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Ashley Lawrence Now, Gator Boys, Married To Chris Gillette?

Meet Ashely Lawrence, who appeared on Animal Planet’s Gator Boys. Where is she now? Is she married to her boyfriend Chris Gillette? Find out all that we know about Ashley here in this article below.

The answer unfolds as this article proceeds.

Gator Boys: What Is Ashley Lawrence Doing Now?

The Cinemaholic reported that Ashley created history in February 2020 when she competed in the first-ever Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competitions in Brighton, Florida. They also reported that on July 13, 2023, the star of the popular reality television experienced a scare when her pet dog Hank vanished. Fortunately, he was located after a few days and returned safely to his family within the following five days.

Ashley still seems to get along well with her fellow cast members from the show, aside from the fact that she continues to work with nature.

The popular animal handler appeared in a total of 7 episodes from 2012 to 2013. She dated Gator Boys co-star Chris Gillette who introduced her to the world of gators. Chris worked at the Everglades Alligator farm in Miami, USA where most of the filming was done,

The couple has been hailed as the real-life Tarzan and Jane for their work. They met each other in 2011 when he was running an alligator display at the same animal park where she ran a tiger show. To catch her attention, Chris would turn up to her shows wearing a snorkel and mask, and it worked. The couple were world-leading experts in alligators and crocodiles, working together to educate people about them, and even share their love of swimming with the wild reptiles.

In 2015, Ashley said, “Being a couple in this profession is great as it gives you someone to share the experiences with and relate to. There is a very small pool of people you can relate your day with and have an enriching discussion with when talking about how to swim with alligators, and I am glad I can look to my partner for this.”

Ashley is enthralled by reptiles and relishes her distinctive position as a woman in her field. She added: “I love swimming with these amazing beasts and especially my role as a woman working with dangerous animals. I am able to show that it is truly about knowledge and understanding the wildlife, not just being a physically strong man.”

Is Ashley Lawrence Married To Chris Gillette?

First off it is unclear if Ashely Lawrence and Chris Gillette were ever engaged to be married. Chris is currently dating his girlfriend Gabby Nikolle at least since 2018, per one IG post.

Gabby also loves working with animals, particularly with reptiles. You can see a lot of pictures of her working with alligators. Her IG bio reads, “Coexist 🌎 Educate 📝 Inspire 💬 Rescue 💞.” Gabby is available on Instagram (@gabbynikolle), Facebook, and TikTok.

In March 2017, Gabby announced that she and Chris were opening a huge animal sanctuary of their own.

Ashley Lawrence Age

Born in 1987, Ashely Lawrence is 36 years old (as of 2023).

Ashley Lawrence Height

Ashley Lawrence’s height measures 4 feet 11 inches.

How Much Is Ashley Lawrence Net Worth?

Ashley Lawrence has been able to amass a net worth of under $400 thousand. An animal rescuer by trade, she has been hailed as the best in the world, and working with animals has taught her a lot.

Working at the Everglades Holiday Park, Ashely gave her own presentation to her visitors. She demonstrated two traditional wrestling moves. First, there’s the bulldog, which involves holding the gator’s jaw shut between her chin and chest while using her free hands to tie a rope around the snout. Then, there’s the faceoff, when she climbs on the alligator’s back and leans around to rest her chin inside its mouth so that visitors can marvel at all 74 to 80 teeth.

Before working at the Park, she started her career working with tigers and lions. “We once had a big cat come to us when she was a baby and she was a challenge for everyone,” she said. “It was like a puzzle—once I figured out what made her tick, she was a new animal. It’s the same with people.”

On her Facebook, Ashley revealed that she is working as a Zookeeper at Zoo Miami. She was an Alligator Wrestler at Everglades Holiday Park from 2010. She had also worked as Biological Technician at MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife, Worked at Deering Estate, and Former Showman at Zoo Miami.

However, her work is not solely for entertainment purposes. They rescued gators to save and conserve their lives.

Per GovSalaries, a zookeeper makes a salary of $40,955.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ashley Lawrence From?

Ashley Lawrence is living in Sunrise, Florida. She moved into the place in 2015.

  • When Is Ashley Lawrence Birthday?

Ashely Lawrence celebrates her birthday in February.

  • Is Ashley Lawrence On Instagram?

Yes, Ashley Lawrence is available on Instagram (@lifeloveallthingswild) and Facebook (@elevenseverywhere).

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