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Chrissi Poland Bio, Age, Husband, Ms Biljana Electronica

The American parody of 1990s Eurodance videos called “Planet of the Bass” has suddenly become everyone’s song of the summer. It’s a 50-second “broken-English earworm” featuring DJ Crazy Times (comedian Kyle Gordon) and Biljana Electronica (Audrey Trullinger). Since its release on 28 July 2023, the video has swarmed over, earning tens of millions of views across social media platforms. And then there has been another lot of crowd, fans of the original performance demanding where the real voice behind Ms Biljana Electronica is. Of course, it’s Chrissi Poland we speak of. We are going to tell you more about her in the rest of the writing.

Meet Chrissi Poland, The Voice Behind Ms Biljana Electronica

Chrissi Poland is the actual singer of the song “Planet of the Bass”. The singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist is also identified as “Ms. Biljana Electronica”.

About “Planet of the Bass”, Kyle aka DJ Crazy after writing it, tapped The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon writer Brooks Allison, and producer Jamie Siegel, to help him give it a facelift. And they connected him with Chrissi for the vocals.

It is later on that Kyle brought the song to TikTok with content creators Audrey Trullinger, Mara Olney, and Sabrina Brier.

Chrissi is known to weave together the sounds of soul, blues, jazz, and pop to create uniqueness. Over the years, she has been linked to some of the best in the business.

Chrissi Poland Career

Fresh off from a high school in Marshfield, Massachusetts, Chrissi Poland went to Berklee College of Music. And thereafter began her professional music career. Fast forward to today, it’s been 20 plus years, her being a vocalist, top line, and songwriter. She has released four solo albums as well as a collection of singles.

Chrissi, in her crafts, has drawn comparisons from Aretha Franklin to Adele, and Joni Mitchell to Prince A.

Her original songs have appeared on the HBO, NBC, and Bravo networks, and on Netflix too. One of hers “Possible”, for instance, has been featured in a Bare Minerals TV campaign and in Season 2 of Bravo’s Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce.

Her career has also seen her touring with and opening for a wide range of artists, including the Grammy-winning Michael Bolton, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Marc Cohn, and Suzanne Vega.

How Much Is Chrissi Poland’s Net Worth?

Reportedly, Chrissi Poland had more than $350K net worth as of 2023.

When off the road, Chrissi is known to be spending her days writing, recording, and producing from her home studio. She is always singing or writing for the next project, commercial, or album.

Chrissi Poland Age

Christine A Poland was born in 1978. So, she reached the age of 44 in 2022.

Who Are Chrissi Poland’s Parents?

Chrissi’s father Ralph S Poland has been a field service operations manager at SafetyNet Tracking Systems. In the past, he worked in Marshfield Police Department. He is a Marshfield, Massachusetts native and he turned 76 in January 2023.

Once on FB, Chrissi gushed that all her life, whether she was a young child, a teenager, or a young 20-something just starting out in life, the arms of her incredible father, have been the safest place she has ever known. Also, she raved about her father having lived his life in service to others. “Anyone who has known him throughout their life knows how are uniquely special he is”, these were her exact words.

Chrissi’s mother is Victoria T Poland and she turned 76 in July 2023.

Speaking of siblings, Chrissi has a brother named Glen Poland who in the past was in the U.S. Army. He studied Master of Law at SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR SCHOOL OF LAW in the Class of 2019. As of now, he had been calling Brasília, Brazil home with his wife Ale Poland who he married on 14 August 2020. In November 2022, he turned 53 years old.

Then there is Melissa Poland Guzek, Chrissi’s sister who is from Marshfield, Massachusetts. She turned 42 in March 2023. Long ago, on 25 February 2006, she married Bryan Guzek.

Also so you know, Chrissi’s maternal grandfather Anthony Mirarchi of Calabria, Italia, was a brilliant scientist with an artist’s soul. His time at MIT and NASA, Chrissi has said, contributed to The Apollo 11 mission, 50 years ago. He was married to Kathleen Annette Annette (Harris) Mirarchi, who passed away at the age of 91, in 2008.

Chrissi Poland Husband

Chrissi Poland has been married to Ari Hest since 8 November 2015. Later on this day in 2021, Chrissi gushed “Six years ago today, we made it legit and had the best party of our lives. I’m on this long and winding road with you for life, come with may, for every bit of the journey. May it continue to be a long and adventurous one. Happy anniversary, sweet Hubs!”

Also music passionate like his wife, Ari is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter. He is understood to have begun his career as an independent artist in 2001. He built a loyal following touring the college circuit vastly between 2000 and 2003, after which he dropped his two albums Someone To Tell (2004) and The Break-In (2007) all the while touring with artists such as Martin Sexton, Suzanne Vega, and Ani Difranco.

Several of Ari’s songs have been made part of TV and films: The Path, The Lincoln Lawyer, Private Practice, Army Wives, and One Tree Hill to name a few.

Chrissi met Ari back in 2012 (on April 12th) on, what she now describes as a “cool, rainy morning” in London, England. Both had set out on a songwriters tour and had felt like best of friends within 24 hours.

Chrissi: “If I gotta be quarantined, I’m grateful to be quarantined with this crew.” (PIC: Instagram)

Together, now, Chrissi and her husband also are the best possible parents to their daughter Nova, AKA their cosmic piece of stardust, Nova Lisa-Victoria Hest. She came into their lives on 28 November 2018.

Chrissi Poland Height

As pretty as in the picture Chrissi Poland stands below 5’4” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chrissi Poland From?

Chrissi Poland originally hails from Marshfield, Massachusetts. As of 2023, though she had been residing in New York, New York.

  • When Is Chrissi Poland’s Birthday?

Chrissi Poland’s birthday is on November 24th and that makes her Sagittarius.

  • Is Chrissi Poland On Instagram?

Yes. Chrissi Poland can be found on Instagram. As of 9 August 2023, the account @chrissipoland included 1,200 posts and 12.2K followers.

She was also followed by some 18K on her ‘Chrissi Poland’ Facebook. She entertained 1.23K subscribers on her YouTube channel with her original videos, sharing about her life on tour, showing in-studio live performances, and all the latest releases.

Of course, one is also able to look her up on Twitter @chrissipoland.

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