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Coco Lodge Bio, Ethnicity, Height, Age, Job, Love Island

The six new girls who entered the Casa Amor twist on Love Island 2022 were open to exploration. However, Coco Lodge already had her eye set on a contestant — Davide Sancliment — because of their common roots.

Learn more about this beauty as this Coco Lodge Bio proceeds. 

Coco Lodge On Love Island

The wait is over! Casa Amor is here. But this time, we have a slight change in the pattern. Just like the tradition before 2019, the ladies were sent to a second villa while the boys stayed in the original one.

Naturally, as the ladies joined the second villa, there awaited six brand new boys, all prepped up to build up a new relationship or even destroy the existing ones. But it wasn’t just the boys. They were also followed by six new girls to keep things “even.” And this is where our star Coco Lodge made her appearance.

Coco has “been through every single type of man that’s possible” and she joined the show to find someone who just didn’t care about looks. Tired of the “f-boys who just want to be single and think they’re Peter Pan,” the star wanted someone “right” with whom she can “grow old with and have fun.”

“I want to meet someone who in 20 years I still have a best friend relationship with,” she added.

And what’s more, Coco already has her eyes on the contestant Davide because of their common ethnicity. “So I really like Davide, he reminds me of a lot of my family and he’s gorgeous. I’ve never actually seen someone so good-looking in my whole life,” she explained.

Also, the star was hoping to steal Andrew from Tasha too 

However, if she were to “steal” someone, she’d do it in a very respectful way. “I wouldn’t want to hurt someone else,” she explained. But at the same time, she also admitted that she was the type of person who doesn’t hold back with what they say which obviously got her in me into a lot of trouble.

Coco Lodge Age

Coco Lodge was 27 when she appeared on Love Island in 2022.

She was the oldest participant who joined the Casa Amor plot. Her co-stars were Josh Le Grove, Billy Brown, Samuel Agbiji, Jack Keating, George Tasker, Deji Adeniyi, Cheyanne Kerr, Jazmine Nicol, Summer Botwe, Mollie Salmon, and Chyna Mills.

Trivia: Coco was good friends with stars Chloe (the model), and Nicole O’ Brien (musician/influencer).

What Is Coco Lodge Ethnicity?

Coco Lodge flaunts Italian ethnicity. It was also the main reason why she picked out Davide as someone she’d like to get to know.

For those who don’t know, her love interest, David is originally from Rome, Italy. He only moved to Manchester after getting his Master’s degree in Finance and Banking.

Coco Lodge Parents

Coco Lodge didn’t talk much about her parents. But from what it seems, her’s mother’s a dog person as well. She owned two dogs named Magnus and Ivy (a Frenchie and a Pointer).

As for Coco, she’s a dog mom to an adorable sausage dog (Chocolate and White Dapple Doxie) named Milo — with one green and one blue eye.

Milo even had his own IG @minimiloandme with over 6.6K followers.

So, who’s Milo’s daddy? He’s the video creator and fitness instructor Marvin @marv_fit4jesus.

According to Coco, Milo’s daddy spoiled him so much that he would only eat or drink if his parents held him up.

Did you know: Even Coco’s mother told her to pursue Andrew. “Please go for Andrew, he’s so cute,” the recalled her mother’s words.

Coco Lodge Height

Coco Lodge stands tall at a height under 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm).

Mentioning her district features, Coco has dark hair, brown eyes, a triangular face, and a voluptuous body. Also, for someone who doesn’t want others to judge her based on her looks, she’s surely hitting the gym like crazy. 

Is Coco Lodge On Instagram?

Yes, as of July 2022, Coco was on Instagram @coco_lodge with 16.9K followers. Most of her posts then featured her raunchy pics.

Also, find the star on TikTok @coco_lodge.

Coco Lodge Job

Coco Lodge is a graphic designer. But this beauty is also a part-time ring and shot girl. She often took it to her TikTok to flaunt her walks from fight nights. The last we checked, she was a part of Finesse Ring Girls. Her “ring ladies” (co-workers) then were Orla, Hazel, Lia, Libby, Hannah, Chloe, Demi, Kelsey, Vikki, Rebecca, Christina, Kyra, Thea, Aliki, Alissa, and more.

On June 2, 2022, her employer took it to their official IG page to share their support, “We are super excited to watch our Queen Coco enter the villa Tomorrow night 🥰 She’s defo going to be causing a storm so make set your reminders.”

Besides her jobs, Coco also ran her own business.

According to the star, it was March 2020, when she decided to go freelancing full time and start her own business. “Most stressful but best decision I’ve made so far! So much better off being my own boss,” she added.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Coco Lodge From?

Coco hails from Surrey, England.

  • When Is Coco Lodge Birthday?

Coco celebrates her birthday on January 7 and is of the Capricorn zodiac.

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