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Charles Criss Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Darren Criss Brother

Meet Charles Criss, fellow musician brother of actor and singer Darren Criss. Her you’ll learn about his wife, his kids, and his net worth.

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Charles Criss Cause Of Death

On 2 March 2022, American actor and singer Darren Criss went on his IG and broke the sad news of the death of his brother Charles W Criss. He posted a series of pictures of one of his brothers and a long statement related to the death of his brother. He wrote, “It breaks my heart beyond measure to say that my beloved brother Charles has left us.”

Darren added, “His loss leaves behind a debilitating fracture in the lives of his mother, his brother, his three small children, and their respective mothers.” He shared about his own struggle to wrap his head around his brother’s death which he would suspect be doing for the rest of his life.

Then he went on to add that his brother was lovable because of his goofy and silly nature. Charles was Darren’s “ready-made best friend” and they were inseparable. Growing up they shared a love of music and he was a raw talent as an artist.

Darren shared that his brother “struggled to find stability during an unfortunate rough patch in his life”.

“Despite our very vocal concerns about his well-being, and his protestations that everything was fine, it’s crushing to say now that Chuck clearly had had a severe depression welling up in him for some time,” he shared. “A depression that was only outmatched by his all-too-incredible ability to conceal it. Not just from the world at large, but most tragically, from the people who were closest to him.”

The singer shared about being oblivious about his brother’s war within himself. Then he shared the cause of Charles’s death to be suicide. Darren also added, “And while I can’t say my brother was “sick” per se, it is a fact that he was unwell, and somewhere along the line, his condition somehow blocked him from trying to help himself, despite our encouragement. This illness worsened, and he fell”.

“While it was a lapse in Chuck’s mental wellness that took him, it is simply not something that can define who he was,” Darren wrote of his brother. “All of the wonderful, inspiring, positive things about his life far outshine the circumstances by which it came to an end.”

He added, “He was a good man with a good heart who contributed enormous amounts of laughter, music, and joy to the world. And for the ones who were lucky enough to take part in those wonderful moments, it’s marvelous to know that those memories are plentiful, everlasting, and can never be taken away.”

Charles Criss Wife: Was He Ever Married?

Based on a few activities on social media, Charles Criss was in a relationship with his wife/girlfriend Angela who was known as “Rio” (Twitter: @starlet_rio) whose Instagram account has been deleted as of this writing (@starlet_rio).

On Twitter in November 2021, Angela had tweeted, “So proud of you @ChuckCriss“. She is on Posh Mark and goes by the name (@hausofrio). Based on her profile, she hailed from Tarrytown, New York.

Her Poshmark Bio reads, “Hi all! My name is Rio. I live in Westchester, NY, and am a lover of all things fashion! I enjoy selling here on Poshmark as well as buying. Some of my favorite brands are 7 for all mankind, CHANEL, Gucci, Anthropologie, Free People, Theory & so many more. I try my best to list any/all imperfections. I consider all reasonable offers & am constantly listing new items. Feel free to say hi 👋🏻, below 👇🏻 & I’ll be sure to check out your closet. Happy poshing 💓.”

Angela, mother of Charles “Chuck” Criss’s daughter Dylan Grace Criss (Pic: Angela’s Poshmark)

Based on a reply Tweet from November 2021, one of their children might’ve been diagnosed with Autism.

Based on Charles Criss’s Facebook page, he is separated. However, Charles didn’t mark the time they separated. So, unless he forgot to update his FB, he was technically married at the time of his death.

Back in September 2013, Charles had tweeted on his now-deleted Twitter account, “I love my wife because she liked me before I played music and when I dressed like this.”

Charles also welcomed another daughter named Dylan on January 19. “A new chapter with the love of my life @starlet_rio 😍 Meet our little girl Dylan Grace Criss. ”

On 3 January 2021, Charles wished a birthday to his daughter Dylan Grace when she turned 2 years old. In August 2014, he had also tweeted, “The newest love of my life, my baby daughter Rosemary Criss”.

According to Darren, Charles had three children from more than one relationship. He reportedly had two children from the first marriage which ended in divorce probably around 2018-2019 which he confirmed during his interview with Mario Lopez with Computer Games.

According to a Tumblr post, it was stated, “Chuck talked about having a different kind of family – he and his partner both have kids from other marriages and they were about to have a new baby. So Chuck told us”.

But, the last person he was with was probably Angela AKA Rio.

Was Charles Criss On Instagram?

Charles “Chuck” Criss was on Instagram (@charlescriss) but his account has been deleted. He was on Facebook (@sam.uley.144), and also a Twitter (@ChuckCriss).

Charles Criss Height

Talking about height, Charles Criss stood tall under 6 feet.

Charles Criss Net Worth

Charles Criss was a member of an indie band named Freelance Whales. He was a multi-instrumentalist who also and immense singing and songwriting talent. In the band, he played banjo, bass, guitar, synths, and more. During the band’s existence between 2008 and 2014 in New York, they released two studio albums and licensed several songs to TV shows.

Chicagoist also interviewed Chuck about their debut album and tour back in 2010.

Then, he joined forces with his brother and worked on the project Computer Games, releasing the EP Lost Boys Life. The band went on to release two more singles, including the song “Computer Games” in 2020.

According to his IMDB, he received acting credit in Royalties (2020) for an uncredited appearance. He also served as composer in Little White Lie in 2009. Furthermore, he contributed to soundtracks in episodes of the show.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Was Charles Criss At The Time Of His Death?

Born on 15 April 1985, Charles Criss was 36 years old at the time of his death.

  • Did Charles Criss Ever Appear On Glee?

No, Charles Criss didn’t appear on Glee.

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