profession, Chanita Stephenson is a social worker. After completing school, she decided she wanted to spend her life helping young people and has dedicated her life to being a social worker.

According to Gwynedd Mercy University, a social worker “is someone dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities improve their quality of lives through counseling, advocacy, and reporting. They may provide direct counseling to families and communities, advocate on their behalf to community organizations or other health professionals, or help guide clients through the legal system by providing testimony or assistance during court hearings.”

Furthermore, the website reads, “social workers commit to helping people change their lives for the better.”

Mostly, a social worker works at governmental organizations, schools, hospitals, private practices, community centers, and nursing homes. One who is willing to work as a social worker must at least have a bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) to gain employment.

Per, social workers earn an average salary of £23.01 in Derby.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chanita Stephenson From?

Chanita Stephenson hailed from Derby.

  • When Is Chanita Stephenson Birthday?

Per Twitter posts, Chanita Stephenson celebrates her birthday on 12 November.

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