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Christian Lee Cones Bio, Family, Height, Age, The Courtship

Meet Christian Lee Cones star of NBC’s Regency-Era-themed dating show named The Courtship. Her you’ll learn about his family, his height, and his age.

Tag along with this article to learn more about him.

Christian Lee Cones On The Courtship

Christian is one of the suitors in the show vying for Nicole Remy’s love in NBC’s show The Courtship. He was raised in a conservative family — so he started dating only after reaching his 20s. Since he went from Indiana to Brazil and subsequently to Los Angeles, his upbringing was atypical. While his dating history isn’t as long as some, he is extremely well-traveled, speaks Portuguese fluently, and is a human rights activist.

Speaking with IndyStar, Christian shared, “Immediately, I was just like, holy crap, that sounds scary. But yes” when the opportunity showed up to move to England. He enjoyed learning calligraphy and writing love letters.

He added more, “I think this will be validating for not just my friends and family to see but for the entire world. Because this was by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

At the time of this writing, (i.e. 7 March 2022), Nicole has eliminated Dr. Jarrett Schanzer who had gifted her a rose quartz love stone to open up her heart chakras. However, Nicole was unimpressed and told Jarrett the connection wasn’t real. Although he pleaded for another chance he wasn’t offered one.

The second eliminated contestant was Mr. Caleb Ward but Caleb being self-obsessed ruined his prospect on the show. He got eliminated but expressed his relief at going home. The third contestant being eliminated was Lewis Echavarria. Although he claimed to be on the show for the “right reasons” Nicole felt that there was not enough time for them to get to know one another and connect.

Christian Lee Cones Relationship Status

Currently, Christian Lee Cones appears to be single. He hasn’t shared any updates on his relationship at the time of this writing. According to his Instagram, he has been in a few relationships. Christian appeared close to American as well as Brazilian beauties. After his appearance on the Brazilian dating show, he had also earned quite a several female admirers from South America.

So, as of this writing, Christian is single and isn’t going to ruin the show to be more precise. He did enjoy his time on the show.

Christian joked with IndyStar that he was born at the wrong time, so he’ll gladly don the knight’s armor and defend his love. He added, “I’m the kind of guy that still appreciates chivalry. I guess you can say I’m a hopeless romantic.” So, even if this reality show thing doesn’t work out he is still a very genuine guy and any girl would love to be with him.

How Old Is Christian Lee Cones?

In June 2021, Christian turned 25 years old.

Christian Lee Cones Height

Not only Christian Lee Cones is a good-looking individual, he stands tall above the height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Christian Lee Cones Job

Christian Lee Cones is a graduate of Franklin Central High School who completed his last year of high school online as he moved to Brazil when he was 18. While there, he appeared on a reality show titled “Namoro com o Gringo,” the translation for which would be “Dating the Foreigner.” The show aired in 2014 on the Brazilian network SBT.

Then, Christian moved back to Los Angeles and started pursuing a career as an IT Support Manager. According to, an IT Support manager makes about $97,754 a year.

But, the Brazilian show wasn’t the only show he has appeared on. He starred on DownBeat (2019) and a short film named Willing (2021).

Is Christian On Instagram?

Yes, Christian is on Instagram. His IG account (@christianleecones) has 5483 followers.

Christian Lee Cones Family

Christian Lee Cones has featured his father and his Brazilian stepmother on his Instagram. He is close to both of them. His dad celebrates his birthday on 26 January. His mother is Louise London (FB: Lousie seems to have a second husband based on her Facebook post.

Besides them, Christian has one older sister named Ashley Marie London (IG: @ashleylondon1 & FB: @ashleylondon13). She married her husband on 18 May 2014 and has two sons and one daughter.

Christian as an uncle is very close to all three nephews and niece. He often goes to visit them in California and also enjoys a day out with her sister’s kids.

Ashley lives in Lincoln, California as of this writing.

Besides Ashley, Christian has one older brother and one younger brother named Issac. Issac celebrates his birthday on 5 June.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Christian Lee Cones Net Worth?

Christian has a net worth under $400 thousand.

  • When Is Christian Lee Cones Birthday?

Christian celebrates his birthday on 29 June.

  • Where Does Christian Lee Cones Hail From?

Christian was born and raised in Indianapolis. Then he moved to Brazil.

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