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Dominic Rayner Bio, Age, Today, Worst Roommate Ever

The 1 March 2022-release Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever is a true-crime docuseries about some seemingly average housemates who turned out to be hustlers, crooks, and, in some cases, murders, as the title suggests. The five-part series basically tells the stories of people that moved in with strangers, only for them to end up being “cohabitors from hell”. Dominic Rayner, who we are going to discuss in this ‘Dominic Rayner BIO’ is particularly a victim of the now-famous Netflix conman Youssef Khater.

Dominic Rayner On Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever

So, this is how Dominic Rayner’s story plays out on Worst Roommate Ever.

It was October 2010 when he first met Youssef Khater while participating in the Jungle Marathon in Brazil. Dominic, a UK-based athlete, said he was feeling like he was “in a rut” in his everyday life and therefore he decided to get in some activity. Soon, Dominic found himself wanting more adventures as bonding well with Youssef.

When they started talking as friends, Dominic opened up about being interested in property investment then accepted his new friend’s invitation for the Chile ultramarathon. Youssef had told him that they could even look for co-investment options. (Later lawyer Rocío Berríos learned that Youssef was not actually a marathon runner, but rather a scammer.)

Just as planned, Dominic went to Chile with cash for their joint venture. But because he did not want to carry the significant amount with him as he made another unexpected roundtrip to/from London, he gave it to Youssef.

Dominic even got a signed promissory note, stating that the money was only for safekeeping and that Youssef would give it back in full upon his return. However, that never happened. Dominic almost even gave up on the matter when they crossed paths again only for him to get attacked by Youssef.

Youssef Khater is also the same conman who attacked Callie Quinn, a college graduate who lived in a large house share in Santiago, Chile, back in 2011.

Callie’s story ended up gaining national attention, with a man getting in contact who claimed that they had raised $8,000 to sponsor Youssef in a race, only for him to drop out at the last minute.

Youssef had nearly killed Callie heating her around the head with a piece of metal before strangling her, wrapping her in a tarpaulin, and attempting to bury her alive beneath a pile of ash.

Where Is Dominic Rayner Today?

Dominic Rayner not only escaped the situation that we talked about earlier but also filed reports against his assailant
after safely making it home. He detailed to the authorities every aspect of how Youssef had tried to strike him over the head with a log.

On that day, they met for the last time, Dominic “felt a rush of air” above his head when he turned around to walk away from Youssef. He explained how his swindler friend only stopped when a crowd gathered. The last memory that he has of the perpetrator is him begging not to say anything.

All Dominic wanted was his money back that Youssef had taken from him in Santiago. But by then, he also already knew that he was just wasting time.

Fast forward to today, one could not tell if Dominic was able to recover any of his funds or get legal justice for the attack. But, he sure does look content with where he stands in life.

Dominic Rayner Age

Reportedly born before 1969, Dominic Rayner should have likely turned 52 years old in the least.

Dominic Rayner Job

Dominic Rayner kept participating in marathons (from official city marathons to ultramarathons to endurance activities) whenever possible. At the same time, he continued his day job in the creative industry.

As per LinkedIn, Dominic is an animator working in London, England, United Kingdom. He just started his full-time new job of one at MPC Film in October 2021. Going into details he writes that he specializes in animation. And that he works using modern or traditional media on episodic content, feature films, commercials, VR, and motion graphics.

Back in August 2020, Dominc was working remotely from England. He built a complete home office from where he was able to work for clients from all around the world.

As per his salary, he should have made £35,260/year on average, working as an animator in London.

Dominc also formerly worked as a senior animator at Immersive VR Education.

Speaking of his academics, he got his postgraduate certificate in Character Animation (2000 – 2001) from St. Martin’s College. And before that, he studied BSc, Zoology at the Queen Mary University of London from 1987 – 1990.

Is Dominic Rayner Married?

Dominic Rayner seemed likely married as of the time of this writing. However, more details were yet to follow.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dominic Rayner From?

From what we can tell, Dominic Rayner is a native of London with British nationality.

  • Is Dominic Rayner On Instagram?

Dominic Rayner did not seem to be on Instagram as of 3 March 2022. However, he did upload videos on his self-titled channel on YouTube.

  • How Tall Is Dominic Rayner?

Dominic Rayner stands above 5’10” tall in height.

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