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Charlie Bees Bio, The Traitors, Married, Family, Instagram

BBC One’s The Traitors welcomed Charlie Bees as one of the contestants. Does she have a husband? What is her current age? What is her family’s history?

Tag along and find all that we know about her.

Charlie Bees On The Traitors Series 2

Charlie Bees loved series 1 of The Traitors which made her join the cast of season 2. She admired the gameplay of Wilfred and Amanda in series 1.

“I loved series one, I love the game and it’s just a little bit of me, it literally is my personality. I like to analyze everything. Everywhere I go I’m constantly thinking, looking at people’s body language, trying to work people out,” she explained before entering the show.

“To the point that sometimes I have to switch off my brain! Obviously, the prize is great! I love the adrenaline too even though I’ll get nervous as you know anyone would. I loved the missions too, they were so cool. I loved the hay bale one… I hope they use the hay bales again!”

Her good-natured self and her observant nature are the strong suits that will help her go forward in the game. Because she is from Bristol, she is going to bring her Bristolian accent. Her considerate nature will also help her become a great team player.

Charlie’s game plan is to adapt to her surroundings and adapt to the people that are there.

“I think I’m going to adapt to my surroundings and adapt to the people that are there. I’m going to really trust my instincts with people. I am going to play the game because that’s what it is, a TV program. The aim of the game really is to not look like you’re a Traitor enough to be sent home. But then you don’t want to be off the radar because you’ll get murdered, you have to find that middle ground,” Charlie told BBC.

The Traitors is a psychological reality competition where 22 strangers participate they arrive at a “beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate game of detection, backstabbing, and trust, in the hope of winning up to £120,000.”

However, among them are the Traitors, whose mission is to murder a player covertly each night to avoid being discovered. Before they become their next victim, it is the responsibility of the other players, the Faithfuls, to identify the traitors and expel them from the game. The fortunate ones who make it through have the opportunity to win that enormous sum of money.

However, a traitor will steal all the money if they go unnoticed.

As of episode 3, three contestants, namely Aubrey, Sonja, and Kyra, have been eliminated.

How Old Is Charlie Bees?

Charlie Bees, according to her profile is 34 years old. The Traitors fandom reported that she was born in 1989.

Charlie Bees Family

Charlie Bees is very private about her family life. She has private Instagram and she doesn’t have many posts on her Facebook.

Is Charlie Bees Married?

Charlie Bees is engaged to be married to her fiancee Greg Alexander. Greg proposed to Charlie on 28 December 2013. So, they have been happily engaged for 10 years now.

Greg also revealed that they have been in a relationship since September 2012.

Talking to BBC, Charlie explained, “I’m going to get married. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 11 years and we’ve been engaged for nine, so I think it’s about time that we actually got married! I also want to do stuff to my house. I own my own house but would love to do some home improvements, and maybe even go on a holiday. I mean, why stop there? I could keep going!”

Greg is a native of Bristol, United Kingdom. He is a Trade-Decorater at Ian Williams. He also worked at Soulicious Bristol Soul & RnB Events.

Greg has also done some DJing under the name Cecil-G.

Charlie Bees Height

Charlie Bees’s height measures above 5 feet 5 inches. She has hazel-colored hair and pointy chins as her distinct physical features.

Charlie Bees Job

Charlie Bees revealed for the show that she is working as a Mental Health Area Manager. According to her LinkedIn, she is an area manager at Starlight Healthcare.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Charlie Bees From?

Charlie Bees hailed from Bristol, England.

  • When Is Charlie Bees Birthday?

Charlie Bee’s birthday details aren’t available at this moment.

  • Is Charlie Bees On Instagram?

Of course, she is. But, Charlie Bees’s Instagram is private.

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