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Emanuela Pecchia Today, Paolo Macchiarini Wife, Still Married?

Season 2 of “Dr. Death” and Netflix’s Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife both focus on Paolo Macchiarini, who was wed to Emanuela Pecchia. Paolo rose to fame and then fell from grace. The discredited surgeon, who was born in Switzerland, became well-known for creating artificial replacement tracheas that he put in patients together with their own stem cells.

Paolo is a sensation in medicine and the media. Producer Benita Alexander of NBC News was documenting his windpipe treatments for a show called Leap of Faith when she fell in love with him.

Benita claims that she fell deeply in love with Paolo Macchiarini because of his kind generosity in providing presents and trips, as well as his understanding of her struggles as she dealt with the news that her then-husband had brain cancer. He also enthralled her with tales of his famous patients, claiming to have treated everyone from Bill and Hillary Clinton to Pope Francis and former President Barack Obama. They made plans for a sumptuous wedding and their mutual future.

According to The New York Times, Paolo created the first artificial windpipe in history in 2011 by soaking a plastic trachea replica in a patient’s stem cells to prevent the body from rejecting the transplanted replacement organ. Working with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Paolo rose to fame; nevertheless, biomedical researcher Leonid Schneider claims that several of his patients died, and many more experienced difficulties from the treatments they underwent.

These surgeries were carried out in Sweden, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the United States. Furthermore, Paolo did not do any safety evaluations, animal testing, or trials on his prosthetic tracheas prior to transplanting them into actual humans, according to The Guardian.

It is also said that Paolo and his colleagues did not apply for approval from Stockholm’s ethical review board or get a government permit for the artificial windpipes, drugs, or stem cells utilized in the transplants.

Scroll down and read all about Paolo’s wife Emanuela here.

Meet Emanuela Pecchia, Paolo Macchiarini Wife Of 30 Years

Emanuela Pecchia is the wife of 30 years of Paolo Macchiarini. They are parents to a boy and a girl, but after he had an affair, she has fully removed herself from the public eye.

An NBC American journalist Benita Alexander, a victim of love fraud, transformed her experience into a goal to assist other victims after the surgeon had an affair with her. Edson Jeune became her spouse in 2012. Benita and Paolo were organizing their wedding, including inviting famous people like Barack Obama and Elton John and having The Pope perform the ceremony. However, the pope was out of the country at the time.

Benita had her doubts after learning this.

Before learning that the Pope was married, she began to have doubts about his actions after receiving information from a friend that the Pope was not even in the nation.

On the day that was meant to be their wedding, Benita traveled to Spain with her friends to confront Paolo about all of his falsehoods. While friends spoke with Paolo Macchiarini and his wife, she remained in the car. After she sent a message regarding Paolo’s professional activities to the Karolinska Institute, where he was employed, the institute fired him and filed charges against him.

Are Paolo Macchiarini And Emanuela Pecchia Still Married?

Likely, Paolo Maccharini and Emanuela Pecchia allegedly got divorced in 2016. However, Paolo had initially told Benita that his divorce had finally come through and proposed to her on Christmas Day, 2013.

It is reported that Emanuela is still living in Italy, committed to giving her helpless children a secure home despite the chaos surrounding their father. Reports also indicate that she might have divorced him at some point between 2016 and 2018, which emphasizes her fortitude in the wake of all the scandals.

Considering the turbulent disclosures on Paolo’s behavior, one can understand Emanuela’s struggles upon learning of her husband’s dishonesty and damage to others who entrusted him with their life. Her decision to keep a low profile shows that she wants to protect her kids from the negative publicity surrounding Paolo’s conduct and provide them the best regular childhood possible despite the chaos.

Not long after Paolo placed windpipes in multiple patients, Benita, an NBC reporter, was tasked with covering the doctor for a Meredith Viera special. Benita and Paolo became engaged without Benita being aware that Paolo was married. Paolo had grandiose plans to wed Benita in front of Barack Obama and Elton John, with the Pope serving as the celebrant.

After Alexander’s acquaintance informed him that the Pope was not even in the nation, things went awry and she began to doubt his methods. She was shocked to learn that Paolo had remained married and had not filed for divorce.

“This was not some guy I picked up in a bar. This was a renowned, accomplished, established surgeon whom we had followed all over the world.” Benita explained to Vanity Fair why she didn’t ask him a question. “The very prospect of him making all of this stuff up, even as I described it to friends as surreal and overwhelming, seemed too ridiculous to give it any credence. Why would he risk his reputation by doing that? What reason could he possibly have to lie to me, someone he obviously loved, in that manner?”

After sending a message regarding Paolo’s professional activities to the Karolinska Institute, where he was employed, Alexander was fired from the institute and charged in court following a comprehensive investigation.

Where Is Emanuela Pecchia Today?

Today, where is Emanuela Pecchia? Since their marital status is unknown, it is uncertain where Emanuela is currently living or if she is still with Paolo. Together, they are parents to a boy and a girl. According to reports, Paolo had another romance and had a kid with Ana Paula Bernardes, the mother of one of his transplant patients.

On the day that was meant to be their wedding, Benita traveled to Spain with her friends to confront Paolo about all of his falsehoods. While her pals conversed with Paolo and his spouse, the ex-NBC reporter remained inside the vehicle. According to reports, Paolo behaved “like an embarrassed schoolboy who had been caught” and “could not meet their gaze.”

Paolo, on the other hand, had been sentenced to no prison time by a lower court. According to the Associated Press, Paolo was found guilty of causing the deaths of three individuals between 2011 and 2014 and is currently serving a two and a half-year prison sentence in a Swedish prison.

Manslaughter charges were brought against the Swedish police, however the case was quickly dismissed for insufficient evidence. Nevertheless, the Svea Court of Appeal determined in 2023 that, of the three patients who subsequently passed away, two did not present with an urgency, and that the third’s surgery could not be justified.

Paolo was let go from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden in March 2016 due to ethical transgressions. He was charged with fabricating his resume and exaggerating the nature of his employment. Macchiarini claimed he was being handled like “a war criminal” following the trial.

Does Emanuela Pecchia Have A Daughter?

Yes, Emanuela Pecchia has one daughter and one son. But, their details are not available at this moment.

Emanuela Pecchia Age

In 2023, Emanuela Pecchia is above 50 years old.

Emanuela Pecchia Job

The job and career details of Emanuela Pecchia is unclear.

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  • Where Is Emanuela Pecchia From?

Emanuela Pecchia is reportedly living in Italy.

  • When Is Emanuela Pecchia Birthday?

The birthday details of Emanuela Pecchia is not available.

  • Is Emanuela Pecchia On Social Media?

No, Emanuela Pecchia doesn’t appear to be on social media.

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