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Emma Mackey Boyfriend, Net Worth, Look Alike

Emma Mackey is a French-British actress best known for appearing in a Netflix TV show titled Sex Education. She has been a strong character in the show from the very beginning. But, she hinted about quitting the show after the third season.

Scroll down this Emma Mackey article to learn more about the actress.

Emma Mackey On Sex Education

Emma Mackey plays the role of Maeve Wiley, a book-loving tough girl and riot grrrl-listening loner with a nose ring and a heart of gold. She shared earnestness with her character and as she shared with Independent, that they were both the victim of sexual assaults.

She landed the show in such a short period that, she sometimes couldn’t even believe that she actually did it. About the season three playing Maeve, Emma told TeenVogue, “the most one of the most interesting things is dynamic with the foster mom and what that means for Maeve. And I think… it must bring up a lot of old trauma, and the idea of cycles and giving to the next generation a better life, and all of these quite huge topics that I think are very important.”

“That aspect of Maeve’s life is really key to understanding why she is the way she is. We see everyone’s home life a bit more this season, which I always really liked,” Emma continued.

“Because yes, it is about the school, and yes, it is about sex and the shame around sex and shame around being at that age. But also it’s about, how does your other life, your home life, inform who you are at school?” Emma whistled.

How Old Is She?

Emma Mackey was born on 4 January 1996. She turned 25 years old in 2021.

Emma Mackey Parents, Siblings

Emma Mackey was born to her French father Philippe and her English mother Rachel in Sarthe, France. She grew up in the Pays de la Loire region of France. Talking to L’OFFICIEL, she shared that her British family loved music and theatre. Growing up, she played characters by dressing up. Her dream as a teenager was the Royal Shakespeare Company. She went there at 16 for the first time to see a production of Much Ado About Nothing with my parents, and it moved her deeply.

She shared very little about her family, but according to some of the posts, she has at least two siblings, both brothers.

Furthermore, Emma was very close to her grandparents. She had feared that they wouldn’t like Sex Education. But, their open-minded nature appreciated the work, and her grandmother shared if they had shows like that when she was younger. Because her grandmother learned about sex by watching rabbits reproduce.

Emma Mackey Net Worth

The French-British actress Emma Mackey built a total net worth of $150 thousand as of September 2021.

Emma knew that she wouldn’t be able to pursue theatre in France, she made the decision to leave for the UK. After moving to the United Kingdom, Emma Mackey attended the University of Leeds. She graduated earning an English degree in 2016. She applied for drama school but she wasn’t accepted.

However, the road to fulfilling her dream was never easier for her. After graduating from Leeds, Emma stayed in London but couldn’t afford to pay the rent. During that time, she lived with her friend and got a job as a live-in nanny. Then, she applied for a French passport to move back but since her parents had already chosen a British passport for her.

Later, Emma also attended acting classes with theatre actor Laurence Mitchell at his Home Studio London. She often credited Mitchell for propelling her career forward.

Emma initially built her acting chops by involving herself in theatre. One of her professors taught her and got her linked into an agency. Then, she got the casting call for which she did four or five rounds of auditions, and earned her role in Sex Education as a Maeve Wiley.

Besides Sex Education, other works of hers include Badger Lane, Tic, The Winter Lake, Eiffel, Sex Education, Death on the Nile, and Emily.

Along with acting, Emma also has the same fascination for directing. She loves the technical side of filmmaking. She had shared, “I think I’m probably more of a director than an actor, in some part of me.”

“I’d probably quite enjoy directing because I’d see the whole thing through, as opposed to just popping in for two months, getting to do a bit of acting. Then off, poof, it’s not mine anymore. So I am thinking of directing, just not right now. I’ve never written anything either. But I’ve got ideas. When the time’s right they’ll happen, and I’ll just trust in that, I think.” Emma further added.

Is She On Instagram, Facebook?

On Instagram, Emma Mackey’s social media handle (@emmatmackey) gathered a staggering 5 million followers. Whereas, her Twitter account @emmamackey earned 11.1k followers and 38 tweets.

Like her co-stars, Emma Mackey also couldn’t be discovered on Facebook.

Emma Mackey Measurements

According to her IMDB bio, Emma Mackey stands tall to the height of 5 feet 8.5 inches (1.74 meters). She has an enviable measurement of 33-25-35 inches.

Emma Mackey Look-Alike

Appearance wife, Emma Mackey has been compared to many female actors since her debut in the entertainment industry. In 2019, she compared herself to younger Françoise Hardy, singer, and songwriter.

Emma also looks like the spitting image of Australian actress Margot Robbie. While talking with PinkNews, she stated that”‘I mean, it’s great, I’ll take it. But I think Margot Robbie is, first and foremost, a very brilliant actress, actor.”

Furthermore, Emma added, “‘I hope that people will see past the physical aspects of my person and focus on my job as opposed to my looks if that’s okay with you all.” Another celebrity she has been compared with was Gillian Jacobs.

So, we know at least three look-alikes of Emma Mackey at this point.

Does Emma Mackey Have A Boyfriend?

Emma Mackey, like her co-star Mimi Keene from Sex Education, likes to keep her relationship secret and away from the spotlight. Her current relationship status remains obscure. Her social media offered nothing remotely related to her dating life.

However, Emma previously was rumored to be dating Dan Whitlam, an actor, and a poet. It remains unclear when they started seeing each other and how they met each other for that matter. But rumors floated that they started dating each other in January of 2018.

On Valentine’s day 2019, Emma posted a picture of her then-boyfriend, confirming that they were in fact an item.

But, not very long after, they split without any official declaration on why they ended their relationship. She stripped off all the photos she had with the actor from her socials. He had first appeared on Emma’s IG in December 2016. Whereas, Dan’s social showed that they were last together in April 2019.

Together, they had attended Cannes International Series Festival on the pink carpet.

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