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Lewis Echavarria Bio, Height, Family, Job, Age, The Courtship

Have you ever imagined Bridgerton and The Bachelorette in one frame? Yes. It’s the new reality TV dating show, The Courtship we are talking about. Previously titled Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance, the series stars Nicole Rémy, who is looking for love in a really old-fashioned way among her 16 dashing suitors. Lewis Echavarria, who we are going to talk about now, is one of them.

Read through this ‘Lewis Echavarria BIO’ to know all about his chances of winning over the leading lady’s heart, his height, family, job, and just everything.

Lewis Echavarria On The Courtship

Just as his BIO on NBC for The Courtship puts it, Lewis is a huge romantic who loves to cook and dance. He wears his heart on his sleeve and claims to have come on the show just as the real him hoping to find that forever love to grow a big family together.

And by the look of it, Lewis has tried finding love before in dating apps. He said it can be a scary place even for a “Knight in Shining Armour”.

Now you shall watch him battle it out for a chance at love on the new show that premiered on 6 March 2022 on NBC (also streaming on Peacock TV).

One thing though. For him and Nicole to work, she has to love the water as much as Lewis does. He has insisted.

Joining Lewis on this journey of impressing Nicole are competitor suitors: Daniel Bochicchio, Alex “Achilles” King, Giuseppe Castronovo, Caleb Ward, Chandler “Chan” Luxe, Charlie Mumbray, Danny Kim, Dan Hunter, Derek Kesseler, Jaquan Holland, Jarrett Schanzer, Lincoln Chapman, Nate Shanklin, and Peter Saffa.

Lewis Echavarria Relationship Status

Lewis seemed single in recent times. Naturally, because, he is on the reality dating TV scene looking to meet his ideal partner. And the makers likely would not have chosen him had he already been committed elsewhere.

How Old Is Lewis Echavarria?

26 years old in 2021, Lewis Echavarria decided to find his romantic match in a way he had never tried before.

Lewis Echavarria Family

Lewis listed brother Franklin van Gurp and his cousin Karla Michelle Echavarria as his family members, on Facebook.

Franklin, here, was studying at Florida International University and based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as of the time of this writing.

Then, there is a proud mother, Franchesca Abreu, too, who is always proud of her kids. She was just as happy for Lewis for his stint on television and his journey of finding love. “Sooo proud of having our son Lewis Echavarria participating in this expected-to-be record-breaking Dating Serie “THE COURTSHIP”, filmed in London, United Kingdom”, she had rooted for him before the show’s release.

Lewis Echavarria Job

Lewis Echavarria was homeschooled and he then went on to play professional baseball. However, an injury permanently ended his pitching career. So, following surgery, he picked up his first real estate book; decided that he is to get his license for mortgage adviser and realtor no matter what. And so he did. At present (March 2022) he had been working as a senior mortgage loan officer at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Miami, Florida. He took this job back in June 2020.

Other than the office job, Lewis also helped busy men and women get into the best shape of their lives. He has fitness/workout ideas for everyone and of every type, one to perform at work, in the gym, and of course in the bedroom. This he wrote on Instagram (of course).

Meanwhile, in the past, Lewis did the same full-time day job but at a different company (Iconic Mortgage Corp.) from January 2018 through June 2020.

His very first job, listed on LinkedIn is of a personal banker at Wells Fargo (June 2014 – March 2016).

Is Lewis Echavarria On Instagram?

Yes. Lewis could be found on Instagram @lewis.echavarria and with 103k followers as of 6 March 2022, he seemed quite famous on it.

(Of course) Lewis also has gone viral on TikTok @lewis.echavarria where he entertained some 17K users.

One could see him on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well.

Lewis Echavarria Height

Lewis Echavarria, with an aww-worthy ripped physique, stands above 6 feet tall. However, he did not just luckily get those toned muscles. He had to work for it continually and has discussed the journey on social media.

Being a semi-pro athlete in his late teens, he had a solid frame and confidence and did not mind taking his shirt off. Then he recalled not being active anymore, how he went down a dark road of excessive drinking and college partying.

Eventually, Lewis started to learn more about nutrition and understanding effective training and cardio. Some 6 years later and he learned to be in shape again and in a good way. (Of course) he now also has 100s clients looking up to his ways.

And like this, moonlighting as a fitness coach, the former professional baseball player somehow never had to give up on the dream he once had.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Lewis Echavarria Born?

Lewis was born in Miami but raised in the Dominican Republic.

  • When Is Lewis Echavarria Birthday?

Lewis was yet to tell everyone when exactly he celebrates his birthday.

  • How Much Is Lewis Echavarria Net Worth?

Lewis Echavarria likely held around $400K as net worth as of March 2022.

As per‘s estimation, Lewis should have made a base salary of US$43,460 per year on average working in the real estate and mortgage business in Florida.

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