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Kazz Kumar Bio, Age, Real Name, Oritsé Williams Partner

Wedding bells are ringing. The JLS hitmaker, Oritsé Williams got engaged to his girlfriend Kazz Kumar in 2021, and the two were looking forward to getting married soon. But while congratulations were for the couple, fans were also intrigued by Oritsé’s partner; especially her real name and age.

So, here we are with this Kazz Kumar Bio to let you into her world. 

Meet Kazz Kumar, Oritsé Williams Partner

Kazz Kumar first met Oritsé Williams via social media, and the two immediately bonded. According to Oritsé, the two shared something  “genuine” without any interference or distraction. No wonder, he went on to pop the question only a year later in 2021.

The surprise proposal took place at Miskin Manor Hotel in Cardiff for what Kazz believed was a Valentine’s-themed photoshoot with motorbike manufacturer Harley-Davidson. Recalling the moment, Oritsé shared, “I went all in. I commissioned photographers, videographers and made up a timesheet and mood boards. Harley-Davidson was in on it too and provided the bikes and jackets and lanyards.”

As for the engagement ring, Oritsé wanted to find a color similar to Kazz’s favorite crystal, rose quartz. So, he had a pink sapphire flown over from Sri Lanka, which is also where Kazz’s heritage is from.

After the engagement, Kazz went on to share “Hello! Magazine” that she knew from the very first date that she wanted to be with Oritsé for the rest of her life. Also, she labeled him as the “sweetest and kindest soul in the entire world.”

Trivia: The JLS member’s children adore her. During a tour, Marvin, JB, and Aston’s combined seven kids were stuck to her like glue and Oritsé had to “peel them off her” to kiss her before he went on stage.

Kazz Kumar Age

Kazz Kumar was 37 years of age when she got engaged to the JLS star, Oritsé Williams.

Her fiancee was 35 then. Oritsé was born on Nov 27, 1986.

Kazz Kumar Real Name

Kazz Kumar’s real name is Kalpana Kumar. Her name “Kalpana” translates to “imagination” in English.

Likewise, Oritsé also changed his stage name to OWS after finishing second-place on The X Factor with boy band JLS.

Is Kazz Kumar An Indian?

Kazz Kumar might have flaunted Indian attires and labeled herself as a “desi girl” quite a few times, but she is not Indian. Her ancestors are originally from Sri Lanka, making her of British-Srilankan ethnicity.

Who Are Kazz Kumar Parents?

Raised in a family of 5, Kazz Kumar claims that her parents were part of the “sacrifice generation.” They were often featured over Kazz’s IG and seemed so in love even after 4 decades of marriage.

Also, Kazz once flaunted her mother’s pic, where they both were dressed in white and filled with swag. “I got it from my momma,” the pic was captioned.

As for Kazz’s siblings, she has two sisters named Shobi and Lavaniya Kumar.

Her sister, Shobi labeled herself as a “Forever Garage Gal” and a “Film & Music Buff.” As of 2021, she was working as a Jikiden Reiki practitioner and resided in London with her husband and two kids.

Kazz Kumar Job

Kazz Kumar has over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Design. And within those 10 years, she has had jobs in different industries such as hospitality, law, technology, health care, recruitment, events technology, and interior design and architecture.

As of 2021, she was working as a marketing manager at MCM, a creative consultancy.

Also, before that, Kazz has worked in the same post for companies like ASP Events WeShape, Square One Resources, Euro London Appointments, MyHealthCare Clinic, and Broadbean Technology.

Her specialties included “content creation/copywriting, social media strategy, branding, graphic design, SEO & keywords, job advert writing training, marketing automation, internal communications, and a few more.”

This talented marketing expert has also dabbled in music and has been nominated for “Best Female Artist” 5 times in the Asian Music industry. Moreover, the song she wrote has been featured in MTV’s The Hills and NBC’s Las Vegas.

Find her songs over Spotify titled “Superwoman, Stanger, and Walkaway.”

As for her education, Kazz graduated with a graphics design degree from the University for the Creative Arts back in 2004 and went on to get her bachelor of science in multimedia technology and design from Brunel University London in 2008.

By 2021, her net worth was above £300 (around $395) thousand.

In case you want to know, a marketing manager’s salary in the UK was around £45 (around $59) thousand then.

Is Kazz Kumar On Instagram?

Yes, find Kazz over Instgram @kazzkumar.

Also, here’s her Facebook @kalpanakumarkazz, Twitter @kazzkumar, Youtube @kazzkumar, and Pinterest @kalpanakumarkaz.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kazz Kumar Birthday?

Kazz celebrates her birthday on October 29, making her of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • Where Was Kazz Kumar Born?

Kazz grew up in South London, and it’s probably where she was born.

  • How Tall Is Kazz Kumar?

Kazz stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, she has naturally dark hair, dark eyes, and tattoos over her arm, shoulder, and back.

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