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Jackie Sorkin Net Worth, Family, Height, Is She Married?

When you see a name like “Candified”, what comes to your mind first? Well, whatever comes to your mind first, we are sure that water is what comes to your mouth. Hulu has indeed come up with a mouth-watering reality show called Candified: Home for the Holidays, with Jackie Sorkin as the host.

So, who is this diva, who has suddenly appeared on the reality TV scene and started to make us crave some sweet candies? And what is “Candified” all about? Keep reading to find out.

Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin On Candified: Home for the Holidays

Candified: Home for the Holidays is a reality show in which Jackie Sorkin, aka the Candy Queen, and her team tries to build a full house made out of sweet candies. Every tiny bit of the house will be made out of candies. And it would take about 600 thousand sugar cubes and 96 thousand cupcakes.

The show premieres on the 1st of December. And it will have only four episodes but each episode will be packed with sugary deliciousness.

When an interviewer asked her why she wanted to build a full house made up of candies, Jackie said, “I think what we wanted to do was to create outrageous moments of joy. It does not have to make a lot of sense. It just has to be fun.”

How Much Is Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin Net Worth?

As of 2021, Jackie Sorkin has a net worth of over $2.5 million.

Jackie’s journey to Candified is also very interesting. When she was a very young girl, as far back as when she was seven, she wanted to be an entrepreneur and was obsessed with owning a business. Being a chef was not her goal back then but the food was still an important part of her life.

Food was a comfort but it was also a problem. Because she was quite a large-sized young woman. Later, Jackie went to a weight loss camp and met Flip Schulman, the owner of the camp. Flip went on to become her mentor and a guide.

Jackie worked hard and became a group leader. And later, she got the job of a camp director. She was only 20 at the time. However, by the time she had reached 25, she “got very sidetracked” from her job and she was kicked out.

After that, Jackie went on to become an event planner. And her event planning business led her to open Hollywood Candy Girls (now called the Candy Kingdom) in 2008. Currently, she is the CEO of Candy Kingdom, which is a million-dollar business.

Jackie’s company is a sweets shop, but it also provides catering and event production services. Its store is located in Orange County, California.

And soon after that, at around 2011, a call from Hollywood came. Jackie was cast for a TLC show called Candy Queen. The show was not a huge success but it had introduced her to Hollywood. And that eventually led to Candified: Home for the Holidays.

She has appeared in shows like The Kitchen, Chopped Junior, Sugar Rush, Unique Sweets, Cake Wars, and so on.

Jackie also has celebrity devotees like the Kardashians, Justin Biever, Steve Harvey, and many more.

Jackie Sorkin Weight Loss

As we have already mentioned, Jackie Sorkin was someone who has struggled with her weight. During an interview, she mentioned that she had reached 300 lbs at one point in her life. However, things changed when she had to witness her father suffer from cancer.

Her father died painfully and that was tragic but the incident had taught her a lesson. Jackie came to realize that she had to change her lifestyle and get herself healthy. She got some help and she lost 150 lbs of weight in six years.

Jackie stands at a height of 5 ft 6 inches.

Is Jackie Sorkin Married?

Yes, Jackie Sorkin is married. And her husband’s name is Christopher Fernandez. We do not know exactly when they got married (although we know that they were married by 2012) but they have been together for over 15 years.

And as of 2021, they have two kids. Their elder daughter Isabella was born in 2010. And the younger son Christian George was born in March 2012.

Based on their social media, Jackie, Christopher, and their two kids appear to be a very happy family.

How Old Is Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin?

Jackie Sorkin was born in 1979. And as of December 2021, she was 42 years old.

Age, Birthday, Married Woman, Husband: Chris —

Related FAQs

  • When Does Jackie Sorkin Celebrate Her Birthday?

Jackie celebrates her birthday every year on the 31st of May. That is why she has the birth sign Gemini.

  • Who Are Jackie Sorkin Family Members?

Jackie’s mother’s name is Arcelia Sorkin. We do not know the name of her father but he has appeared a few times on Jackie’s social media. When she was growing up, her parents were full-time workers.

In some of her social media posts, Jackie has used the “#WeMissYouDad” hashtag. Her father might have died. Or maybe, he was just far away. In any case, Jackie’s mother was single.

Jackie also has a brother. We do not know his name but Jackie has mentioned that he is an executive banker.

  • Is Jackie Sorkin On Facebook?

Yes, Jackie is on Facebook. And she is also on Instagram, Twitter and Cameo.


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