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Christan Willis Bio, Age, Married, Netflix’s Pressure Cooker

Christan Willis is the star of Netflix’s Pressure Cooker. Is she married? How old is she? Find out more about Christan in this article.

Tag along in this article and learn more.

Christan Willis On Netflix’s Pressure Cooker

Christan Willis was one of the 11 contestants of Netflix’s Pressure Cooker. Like “Top Chef” on Bravo and “Hell’s Kitchen,” the cooks on “Pressure Cooker” live together and compete against one another. In contrast to these shows, there is a “Survivor”-style element where the contestants evaluate one another. Winning requires talent and a cunning strategy that makes use of alliances because the prize pool is $100,000.

Other than the pressure cooker space itself, the series doesn’t depict any other places. According to some stories, Pressure Cooker was filmed in Los Angeles, California; nevertheless, even the candidates themselves were kept in the dark about everything, including the series’ true nature and the filming site.

Robbie Jester, a contestant from Season 1 of Pressure Cooker, said in a conversation with the Delaware News Journal “It was completely secret. We didn’t know anybody. We didn’t know we weren’t being judged by celebrity chefs. Every day is a new day and a new set of challenges,” In his interview, he mentioned that he had been flown to Los Angeles for three weeks of filming.

The series doesn’t feature any other locations save the pressure cooker chamber alone. Pressure Cooker is said to have been filmed in Los Angeles, California; however, even the contestants themselves were kept in the dark about everything, including the true nature of the series and the location.

Pressure Cooker Season 1 contestant Robbie Jester claimed in an interview with the Delaware News Journal “It was completely secret. We didn’t know anybody. We didn’t know we weren’t being judged by celebrity chefs. Every day is a new day and a new set of challenges.” He revealed in his interview that he had been to Los Angeles for three weeks of filming.

Christan Willis Career

Christan Willis’s LinkedIn bio reads she is an Atlanta-based chef and TV personality. She has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family, HLN, and competed on Food Network’s “Cooks vs. Cons” and “Raid The Fridge” amongst other TV shows.

Christan was a featured chef at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, The American Liver Foundation’s Flavors of Atlanta, and featured in JEZEBEL Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans of 2016, as well as Brides Magazine.

She boasts 16 years of restaurant and hospitality experience with 10 years alone in Atlanta. Her LinkedIn further states that she is a chef/owner of Chef Christan Willis and worked as a culinary intern at Walt Disney World since January 2014.

Christan has also volunteered at American Liver Foundation as Contributing Chef and at Habitat for Humanity International as a Brand ambassador. Moreover, Christan also writes blogs about her business Christian Willis LLC. Her brand is an Atlanta-based in-home private chef service, that also features a variety of off-site events.

Christan also offers personal chef services, manages dinner parties, and hosts private cooking classes. Learn all about her services here.

Is Christan Willis Married?

Chef Christian Willis has found love with another chef Imani Greer, and yes they are married now. According to their wedding registry on Zola, they “fell in love by accident.” They met at Taste of Atlanta while Imani was working as a Sous Chef at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails and Christan was still in her first year of culinary school.

Christan was assigned as a volunteer at a random restaurant tent where Imani just so happened to be working that day. They talked about food the entire day, cooked together, and sampled meals from several restaurant tents.

Christan and Imani became close and dated for three years while sharing their passion for food and cherishing their natural chemistry. But their relationship definitely wasn’t without challenges. They had to deal with long-distance and casual dating and put their love for one another to the test. Imani Greer proposed to Christan at the Botanical Garden’s Christmas light show that year, which was held in the pouring rain.

Christan and Imani married on 4 June 2017. On Valentine’s Day 2019, Christan wished her husband via a FB post writing, “Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life! Every day is an adventure with you & every day I’m thankful for your love.”

Sadly, they are no longer married. Imani has stated on his Facebook that his relationship status is “single.”

Speaking of her ex-husband, Imani Greer is 39 years old, born in November 1983. A native of Madison, Wisconsin, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He studied at the Art Institute of Atlanta and studied Culinary Arts at SAIC and graduated with an associate’s degree in 2004.

Imani had worked at Seven Lamps, as a chef/GM at Gusto Ponce. He is currently a chef/owner at T H E H E a L T H Y P O T T E R.

Christan Willis Age

As of 2022, Christan Willis is 33 years old. She was born in November 1989.

What Is Christan Willis Ethnicity?

Christan Willis’s ethnicity is bi-racial. Her father is White while her mother is South-East Asian.

Christan Willis Family

Christan Willis is the daughter of Colby Willis. He passed away on 19 August 2017 and Christan was only 27 when she lost her dad. In August 2019, Christan posted on her IG, “Seems almost unbelievable to say 2 years ago I lost my dad- I’m struck with the same shock, loss of words and continued disbelief. That’s the uncomfortable side of grief we don’t talk about but it’s there.”

She added, “I lost my dad at 27. At that time I felt as if I was pushed into a place that I never wanted to be in surprisingly learning how to pick up the pieces has left me feeling encouraged with the ones that have also lost a parent. The sense of connection with another person going through the same process has brought me to tears at some moments but also given me a safe place to laugh, relate, and momentum to keep pushing.”

Moreover, Colby is a native of Callahan, Florida. He had completed high school at West Nassau High School. Moreover, he studied finance at the University of Florida and later studied Communication/Film at Georgia State University.

Besides Christan, Colby also had a son named Dylan Willis. Dylan works at Marathon.

Christan Willis Height

Christan Willis stands tall under the height of 5’2”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Christan Willis Birthday?

Christan Willis celebrates her birthday on 20 November.

  • Is Christan Willis On Instagram?

Yes, Christan Willis is on Instagram (@chefchristanwillis), TikTok (@chefchristanwillis), and Facebook (@chefchristanwillis).

  • Where Is Christan Willis From?

Christan Willis was born and raised in the South, she spent summers at the family farm in South Georgia. She is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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