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Matan Even Bio, Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth, No Accent

Matan Even aka The Bill Clinton kid has been a viral sensation for a while now. People noticed him first when he appeared during a podcast and asked a female host to “name 10 books.”You can see him appearing on podcasts and on several viral videos. In 2023, he is appearing at several notable public events leading people to claim that the teenager is everywhere.

Does he have a girlfriend? Who are his parents? What about his net worth? Does he have a video with no accent?

Who Is Matan Even aka The Bill Clinton Kid

Matan, a 15-year-old TikTok celebrity from Los Angeles, California, is also a YouTuber and an online personality. Even is well known for his troll persona and different antics in which he disrupts live streams of well-known influencers and public events. The adolescent is often referred to as the “Bill Clinton Child.” The moniker was given to him after he interrupted Elden Ring’s acceptance speech for Game of the Year at the 2022 Game Awards by approaching the game designers from behind.

The trolling kid mounted the stage and announced that “Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton” should get the honor. Due to this incident, several memes were created, and Even’s online character has since expanded. He began to appear in more web content again in March 2023.

For instance, in a 2019 video of the Los Angeles Clippers home opener, he attracted attention by waving a shirt that read, “Battle for Independence, Stand up for Hong Kong”.

In 2023, the child was thrust back into the spotlight after an odd interaction with three-time NBA champion JaVale McGee. The Dallas Mavericks star appeared to expose a young person at random since he recorded their contact and posted it to his social media.

In response to the event, JaVale said: “I don’t know what he trying to do. He just on some weird s***. We grown men around here. We grew up before this social media age s***. This *** don’t faze us.” He can be seen filming McGee in close proximity in the video, which has been viewed numerous times.

In recent weeks, Matan has drawn increasing attention. They joke that he can be seen at any random occasion and that he is “literally everywhere.” In a recent video, the internet sensation even made an appearance alongside well-known streamer and content producer iShowSpeed. In a Shake Shack, Maten approaches Speed and hands him a Barcelona jersey that has been personally autographed by Lionel Messi and other players.

Matan uttered, “It’s signed by the best.”

Another unexpected crossover included Matan sharing the stage with rapper Denzel Curry. even shared the video on his Twitter page, where it has received over 10 million views.

Matan Even Breaks Character

Matan Even is definitely an odd duck with his pouty lips and tensed eyebrow and of course the accent. He appeared in a video of another YouTube content creator Sneako. Sneako asks him about his persona and Matan replies that he is always like this and there are only very few moments when his facial expression changes.

Matan breaks character when he tells Sneako that he is helping the homeless community by giving broken cameras because working cameras are too expensive. Click the link here to watch their hilarious conversation.

Matan Even No Accent

Along with his facial expressions, Matan Even has also been called out for having a fake accent. During an interview, he was asked about having an accent. The girl who appeared in the video claimed that she has also seen his interview with no accent.

The trolling kid insists that his accent is not fake. He adds: “The videos are three years old so obviously my accent will develop over time for one and you know for two, you cannot tell me that I have not been training this accent for over two weeks now to perfect it to the point where, you know, sound like somebody just hit you in the head with a hammer…I sound like a professional ready to talk.”

In another video, when a man asks where his accent is from, the kid replied, “I’m from ehhh Shlompuck. It’s a country in East Asia.”

Matan was interviewed by Owen Shroyer for his social movement for Hongkong. You can hear him with no accent that he has now in the video here.

How Old Is Matan Even?

As of March 2023, Matan Even is 15 years old.

Matan Even Parents

Matan Even is very secretive about family members. However, several insiders have come forward on forums claiming that they are close to him and his family. Some of them claimed that the viral kid has his parents and siblings residing in Israel. Additionally, his name is of Hebrew origin.

The kid and his family are Clippers season ticket holders, and he has been on the Jumbotron numerous times, according to gaming expert Rod Breslau, who spoke with him at the time.

Matan Even Girlfriend

Sadly, there is no evidence of him having a girlfriend. He never discusses his romantic life publicly.

How Much Is Matan Even Net Worth?

Matan Even’s net worth is likely under $100K.

Related FAQs

  • Is Matan Even On Instagram?

Yes, Matan Even is on Instagram (@matanevenoff).

  • What Is Matan Even Nationality?

Matan Even is likely Israeli by nationality because his parents reportedly hailed from Israel.

  • How Tall Is Matan Even?

What’s more, Matan Even’s height measures above 5 feet 8.5 inches.

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