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Charlie Radnedge Bio, Height, Parents, Job, Love Island

Charlie Radnedge is one of the newest additions to the Love Island season 8.

Charlie stepped into the Mallorca-based Love Island villa in Episode 17. He arrived just after another bombshell Antigoni Buxton showed up in the same episode. Before joining the villa he shared that he had eyes on Ekin-Su, Paige, and Tasha. He linked with Ekin Su from the get-go. He named Ekin his “classic type”.

Charlie shared, “Ekin-Su, Paige, and Tasha. But I’m keeping an open mind until I meet them. I might get on with someone I didn’t fancy before. I’m very much on the personality side of things and whether you vibe with someone”.

Ekin-Su revealed that she was going to show interest in getting to know Charlie to see if Jay would mind at all after he went on a date with Antigoni.

In addition, He also commented about other hotties in the villa. Like he said that he found Paige a “very, very nice girl” and commented on Tasha saying that she “seems like good fun as well”. He added that he wants to know more about Tasha.

Below, you’ll learn about his job, height, and family.

Charlie Radnedge On Love Island

Charlie Radnedge acknowledges the fact that he was slightly more mature than others in the Love Island villa. He said, “I am probably slightly more mature than some other people in the Villa. I’ve got some things figured out. I think I’m ready to settle down, basically.”

He added, “I am quite a different personality to the guys in there. I’d say I’m quite forward and straight-talking. I’m also quite a relaxed person as well. I think I’ll bring good vibes to the Villa”.

Charlie is friends of Made In Chelsea star Miles Nazaire. Miles shared that it was “killing” him not to say anything after seeing his friend Charlie entering the villa.

On his IG story, Miles announced, “The secret is out, Charlie is on Love Island. We’ve known for weeks and it’s been killing us to not say anything. Me and the boys obviously knew this and this is why he’s not been on social media or we haven’t been hanging out with him.”

In support of Charlie, Miles explained that he is the funniest human they know and asked his followers to support him.

Meanwhile, Charlie regarded the show as once in a lifetime opportunity and because he dated in London quite a lot, and was still single, he wanted to give it a go.

Also, about his approach and treading on toes, Charlie told ITV, “Yes, I’m very competitive. I would have an issue stepping on people’s toes if they’re good friends of mine. But I haven’t met anyone yet. Everyone’s there for the same reason. Even people who have good intentions and are good people would need to step on people’s toes to find what they’re looking for”.

Charlie Radnedge Dating History

Charlie Radnedge was single for three years before he joined the show. He had little success finding the one in London. He shared the reason for his singlehood for such an extensive period.

Charlie explained, “Part of it is that I’m very happy on my own. I enjoy doing stuff on my own and having my own space. I don’t require someone else to make me feel happy. If I do get into a relationship I want it to be something that adds to both of our lives, rather than it being something my happiness is dependent on. I’m probably at the age where the next serious relationship, that’ll be it I reckon, so I want to be sure”.

Charlie tends to stay away from boring and less communicative interactions, which he described as something that gives him icks. And, he describes himself as the type who falls in love quickly but is also good at setting boundaries.

How Old Is Charlie Radnedge?

At the time of entering the villa, Charlie Radnedge was 28 years old.

Charlie Radnedge Parents

Currently, Charlie Radnedge’s parents’ information is not available. But, he shared that his family and friends describe him as quite chilled, a good friend, quite loyal, and very friendly but also can be outgoing and loud.

However, he likes to think of himself as an introverted individual. But, Charlie is social although he loves spending time alone doing stuff on his own. He is a perfect mix of everything.

Charlie Radnedge Height

Charlie Radnedge, a self-proclaimed gym buff, is a dominating figure with a height that measured above 6 feet.

Which School Did Charlie Radnedge Attend?

Charlie Radnedge allegedly attended THE ORATORY SCHOOL based in Greater Reading Area. He graduated from there in 2012. He earned his BA degree from Newcastle University in 2016. While there, he also played Rugby for Newcastle University Rugby Club.

In 2017, Charlie graduated from Henley Business School with a Master of Science in Real Estate.

Is Charlie Radnedge On Instagram?

After joining the show, Charlie Radnedge’s Instagram (@charlieradnedge) is in the hand of friend Miles Nazaire and other friends Temps and Harvey.

Did You Know: Charlie is also on TikTok.

Charlie Radnedge Job

Charlie Radnedge previously worked in investment. Then he switched his career path now he is a real estate developer and acquisition since May 2021.

According to his LinkedIn, Charlie started his career at NHS England as Planned Care & Gastroenterology Administrator in 2012. He worked there for only six months. In June 2015, he served as Asset Services Portfolio / Asset Services Central London at CBRE in London.

For a month in 2016, Charlie became General Practice Surveying for Christopher Thomas & Co.

Furthermore, Charlie worked as an investment agency for Joiner Cummings Chartered Surveyors, Lewis Ellis, Kimmre, and ADS Real Estate Advisors. From 2018 to 2021, he worked at Resolute Asset Management as an analyst.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Charlie Radnedge From?

Charlie Radnedge is currently based in London, England. He is a native of Chelsea.

  • When Is Charlie Radnedge Birthday?

Charlie Radnedge’s birthday is on 4 February.

  • How Much Is Charlie Radnedge Net Worth?

With a burgeoning career as a real estate developer, Charlie Radnedge was able to establish a sizable net worth above $250 thousand.

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