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Chris Stanley Bio, Bret LaBelle Boyfriend, Age, Job, Height

Meet Survivor‘s Bret LaBelle’s boyfriend Chris Stanley. The couple often gets criticized for their age difference. So, learn more about Chris in this article below.

This bio covers details about his age, job, height, and social media.

Meet Chris Stanley, Bret LaBelle Boyfriend

Chris Stanley messaged Survivor alum Bret LaBelle on Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the couple’s dating debut. Chris acknowledged that he was “binging Survivor during quarantine” when he initially noticed Bret.

“I watched Bret’s season and noticed that he was from Boston,” Chris admitted. “I was in New Hampshire, so it wasn’t that far away. And the whole time I was like, oh, he’s so hot, he’s so handsome, he’s so everything. And then he came out and I was like, ’Oh my God! He’s gay?’ I actually could have a shot!’ So I just shot my shot with him on Instagram.”

Chris then realized that Bret had previously DM’d him. “I got this message from him, and he already had a lot of followers at the time,” the reality show alum said. “Instagram has the three message boxes, the primary, general, and the crazies. Usually, if you don’t follow someone, they’re in the crazies. All of a sudden, he’s in my primary. I go, how is he in my primary?”

It turns out that Bret had previously messaged the TikToker while intoxicated and had forgotten about it until that same moment. “We think this is a really cool story. It means that we both sought each other out at different times,” he said.

Early on in their relationship, Bret was worried by the significant age difference, “But as we got to know each other and as the relationship formed, it got to the point where I still was worried about it, he was becoming less worried about it. But then, I said, well, who cares? This is working,” he said.

But, they have experienced awkwardness on many occasions and one of those happened most recently during a Christmas shopping.

While shopping with his much younger boyfriend Chris, Survivor alum Bret and his boyfriend were misidentified as a father and son. In a video he released on TikTok on November 27, Chris told his fans the story of how he and Bret were buying a Christmas tree when their cashier assumed they were dating.

“As I was checking out yesterday, buying this beautiful tree — yes, it’s real — my boyfriend is handing the cashier his credit card. But I’m like, ‘No, no, no. Let me pay for this,’ so I get out my credit card, and I hand it to her,” the YouTuber explained in his TikTok. “She gets all excited, and she’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, nice!’ And I’m like, ‘Why is she so excited that I’m paying?’ And she’s like, ‘I believe the more you give, the more you get this holiday season.’ And I’m still kind of like, ‘Why is she saying this?”

Chris laughed as he said, “This is your dad, right?” to the cashier, who “must have seen the look” on his face. He remembered turning to face Bret, who gave a discreet shake of his head, signaling that he didn’t want to tell the woman they were dating.

“So I’m just like, ‘Yeah, yeah. That’s my dad,'” Chris added further. “And I’m left wondering what the look would have been like on her face if I had told her.”

The two, who frequently make jokes about their 26-year age gap on the internet, were misidentified as father and son before. Chris was questioned by a TikTok user in May if Bret was his father. The influencer replied, “No, he’s my dad-dy,” before kissing the reality star live on video.

“Sometimes people make the outrageous claim that I was ‘groomed’ or something, which … isn’t the case,” Chris told the Advocate. “In reality, I am the one who pursued him.”

The couple also opened up about their relationship in a recent interview with Bear World Magazine called them the Bear “It couple.”

While competing on The Amazing Race, Bret gained significant recognition during the Millennials vs. Gen X season of Survivor, where he revealed his sexual orientation to the surprise of all.

Chris Stanley Age

In 2023, Chris Stanley is 23 years old. He was born in 2000.

Chris Stanley Job

Chris Stanley is a popular YouTuber and TikToker who gained popularity by filming vacation vlogs and conducting man-on-the-street interviews in which he asks random people questions about celebrities and homosexual culture. His contents also include “Gay Travel Vlogs, Gay Street Interviews, Gay Collabs, and more.”

On his YouTube, Chris has 338K subscribers as of Dec 2023. He has posted 820 videos which in total has amassed 263 million views. On TikTok, Chris has gathered 847.9K.

Furthermore, Chris is also on OnlyFans under the handle (@twinkstann).

Is Chris Stanley On Instagram?

Yes, Chris Stanley is available on Instagram (@stanchris) and X (@stanchrisss).

Chris Stanley Height

Chris Stanley’s height measures above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chris Stanley From?

Chris Stanley appears to be from Florida.

  • When Is Chris Stanley Birthday?

Chris Stanley’s birthday is on 19 April.

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