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Christopher Morgan Bio, Job, Net Worth, Kim Fields Husband

Let’s meet our favorite actress/model and the Real Housewives star Kim Fields’s husband Christopher Morgan on this side of the internet.

Despite a short-lived role on RHOA back in 2015, Kim Fields always managed to be on the news. So, fans have always wanted to get more and detailed stories from her married life.

As it happens, the rest of the writing includes just everything that you have been interested in about her husband.

Meet Christopher Morgan, Kim Fields Husband

So, Christopher Morgan got married to Kim Fields on 23 July 2007, and 14 years later on their anniversary week, Christopher takes to his social media to write “It’s Anniversary Week!!!! We work, we play, we love and we worship……. together. That’s how it works. Keep your things, but be sure to make new ones with the ones you love. A flower cannot grow without something to root into.”

Since that day in 2007, they have had two kids: Sebastian (14) and Quincy (6) (ages as of 20 December 2021).

Sebastien Alexander Morgan, at the time of his birth, on 4 May 2007, weighed in at 6lbs. 4oz. and was 19 inches long. And as it had been promised, the elder one received a ‘legacy’ ring from Christopher as he turned 13 in 2020.

The second baby, for the couple, was a miracle as Kim suffered two miscarriages before he was born. The Facts Of Life actress had gotten to a point where she thought she would never have a second child, as menopause was quickly approaching.

Anyway, now, as Kim starred in a new movie This Christmas, the family of four seemed like a happy bunch of people. Christopher, especially, often shared just how grateful he is for his wife and kids. He says they are his everything.

Is Christopher Morgan Gay?

So, for this, we need to go back to 2016, when Christopher Morgan’s wife Kim Fields and her RHOA costar Kenya Moore feuded on a whole new level after Kenya began spreading rumors that Christopher was gay.

During a pool discussion on a trip to Jamaica, Kenya told her costars that Christopher was gay and that people referred to him as “Chrissy”. While this aroused plenty of laughter from the other ladies, Kim was naturally angry when she heard about the allegations.

Later on, Christopher himself had clarified the issues on E! News saying that Kenya had fabricated the whole thing. He said it was wrong of her to have concluded so about him just because he was a Broadway performer.

Christopher further explained that because he did Broadway shows without a real name, people were speculating about all sorts of things, including his financial status, whether or not he had a family, and even his sexual preference.

Christopher Morgan Job: What Does He Do For A Living?

Professionally, Christopher is a Broadway singer and dancer who has danced on Broadway in the play Kiss Me, Kate, on Dream Girls United States tour, and in the film Romance & Cigarattes.

Despite acting in small parts in TV, on Broadway, and in film, he has not had a more dramatic presence on the show.

Christopher Morgan Net Worth

As of the time of this writing (December 2021), Christopher Morgan had below an estimated $5 million net worth.

Christopher Morgan Family

Early in 2018, Christopher Morgan lost his dad and that was the hardest year he and his family ever faced. As the family celebrated his love and cherished his wisdom, while they also mourn and grieve, Christopher especially told not one day was going by without grief. He would take to his social media to outpour — “It’s almost been a year and I still don’t know if I can make it. I miss you so much.” Then, sometimes, he would tell “You’d be so proud of your grandsons. They are the best of you in every way. Seeing you in them helps me, but nothing removes the pain. I love you so much, Daddy. I’d give anything to hug you and tell you Happy Birthday today.”

Christopher luckily has his mom Ophelia Morgan and sister Rhonda Morgan-Sholto are still by his side. From what’s been pointed on Rhonda’s social media she is a sapiosexual, pogonophile, entrepreneur, and mother.

Christopher also affectionately mentioned actor/storyteller Mindy Cohn as “aunt Min” and he is (of course) also the brother-in-law of Alexis Fields and son-in-law of great Chip Fields.

How Old Is Christopher Morgan?

Christopher Morgan was born exactly on the 3rd of June and reportedly in the year 1976. Judging from this, he likely turned 45 years old in 2021.

How Tall Is Christopher Morgan?

Christopher Morgan stands around 5’9” tall.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Christopher Morgan From?

While it has not been yet confirmed, word has it Christopher hails from his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

  • Is Christopher Morgan On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes. Christopher Morgan is on Instagram but not on Facebook.

Until 20 December 2021, his Instagram @christopherlmorgan had 560 posts and 13.6K followers and on its bio, he wittily wrote “Wow, so I do this now?”.

Christopher also joined Twitter @MorganChrisL in May 2017. Here, his contents were of him as a dad, a husband, actor/producer, and thinker.

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