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Christopher Worrell Age, Wife, Jan 6 Convict, Proud Boy

Christopher Worrell, a member of the far-right extremist group Proud Boys, was sentenced on seven charges for his actions during the storming of the Capitol on 6 January 2021. He was scheduled to be sentenced on 18 August 2023 in in federal court in Washington. But, before this happened he went missing. Following this, a federal arrest warrant has been issued for him, with the FBI appealing for help from the public. So, what really happened? Let’s look at this thing and also other facts about Christopher Worrell in the rest of the writing.

Jan 6 Convict & Proud Boy Christopher Worrell Missing

Christopher Worrell had been under house arrest in Florida and the federal prosecutors were seeking a 14-year sentence for him before he went missing. Also, his case had become a heated debate in right-wing circles because of his health issues while in jail.

The FBI has asked that anyone with information on his whereabouts contact their local FBI office or the closest American embassy or consulate. FBI also has released a wanted poster for Christopher saying he violated conditions of release pending sentencing.

Before the missing happened, Christopher was granted supervised release so he could seek medical treatment he said he was not receiving while in jail awaiting trial. While at jail, Christopher apart from a broker finger also diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and at one point, he contracted Covid-19.

What Did Christopher Worrell Do On Jan 6, 2021?

In a statement of facts along with the indictment, the U.S. Department of Justice accused Christopher of being seen in photographs “on the West Side of the U.S. Capitol Building” in a restricted area, on the said date.

The statement of facts also included a photo where Christopher is clearly seen spraying pepper spray gel in the direction off-camera near the steps leading into the U.S. Capitol Building.

It was following a bench trial that Christopher was found guilty by a judge on several counts. It was concluded that he traveled to Washington, D.C., for the purpose of ensuring that the Electoral College Certification of President Biden failed.

Christopher Worrell’s Wife

It is not understood if Trish (Bungartz) Priller is Christopher Worrell’s wife, just fiancee, or just girlfriend. However, these two seemed to be still in a relationship as of August 2023. Also, they are believed to have been together since at least 2017.

Not long ago, a judge granted Christopher supervised release under the care of his Trish in Naples, Florida. This was following the allegations that his cancer was not properly treated in jail, and at this point, Trish was just his “girlfriend.”

Trish, likely a mom of two, was also mentioned in the news earlier when they reported that it was a tipster with a “mutual acquaintance” her who told authorities about Christopher being a “Proud Boy” and also about his travel to Washington D.C.

About her, the Naples Daily News also reported that she was among more than a dozen guests on March 22nd at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach in March 2023. Around the same time, Trish also talked about Christopher to Fox News host Tucker Carlson. She said, since being home, he has been doing well. Trish opened up about his major medical issues, five rounds of chemotherapy, and major oral surgery. She said he was still recovering from the latter.

While LinkedIn tells she is the former executive assistant to the Regional President of Southeast Regions in Naples, Florida. She also reportedly worked in the executive offices of the Naples Daily News.

On LinkedIn, Christopher’s “significant other” also describes herself as a “strong administrative professional who graduated from Naples High School.”

Christopher Worrell Age

Christopher Worrell was born in 1971. So, he reached the age of 52 in 2023.

Who Are Christopher Worrell’s Parents?

Gail A Worrell and Robert Worrell of Naples, Florida are likely his parents. The former turned 69 in November 2022 and the latter 77 in September of that year.

This is all that is understood about Christopher’s folks.

Christopher Worrell Job

It is not known what kind of career/job Christopher had before he was jailed. Even the newspapers just managed to discover that he is a graduate of Greenport High School.

Christopher Worrell Height

Christopher Worrell stands above 6’3″ in height. Also, he weighed around 280 pounds as of August 2023. Christopher’s hair is brown and eyes are also brown.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Christopher Worrell’s Birthday?

Christopher Worrell’s birthday is on June 26th. This makes him Cancer, a  sign of the crab, which is believed to have traits like sensitive, emotional, loyal, and a homebody.

  • Is Christopher Worrell On Instagram And Facebook?

As of August 2023, Christopher Worrell could not be found on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

  • Where Is Christopher Worrell From?

All that is known about Christopher’s origin is the fact that he was born in New York. As of 2023 though, he had been calling Naples, Florida his home.

Yet, back when the prior-mentioned tipster contacted FBI personnel to report Christopher, he also had “advised” that s/he observed a video on Christopher’s Facebook page that showed him participating in the riots at the U.S. Capitol on 6 January 2021. By the time the tipster provided the link to this video to the FBI, the video had been taken down or was not viewable to those who were not “friends” with Christopher on Facebook.

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