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Cheyanne Kerr Bio, Height, Parents, Age, Job, Love Island

Cheyanne Kerr, the blonde Barnsley girl is ready to shake up some relationships on Love Island. Boys in the villa couldn’t help but notice her when she entered the Casa Amor. But, are there any guys she is interested in.

The journey is long. So, while it keeps unfolding, learn a few things personal about her life. This article covers details about her parents, height, job, and her age. Learn everything here in this bio starting with,

Cheyanne Kerr On Love Island

Before getting on the show, Cheyanne Kerr shared that she was single for 6 months. She is ready to get back out there and find the one she can travel with. Like all the other contestants she has joined the show for a reason and if she hurts someone, she isn’t doing it purposely.

Cheyanne said, “I am not wanting to upset anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings purposely but I am going in there for a reason and they’re going in for a reason as well”.

A self-described “Trolley Dolley” she oozes confidence. Immediately after she walked in, she grabbed the boys’ attention. However, what stood out besides her beauty was her thick Barnsley tones, which weren’t for everyone. Soon after she opened her mouth, viewers took to Twitter and commented about her accent. One wrote, “Best one is her from Barnsley…. until she speaks”.

Another added, “Really don’t wanna hear any more of the Barnsley accent. Absolute s***”.

The third one added, “Of all the accents on planet Earth, God gave Cheyenne the Barnsley one. Utter waste”. Likewise, another added, “Cheyanne is fine as hell, but the accent could be enough to put me right off”.

Twitter also riled up on the words she spoke. One Twitter user commented, “I foolishly started a drinking game for every time Cheyanne says “like”. Needless to say I’m wrecked”.

But, Barnsley natives who watched the show felt like one of their homegirls was starring in the show. They sent out words of encouragement to her and praised her for her accent too.

Cheyanne has her eyes on three boys; Davide, Jay, and Andrew. She said she liked Davide as he reminded her a lot of her family and he is gorgeous. She couldn’t help herself and reveal that she hasn’t seen any as good-looking as him in her life. Jay is also another guy who she perceives as very handsome.

Cheyanne added that she might as well go for Andrew because her mother thinks he is cute and genuine with a sweet demeanor.

It appears Andrew seems interested in Cheyanne as he has been following her on IG, however, she doesn’t follow him. Andrew is currently linked to Tasha from Day 1. It is to be noted that Andrew has spent a lot of time in Dubai so it was presumed that their path might’ve crossed before the show.

Some internet sleuths also unraveled that Andrew has been liking Cheyanne’s picture for quite some time on IG. The one who is currently running his IG account also hinted they might have some history when a fan asked questions on IG. Andrew is currently fixated with Tasha and believes that he wants no one but Casa Amor was created to stir such dynamics.

Cheyanne Kerr Age

September 1998 is the year Cheyanne Kerr was born. So, in September 2021, she turned 23 years old.

Who Are Cheyanne Kerr Parents?

Cheyanne Kerr was born to her mother Lisa Jones. On International Women’s Day, her brother posted, “Seen as it’s international woman day thought I’d tag these 2 not only my sister and Mum but my world in one photo love you both so much Cheyanne Michelle Kerr, Lisa Jones”.

Whereas on Mother’s Day 2022, he posted, “Happy Mother’s Day to not just my best mate, my mother but my absolute world your amazing mum is one of a kind and I don’t know where I would be without you, I hope your day is as special as you. I love you so much mum, from your Son Bradley”.

Speaking of his brother, his name is Bradley James Kerr. He attended Wombwell High School. Later, at Dearne Valley College, he studied Brickwork. Bradley loves soccer and plays for Pontefract Colliers. He is very supportive of his sister and features her occasionally on his Facebook.

Brad and Cheyanne have an aunt named Linda Jones. Cheyanne also has a godfather named Simon Chinnock who wished her luck on her journey in the show.

Cheyanne Kerr Height

The last time she took measurements, Cheyanne Kerr’s height measured under 5 feet 5 inches.

Cheyanne Kerr Job

Cheyanne Kerr works as a cabin crew or flight attendant. They provide in-flight services to ensure that airline passengers have a comfortable and smooth flying experience. Moreover, their duties include answering passengers’ questions, enforcing safety measures before, during, and after takeoff, and serving food and beverages during flights.

Most employers accept candidates with qualifications in travel and tourism, such as the Level 2 Certificate in Air Cabin Crew. Moreover, some employers recruit Flight Attendants through a Cabin Crew advanced apprenticeship which requires 12 months of on-the-job training.

The average salary of Cabin Crew according to Indeed is nearly £19,447 per year.

Besides her cabin crew job, she is also a model. She is represented by Nemesis Models. She has posed for several photographers and local clothing brands.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Cheyanne Kerr From?

Hailing from Barnsley, UK, Cheyanne Kerr is, Cheyanne Kerr is currently living in the same place. But, as a flight attendant, she also lived in Dubai where she lived a lavish lifestyle. She frequently posted her pictures in a bikini soaking sun on either a shore or a poolside.

She also made most of Dubai nightlife where she posted images of the cityscape as a backdrop for her pictures.

  • When Is Cheyanne Kerr Birthday?

According to her IG posts, Cheyanne Kerr’s birthday is on 5 September.

  • Is Cheyanne Kerr On Instagram?

Indeed she is. Cheyanne Kerr uses Instagram (@cheyannekerr_), TikTok (@cheyannekerr), and Facebook (@cheyannekerr22).

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