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Christian Patterson Wiki, Families Of The Mafia, Dad, Age

Christian Patterson was one of the cast members of MTV’s new reality show called Families of the Mafia. Families of the Mafia is the remodeling of MTV’s previous attempt at crime-based reality series called Made in Staten Island. So far, two seasons of the show have been aired with some success.

Read everything you need to know about Christian and the Families of the Mafia with this Christian Patterson wiki below

Christian Patterson On Families Of The Mafia

Families of the Mafia follows six crime families, The Gravanos, The O’Tooles, The LaRoccas, The Nayfelds, The Cutolos, The Augustines, as they navigate their life around and against crime and law. Christian belongs to the LaRocca family (his mother was Gina LaRocca).

Christian comes from an Italian family of Sicilian origin based in Staten Island. So far, Christian had appeared on all the episodes of the first season and also returned as a cast member in the second season. The second season concluded its run on 9th September 2021.

Christian Patterson Age

As far as we could gather, Christian’s birthday falls on the 10th of July, and apparently, he was born in 1999. That means, as of September 2021, he was 22 years of age. And his zodiac sign is Cancer.

His Height

Christian has a height of not more than 5 ft. 10 inches. And he has a handsome face, with wide cheekbones, dark hair, and brown eyes.

Christian Patterson Dad

Christian comes from a very traditional Sicilian family but close relationship with each other and with the mafia. His dad’s name is Mack Patterson, aka Butter. Christian’s dad was arrested in 2017 for running a drug ring on Staten Island. And according to Christian, Mack was released from prison in 2019 even though he had got a five-year prison sentence.

Christian’s mother, Gina Larocca, is also not unfamiliar with the crime world. She was also actively involved in Staten Island’s drug scene and had to spend seven months in prison when Christian was only an infant. Gina lost contact with her young son and he was raised by his uncle and aunt, Anthony and Trish Gelardi, who are not involved in any mafia business. And together with his mom, his aunt and uncle are trying to keep him clear of the mafia and crime world.

Christian had one “brother” named Danny, who passed away recently, in August 2021. While we are at the topic of his family, Christian also had a cousin called Lisa Patterson.

His Instagram, Facebook

You can find Christian on Facebook and Instagram. On his Instagram handle, @718cp, he had 31.2k followers. He was also present on Facebook as Christian Patterson.

Christian Patterson Net Worth

According to his Instagram, Christian is an actor. What he probably means by that is that he is a part of a few MTV reality shows like Made in Staten Island and Families of Mafia. We have already talked about Families of Mafia.

Made in Staten Island follows a group of young men and women who are trying to escape the grasp of crime that surrounds them in every step. During Made in Staten Island, Christian’s criminal record was also revealed.

Apparently, like his mom and dad, Christian himself had some scuffle against the law. When he was 18 years of age, Christian was involved in the stabbing of another 18-year-old kid at a party. A fight ensued between this 18-year-old kid and Christian and his friend Daniel. Although it was Daniel to stabbed this other boy, Christian “punched and kicked the victim on the ground”.

“I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, honestly,” said Christian in his defense. He was sentenced to three years of probation as a youthful offender. His friend Daniel, on the other hand, was sentenced as an adult to 5 years of prison. The other boy, who was stabbed, suffered a lot of injuries but survived.

Furthermore, Christian also had three prior arrests. One good thing, however, was that Christian’s juvenile criminal activities got him a role in MTV reality show. And because of that opportunity, as of September 2021, he had earned a net worth of almost $200 thousand.

Christian Patterson Girlfriend

Nothing is known about Christian’s romantic life. His social media features no girlfriends and the reality shows also have no information about his girlfriend(s).

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