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Chrisean Rock Mom: Who Is Charla Malone? Her Age, Job

Chrisean Rock AKA Chrisean Malone never introduced her mom Charla Malone publicly, but she tweets about her. When Chrisean speaks, she oozes words of admiration for her mother and how they share a close bond with each other. So who is the woman who birthed Chrisean Rock?

If you’re asking this question, then you’ve come to the right place looking for answers. This article covers details regarding Charla Malone’s age, job, and current residence.

Meet Chrisean Rock Mom, Charla Malone

Chrisean Rock remembers Charla Malone as a loving mother. She was the second youngest of 12 children and one of her eight baby girls. Chrisean competed in Fox 45’s reality game show, Ultimate Tag. The athlete-turned-rapper gave a phenomenal performance but the story of her upbringing made her win even more intriguing.

After Chrisean’s dad went to prison, Charla, her mother took care of her. But, Charla struggled with drug abuse and the family struggled financially. So Chrisean leaned on her siblings, her friends, and her daily routine to make it through those tough times. With teary eyes, Chrisean’s sister Latifa AKA Tesehki told Fox 45, “My mom was at work, a lot. Yeah, and then, like she was on drugs.”

Chrisean explained with teary eyes, “When I was little she used to braid my hair and walk me to school and things like that.” She added, “And then it starts slowly progressing to her always in the bed. I witness my dad, you know, abuse her.” Witnessing her helpless mom go through all of that was tough for Chrisean.

But, she made it out victorious in that walk of life and proved that she is a very strong woman with a strong foundation. Now that is famous and successful, she claims that she is doing it all for her mother. In May 2022, she stood up for her mom after people abused her verbally on social media.

Chrisean wrote, “Why talk sh*t knowing u threw glass jars at my face n called my mom a dope fiend n got in my face like I won’t put u down nobody happy to put they hands on somebody momma but I’m not a bitc* so be careful.”

In the mid-spring of 2022, Chrisean announced on Twitter that her mother is her biggest motivation. She shared her plans to go visit her because she needed a reminder of “why I’m doing what I’m doing.” A month before that Chrisean took to Twitter to praying god for strength for her mom.

Based on all of this we can deduce that Chrisean and Charla share a close bond with each other, and hopefully, she is off substance abuse now.

Charla Malone Husband And Kids

Charla Malone and her husband Eugene Malone became parents to Chrisean Rock on 14 March 2000. Before that, they had already welcomed 10 children together. Charla and Eugene were partners in crime back then during their marriage, figuratively and literally. One report in Baltimore Sun stated that in January 1997, police captured Chrisean’s parents Charla and Eugene during a raid on their Cape St. Claire home.

Authority charged them with stealing mail from neighbors. The outlet reported that they raided the house at about 12:30 p.m. The police received information from area businesses about attempts to cash stolen checks. After the bust, Police confiscated a large amount of mail and checks in their residence stolen from mailboxes in the neighborhood.

However, it is unclear when Charla and Eugene’s relationship turned sour and they eventually made the decision to split. Since then, her ex-husband has dated a few times but Charla is virtually private and away from public attention.

Talking about her husband, Eugene is a Bronx, New York native who works as a cook.

Besides Chrisean Rock, one other child who is relatively famous is her 8th child, Latifa Malone. Going by the stage name Tesehki, she is an aspiring musician. You can find her stuff on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Is Charla Malone On Social Media?

No, Charla Malone is not on social media. She doesn’t seem to be on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Charla Malone Job

We know from Chrisean Rock’s “Fox Baltimore” interview that Charla worked a lot until drugs became the reason she deviated from her path of being a hard-working mother. Chrisean never revealed what her mom did for a living. Furthermore, we found nothing that can tell about Charla Malone’s vocation.

Hence, Charla Malone’s job is unclear at this moment.

Charla Malone Age

It was in December of 1964, that Chrisean Rock’s mom Charla Malone was born. That means, in December 2021, she celebrated her 57th birthday.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Charla Malone Maiden Name?

Charla Malone’s maiden name is likely Tucker.

  • Who Are Charla Malone Parents?

Currently, there is no information regarding Charla Malone’s parents. A few people she is related to are Albert Tucker and Rufus Tucker.

  • Where Is Charla Malone From?

Charla Malone hailed from Maryland. She is currently based in Baltimore.

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