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Joanna Breyer Bio, Age, Net Worth, Stephen Breyer Wife

Joanna Breyer is the daughter of a Viscount who went on to become an author and a psychologist. No wonder, she married a man with an excellent sense of judgment, Liberal US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer — set to retire at the end of his term in June 2022.

Get to know her more as this Joanna Breyer Bio proceeds. 

Meet Joanna Breyer, Stephen Breyer Wife

Joanna Breyer first met Stephen Breyer at a Georgetown dinner party in 1966. At the time, Stephen was just a regular a 28-year-old Justice Department aide, while the rich Viscount’s daughter worked as an assistant to the London Sunday Times’ Washington correspondent.

But she didn’t care about standings. According to her friends, she found the charming man hilarious and interesting, and Stephen found her lovely and challenging. Also, the two both shared an interest in cycling and camping.

Dating for almost over a year, the duo then walked the aisle on September 4, 1967.

Fast forward to over 5 decades, the lovebirds were still happily married (as of 2022).

In case you’re here as a fan of Joanna and don’t know who her husband is — Stephen Breyer is the son of Irving (an attorney for the city’s public schools) and  Anne (an active Democrat and a volunteer for the League of Women Voters) who grew up in San Francisco alongside his younger brother Charles.

By 12, he had already attained the rank of Eagle Scout and often made it to interschool debate competitions. He then went on to graduate from Harvard and finally landed a job as a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg.

So, gradually the enthusiastic boy worked his way up and in 1987 he became a member of the U.S. Sentencing Commission. Seven years later, he was then nominated by Clinton to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun.

Finally, after serving the court for 25 years, Stephen will give in to the Liberal activists’ plea for him to retire. In 2022, Democrats were holding both the White House and Senate, so it was up to President Joe Biden to find his replacement.

How Many Kids Do Stephen Breyer And His Wife Joanna Breyer Have?

Joanna Breyer and Stephen Breyer share three kids, namely Chloe, 53, Nell, 51, and Michael, 48 (ages as of 2022).

Her youngest, Michael followed in his father’s footsteps and ran in 2012 as a Democratic candidate for District 19 of the California State Assembly. Unfortunately, he lost the general election to Phil Ting.

As for her other kids, despite having famous parents, they’ve chosen to stay out of the spotlight for years and preferred to keep it that way. Thus, we won’t be digging much into them.

Joanna Breyer Age

Joanna Breyer was 79 years of age in 2022.

She is four years younger than her husband Stephen who was born on August 15, 1938.

Joanna Breyer Job

Joanna Breyer is now a retired lady. But she worked as a psychologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital Boston for over 25 years. Also, she worked with Survivors of Childhood Cancer in the David B. Perini Quality of Life Clinic for over 10 years.

When she wasn’t at her job, Joanna preferred penning her thoughts. Thus, in 2018, Joanna also published a book called “When Your Child Is Sick: A Guide to Navigating the Practical and Emotional Challenges of Caring for a Child who is Very Ill.”

As for her education, Joanna attended Oxford and Harvard where she got her psychology doctoral degree in 1983.

How Much Is Joanna Breyer Net Worth?

Joanna Breyer flaunted a net worth of over $15 million by 2022.

Likewise, her husband then was reported to have garnered a net worth of roughly $30 million.

Did you know: Joanna is also a member of the British aristocracy.

Is Joanna Breyer On Facebook?

No, Joanna wasn’t on Facebook, or either of the social media.

Even most of the social posts that included her pictures had her name without any tags.

But here’s her husband reported IG @stephen_breyer_official.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Joanna Breyer Birthday?

Joanna was reportedly born on July 27, making her of the Leo zodiac.

  • Where Is Joanna Breyer From?

She was born and raised in the UK.

As of 2022, she resided at 12 Dunstable Rd, Cambridge, MA 02138.

  • What Is Joanna Breyer Maiden Name?

Joanna’s maiden name is “Hare.”

She was born “Joanna Freda Hare.”

  • Who Are Joanna Breyer’s Parents?

Joanna is the daughter of John Hugh (died: 1982) and Nancy Hare (86 years old as of 2022).

Her father, John was a prominent Tory politician who received his rather nouveau peerage, as Viscount of Blakenham, in 1963.

As for Joanna’s siblings, she has two. Reportedly, she only got to meet her older siblings after World War II ended. As many others did, the children were sent to a haven in America when the Germans launched bombs and rockets at Britain.

Also, Joanna’s maternal grandfather is Lord Edward Spencer Churchill — who also happened to be the fifth son of the sixth Duke of Marlborough.

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