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Christian Cabrera Bio, Wife, Filipino, Family, Cause Of Death

Comedian and podcast show host Christian Cabrera, better known as ‘Chinese Best Friend’ has died. The comedian who spoke against the science of the COVID-19 vaccine passed away after contracting coronavirus. He has left behind his wife and a son. Learn about his wife, his family, and his cause of death in this article.

Delve into this Christian Cabrera Bio and learn more about the late comedian.

Christian Cabrera Cause Of Death

Unvaccinated comedian Christian Cabrera has died at the age of 40 just two days after he texted his brother about his regrets about not getting the shots. He reportedly passed away at a California hospital on 22 January 2022 after contracting coronavirus which developed into pneumonia.

He tested COVID-19 positive around the time of Christmas. Not long afterward, he was in an emergency room with pneumonia in both lungs.

Before his tragic death, Christian took to his social media site to update fans on his COVID battle. He posted a picture of himself lying in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask over his face.

The caption on the post read, “Been here almost a week in ICU now not breathing on my own with Covid pneumonia infection on both lungs. This has to be the worst pain I ever had in my life! Thanks for all the love and prayers everyone! I can hear all ya prayers in my sleep! Thank you and hope to see ya all soon!”

Christian never updated his vaccine status publicly but his brother Jino revealed that Christian “was skeptical of the science” behind the vaccines and made the decision to avoid one.

Jino, who received his brother’s text, revealed he wrote, “I can’t breathe again I regret not getting my vaccine, if I can do it all over again I would do it in a heartbeat to save my life. I’m fighting for my life here and I wish I have gotten vaccinated.”

Furthermore, fellow comedian and best friend Michael Blackson had tweeted on 11 January, “My Chinese Best Friend who is my best friend and right-hand man is in the hospital with Covid and pneumonia on a breathing machine. Please keep him in your prayers”.

In the aftermath of the harrowing loss, Jino initiated a GoFundMe page to raise money for his brother’s wife and his 3-year-old toddler, Noel. Fans had already raised over $18000.

Christian Cabrera Wife

Late comedian Christian Cabrera left behind his wife Vivien Siti and a 3-year-old son Noel C Cabrera (born in April 2018).

Vivien is of Hungarian descent according to his IG post from April 2021 who hailed from Nyírbátor, a town in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary. But, she was born in Vari (Ukraine) in 1992. When she was 4, my family moved to Hungary.

Professionally, Christian’s wife worked under the name ‘Viva Starr’ as an artist under StarrLive Entertainment Inc. since January 2012. Vivien had previously worked for Akon in his Akon’s Hitlab in Montreal, Canada. She has performed and shared the stage with many artists including Akon, Ke$ha, LMFAO, T-Pain in Canada.

Vivien has toured extensively in Asia and came back from her 3rd Asia tour, which trip included 54 sold-out shows out of 62 gigs all around Asia in 2015. Viva Starr was the special guest of X-Factor’s final show in Central Europe after she was invited to perform at the stage of the talent show by one of Europe’s biggest TV networks.

Furthermore, Viva has also shared the stage with Ashanti & Far East Movement during her Asian, European, and Canada tours, where she had the chance to show her talent in front of 70,000 people crowd on the biggest concert. She also headlined a lot of Asian and some European festivals or concerts such as Bougainvillea Music Festival in Shenzhen (15,000 people), Songkran Water Festival in Singapore, or The Hungarian Charity Concert for the victims of the Red Toxic Spill in Europe.

Also, on Twitter, Vivien goes by the name (@vivastarr) which amassed 2687 followers, and on Instagram (@viviensiti) she has 2,226 followers on one account and (@vivastarr) has 4513 followers. She also has a YouTube channel (@VivaStarr). She is also a singer who is available on SoundCloud.

How Much Was Christian Cabrera Net Worth?

Christian Cabrera had a net worth under $1 million.

The “Chinese Best Friend” started as a comedian but he caught wider attention after collaborating with Michael Blackson. Two of them reportedly met in 2019 and immediately hit it off because of their chemistry. Two of them appeared on Break Club Power 105.1 and discussed their joint MODASUcKA podcast.

After Chrisitan’s death, Michael went on Instagram and wrote, “According to the hospital, he took his oxygen mask off to go to the bathroom and passed out, they put him on a ventilator. A few hours later he’s gone. Unbelievable. We were just texting last night and now he’s no longer here.”

He added further, “Met him less than 4 yrs ago and we became best friends immediately, he was so young and so caring. No one can ever make me laugh like him. What a tragedy for his fiancé, his kids, and his family. I’m out of words. Thanks for all the support but the worst has happened.”

Christian had also worked as a voice actor who could use different ranges of voice, based on age group Teen (13-17), Young Adult (18-35), and Middle-Aged (35-54).


Christian Cabrera Height

With an average build, Christian Cabrera stood tall to the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Was Christian Cabrera Filipino?

Yes, Christian Cabrera was Filipino. He was born to a Filipino father and a Chinese mom, so he boasted mixed ethnicity technically.

Christian Cabrera Family

Christian Cabrera was born as one of the eight children of his Filipino father and Chinese mother. Besides his brother Jino, some of his other family members are Ethan Jo Cabrera, Scott Cabrera, Joann Cabrera, and Luigi Cabrera Seno.

In May 2021, Christian went on his Instagram and wished Mother’s Day to his wife and his mother. He had posted, “Happy Mother’s Day to the love of my life for giving me a healthy loving baby, my mother With 8 kids, and to all the mothers in the world! I love you all!”.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Was Christian Cabrera At The Time Of His Death?

Christian Cabrera was 40 years old at the time of his death.

  • Was Christian Cabrera On Instagram?

Christian Cabrera on Instagram went by the handle name (@chinesebestfriend) where he gathered 115k followers. He had 1070 posts on the platforms. He was on TikTok with (@chinesebestfriend) with 12.7k followers.

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