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Chara Chenille Bio, Age, Job, Family, Seeking Brother Husband

As the new TLC series Seeking Brother Husband premiered on 26 March 2023, viewers were introduced to polyandrous couples and trios. Unlike the other TLC originals Sister Wives or Seeking Sister Wife, this one is about one woman having more than one husband. Now, the show also features the relationship groups made of Chara, Patrick, and Noble, and perhaps a third husband.

In the rest of the writing, let us tell you who one of them, Chara Chenille, is what the Seeking Brother Husband journey has been like for her, and more.

TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband: Noble Ward, Chara & Patrick’s Journey

Seeking Brother Husband chronicles four polyandrous relationships. Chara, Nobel, and Patrick’s relationship is one of them. In this reality experiment, are seen embarking on a difficult quest as one of them feels like he has been replaced and the other was not ready to share.

Married for around 13 years, Chara and Patrick share a deep emotional bond. Noble on the other hand fulfills, Chara says, fulfills her other needs. Noble is Chara’s second husband and he was introduced later in the marriage.

Fast forward to today, Chara tells the camera on the show that she is ready to have a child but is unsure which of her husbands should be the biological father. Noble, on the other hand, speaks about preferring a bachelor lifestyle living like a single man. He also confesses to having difficulty accepting Chara’s decision to add another husband to their dynamic. Patrick also seemed upset and was feeling like he is being replaced and that he and Chara have grown apart.

At one point in the show, Noble makes it perfectly clear that he does not want to be pinned down in a relationship and prefers to have an open relationship with his partners. He added that things had grown a little awkward and that navigating the changes in their relationship was becoming tougher. At the same time, Patrick seemed disturbed and feeling insecure about being replaced.

So like this, the throuple continues to have challenging conversations about their comfort levels. And while all this was happening, Chara seemed ready to embrace motherhood. Despite having “a great” *ex life with Noble, because of her emotional attachment to Patrick, she seemed to be thinking of choosing him as her baby daddy. Yet, even then she did not seem confident with that decision.

Chara Chenille Age

Because Chara C Mcdaniel was born in 1978, she turned 44 years old in 2022.

Chara Chenille Job

Chara Chenille on his LinkedIn mentions being a creator at BOM. Also, her Instagram BIO, reveals that she is a gemologist.

As a gemologist, she has knowledge and understanding of gemology and he or she applies the same knowledge in his everyday work responsibilities. As part of the job, she grades gemstones using various pieces of equipment and determines their worth. The job responsibilities also involve settling gemstones in jewelry, polishing, and examining it.

Chara actually got her teachings as a gemologist at the Gemological Institute of America.

All through this, Chara’s husband Noble Ward has been a known feminine empowerment coach for over five years. He comes with a lot of experience in helping women make the right choices in relationships. Maybe he also applies all that he has learned to his own relationship.

Noble’s company Noble Relating is a PLA-certified coach for women, which he claims to have founded to help women feel empowered in their relationships and attract the right partner. Noble also talks about the same in his podcast, Noble Relating. Not much is known about Patrick’s job/career though.

How Much Is Chara Chenille Net Worth?

Chara Chenille reportedly had less than $300K net worth as of March 2023. Her salary, at the time, should have been  $36,729 a year, per ZipRecruiter’s general calculation.

Chara Chenille Height

Chara Chenille stands above 5 feet and 6 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Chara Chenille Birthday?

Chara Chenille’s birthday is on October 26th.

  • Where Is Chara Chenille From?

Until March 2023, Chara Chenille was residing in Atlanta, Georgia. If she was also born and brought up here, she did not reveal.

  • Is Chara Chenille on Instagram?

Yes. Chara Chenille can be found on Instagram. As of 29 March 2023, her IG account @charachenille included 12 posts and 28 followers. She also regularly showed glimpses of her life on ‘Chara Chenille’ Facebook.

Besides, Chara also appeared on her two husband’s social media accounts every now and then. For instance, back in September 2020, Noble took to his IG @authornobleward a beautiful picture of them from their on-year-anniversary of the day they met, also their first trip together, and beautifully wrote a lengthy piece gushing about Chara, his “lady”, baby, and “forever forever sunflower”. About Chara, among a lot of other things, he said he loves that she is stubborn enough to push him when times get hard. He wrote that this lady in his life has been committed to their love and has not left him.

Noble who turned 39 in December 2022, is also believed to have fated Kenya and Chara at the same time, in the past. Back in July 2021, the same Kenya, also the star of Seeking Brother Husband, revealed on her IG post that Corina was dating Carl and Noble at the time.


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