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Christopher Fernandez Bio, Jackie Sorkin Husband, Age, Job

Hulu’s sweet-talking candy show, Candified: Home for the Holidays is all about children competing to win the said factory whilst also putting them in danger. It was hosted by the Candy Queen, Jackie Sorkin, who was also the CEO of the Candy Kingdom. But how much do you know about her husband Christopher Fernandez?

Well, stick with this Christopher Fernandez Bio to learn all about him.

Meet Christopher Fernandez, Jackie Sorkin Husband

Christopher Fernandez and Jackie Sorkin were in a relationship before 2004. The two went on to tie the knot before 2011, and fast forward to almost a decade, the love birds were still in love more than ever. 

However, it hasn’t always been gumdrops and cotton candy for the couple. With both struggling with their careers initially, the duo has been through a lot of hardships and tough times.

According to Jackie, she once attempted to launch a retail fashion business but ended up with busted credit and thousands of dollars in unsold inventory in her garage. Later, even once she achieved some success, competitors tried to copy her idea. “I’ve had everything taken from me,” she shared. No wonder, she has become fiercely protective now and earned her nickname, “the spastic Chihuahua.”

But despite the hardships and separate careers, the pair never fell apart. To strengthen their relationship, Christopher even agreed to move with Jackie to California, after she decided to move there for her job.

As time passed on, things began to stabilize for the married couple, and by 2011 they were already reeling in interviews and promotions. That year they even welcomed their second kid named Christian George (dubbed Lord Lollipop) in November.

Sharing the happiness of Christian’s arrival, Christopher tweeted, “Our baby boy arrived today at 8:09 am, weighing 8 lb and 2 ounces. “lord lollipop” is in town. We are so happy, the best gift ever!”

Previously, the pair welcomed their first child Isabella (nicknamed the Heiress to the Empire) in 2011.

Here’s a picture of Christopher, Jackie, and their two lovely children.

Christopher Fernandez Age

Christopher Fernandez was born before 1980. So, he couldn’t have been any younger than 41 years of age as of 2021.

His wife, Jackie Sorkin was 42 then. She was born on May 31, 1979, and is of the Gemini zodiac.

Christopher Fernandez Job

Christopher Fernandez is an engineer by profession. Though we have no information about where he was employed, it was revealed that Christopher got fired from his job, twice! before 2012.

It was also the reason why Christopher and his wife were struggling then.

In an interview, Jackie shared that it was one of her biggest disappointments he got laid off twice. However, she worked hard and formed her Candy Kingdom in Miami’s Aventura Mall. What started as a $25 website in Jan 2008, is now a million-dollar business.

For those who don’t know, Jackie also had a business partner named Jay Yadon

From kids to adults, everyone loved the candy queen. Some of her celebrity devotees include the Kardashians, Steve Harvey, Jessica Simpson, and Justin Bieber.

Before founding her empire, Jackie worked for a company named Camp Pennbrook Inc for 11 long years. She took on the job of a program director responsible for programming for girls and young women from 6 to 21+ years old, optimizing health and wellness.

As for her TV appearances, she has been over 10 shows including Sugar High (2020), Home & Family (2017), Unique Sweets (2016), Cake Wars (2016), Guy’s Grocery Games (2016), Rewrapped (2014), and LA Sugar (2013).

In case you’re curious, an engineer in the US made around $60 thousand per annum.

Is Christopher Fernandez On IG?

No, as of December 2021, we couldn’t find Christopher on Instagram. However, here’s his Facebook @christopher.fernandez.399488, and Twitter @Avionics32.

Also, do find Christopher over his wife’s IG @jackiesorkin.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Christopher Fernandez From?

Christopher Fernandez is likely from Los Angeles, California.

Also, as of 2021, he resided in Southern California, USA.

  • Has Christopher Fernandez Revealed His Family?

Christopher didn’t reveal much about his family, except for his father Alturo Fernandez who resided in Los Angeles, California.

However, we do know about Christopher’s “in-laws.” His mother-in-law is named Arcelia Sorkin who Jakie says is one of a kind. She comes from a family of 12 brothers and sisters and ran away to Hollywood at 21. Then, she started working there in a leather factory, met Christopher’s father-in-law on a bus, and created a life for themselves.

“She’s vibrant, silly, dangerously smart & even though she’s single & ready to mingle without my dad these days,” Jakie said.

Seems like she was single at the time.

As for Christopher’s brother-in-law, he was an Executive Banker in Fancy Suits.

  • How Tall Is Christopher Fernandez?

Christopher stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Christopher has an oblong face, brown eyes, and preferred trimmed beard.

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