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Chrisean Rock Dad: Who Is Eugene Malone? His Age, Job

Meet Chrisean Rock’s dad, Eugene Malone. The lesser-known father of the aspiring rapper, fans have only seen him in the pictures but, here are a few things you should learn about him.

This article is all about Blueface’s girlfriend Chrisean Rock’s dad Eugene Malone. You’ll learn about his age, his parents, his wife, and his job.

Meet Chrisean Rock Dad, Eugene Malone

Rapper Chrisean Rock had a really tough upbringing but she is proud that she overcame all the hardship she went through in her life. A lot of it directly or indirectly has to do with her parents; her dad Eugene Malone and her mom Charla Malone. Back in 2020, she talked to Fox Baltimore about her upbringing.

Then, Chrisean Rock AKA Chrisean Malone gained fame as a collegiate track athlete and star of Ultimate Tag in Fox 45. She was interviewed by photojournalist Ben Worsley. She told in the interview, that her dad was incarcerated for 11 years. Chrisean also talked about how she grew up watching her mother getting abused.

Chrisean only met her father when she turned 7. She said that she used to be abused; choked out or beaten. Her class schedule kept her mind occupied but then at the end of the day, she had no place to go, because she became homeless at the age of 11. But, she thinks that it’s not a sad story but a motivational story.

In July 2020, Chrisean uploaded a video titled Fox Baltimore interview with Chrisean Malone. Closing towards the end of the video, she said that she never named who she went through abuse with. She said, “Don’t put it on my dad because my dad, he was rough with me but he never really abused.” She wanted to clear that part.

Chrisean Rock’s dad Eugene recently made headlines after getting into fights with his daughter’s rapper boyfriend Blueface. A video that went viral on Twitter showed that Blueface knocked Chrisean’s dad right in front of other family members. Chrisean also took to her IG and announced that her boyfriend knocked her dad out.

In mid-August 2022, Chrisean tweeted, “Daddy really just holds my hand through my hard times I love that about him.”

Based on his Instagram post, he is now in touch with all of his children and making up for the lost time.

Eugene Malone Wife And Kids

Eugene Malone was likely married to his ex-wife Charla Malone Tucker, Chrisean’s mother. They ended up having 12 children in total and Chrisean was their 11th child. There isn’t much about how many years did Eugene and Charla stayed married but as of September 2022, Chrisean’s parents are separated.

Charla, three years older than Eugene, is currently 57 years old. Born in the month of December 1964 marked the year of her birth. Currently, there isn’t any information regarding Charla’s career. But according to Chrisean, her mother used to do her hair and take her to school growing up.

It is understandable that she had her hand full with 11 children. But, her drug-abusing habit also took a toll on her relationship with Chrisean and her other children. In April 2022, she tweeted, “Ima fly to Baltimore to go see my moms. I need A reminder why I’m doing what I’m doing … my mom is my biggest motivation fr.”

On Mother’s Day, Chrisean posted a clip from her music video and wrote, “I do this for my mommy happy Mother’s Day #happmothersday my mom a soldier and ima stand behind her. I love u mommy better days coming “but little do they know” -mommy”

On his Facebook, Eugene writes he is currently separated. He was previously linked to his partner Emory Diamond.

Is Eugene Malone On Social Media?

Yes, Eugene Malone is on social media. He is on Instagram (@eugeneamalonegmail.com9) and has multiple Facebook accounts one of which he is currently using is (@eugenea.malone).

Eugene Malone Age

Chrisean Rock’s dad Eugene Malone was born in March 1968. Hence, as of September 2022 at the time of the publishment of this piece, her father is currently 54 years old.

Eugene Malone Job

If you go through several of Eugene Malone’s Facebook there you can see that he worked at Rip’s Country Inn. In fact, he had shared on his Facebook that he landed the job of Prep Cook/Sous Chef in May 1988 at Rip’s Country Inn. Rip’s Country Inn is based in Bowie, Maryland.

In some of Eugene’s Facebook posts, you can see him dressed as a cook with his name tag and the company he worked for, ServSafe. He is currently self-employed.

Eugene has deviated from his past and is a changed man. He even dubbed himself as the example of the person who proved that people can change. In one Facebook status, he wrote, “Who said you can’t, I’m living proof that you can change, all is needed is the Will.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Eugene Malone Reside?

Eugene Malone is originally from the Bronx, New York. He also lived in San Bernardino, California in 1975 for an undisclosed period. In 2022, he is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Who Are Eugene Malone Parents?

Eugene Malone was born to his father Eugene Malone Senior and Cynthia Malone. When his parents met, they were a teenager. When they exchanged vows, Eugene’s father already had three children from his previous relationship. Then their marriage blessed them with other three children. Eugene recently lost his mother and Chrisean lost her grandmother Cynthia on 1 August 2022.

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