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Chef Christan Willis Ex-Husband: Who Is Imani Greer?

Chef Christan Willis was previously married to her ex-husband Chef Imani Greer. Who is he? What does he do for a living? What about his family members?

Read all about him as you scroll down this article here.

Meet Imani Greer, Chef Christan Willis Ex-Husband

Atlanta-based chef Christan Willis was previously married to her ex-husband Imani Greer.

Christian and her ex-husband Imani fell in love, and they are now happily married. They “fell in love by accident,” their wedding registry on Zola claims. While Christan was still in her first year of culinary school and Imani was employed as a sous chef at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails, they first met at Taste of Atlanta.

Imani just so happened to be working that day at a random restaurant tent where Christan was assigned as a volunteer. The entire day was spent discussing cuisine, cooking together, and sampling dishes from several restaurant tents.

While having a love of cuisine and valuing their innate chemistry, Christan and Imani grew close and dated for three years. But there was no doubt that they faced difficulties in their relationship. They had to deal with casual dating and long-distance relationships, which tested their love for one another.

At the Botanical Garden’s Christmas light display that year, which was conducted in the pouring rain, Imani Greer proposed to Christan.

On June 4, 2017, Christan and Imani exchanged wedding vows. Two years later, Christan wrote a Facebook post wishing her hubby a happy Valentine’s Day in 2019: “Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life! Every day is an adventure with you & every day I’m thankful for your love.”

Sadly, their marriage has ended. Imani listed “single” as his relationship status on Facebook.

In 2022, Christan competed on Netflix’s Pressure Cooker along with other 10 contestants. Though she couldn’t secure $100K, she definitely turned heads with her culinary skills. According to Christan Willis’ LinkedIn profile, she works as a chef and TV personality in Atlanta. Among other TV series, she has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel, HLN, and participated in “Cooks vs. Cons” and “Raid The Fridge” on the Food Network.

Imani Greer Age

Reportedly born in November 1983, Imani Greer reached the age of 39 in 2022.

Who Are Imani Greer Parents?

Imani Greer is the son of Ron and Rosalyn MiMi Greer. His parents met in May 1977 and started dating in August 1977. Moreover, she got engaged in the Spring of 1978 and married in June 1979. They are still married as of 2022 and currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Imani has two brothers Dakari and Jamaal Greer and a sister named Lakesha Lymon-Ellerbee. Jamaal is currently married to Ang Greer. Dakari studied at Florida Atlantic University and studied an apprenticeship program at Mid-Florida Tech. He is residing in McKinney, Texas, and has been married since 27 March 2017.

Lakesha is the owner of Kesha Beauty Supply. She has been a manager at Reef Parking from 2019 to 2022.

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To address the impertinence she saw in the retail beauty sector, Kesha “double-downed” and came up with a strategy to create a beauty supplies store. Kesha strengthened her education further by earning a business certificate from a demanding Beauty Supply training program. She is prepared with a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American studies and a minor in psychology. Three years later, in November 2021, Kesha Beauty Supply launched for business with the unwavering goal of becoming Georgia’s top beauty retailer.

Imani Greer Job

Imani had previously worked as a Seven Lamps. He is currently working as chef/GM at Gusto Ponce (since 2010) and at The Healthy Potter (since 2020).

Imani, per his LinkedIn, has also worked as a personal chef at Imari Inc. Furthermore, Imani studied at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He studied Culinary Arts at SAIC in 2004. He completed high school at Verona Area High.

Imani Greer Height

Imani Greer’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Imani Greer From?

Imani Greer is a native of Madison, Wisconsin. He is a current dweller in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Is Imani Greer On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Imani Greer is on Instagram (@chefmanig) and Facebook (@imani.greer.5).

  • When Is Imani Greer Birthday?

Imani Greer celebrates his birthday on 24 November.

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