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Cindy Seni Bio, Age, Family, Job, Jewish Matchmaking

Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking is all about Aleeza Ben Shalom guiding hopeful stars located in the US and Israel as they search for their life partners. This 3 May 2023-premiered dating reality show takes on shidduchim, a centuries-old matchmaking system by which Orthodox Jewish singles are introduced for marriage. Now, in the rest of the writing, let us tell you all about Cindy Seni, one of the hopeful cast of this newest show.

Netflix’s Netflix Jewish Matchmaking: Are Cindy Seni And Daniel Still Together?

Cindy Seni told Shalom, “I was in a relationship for three years. Everything was great but after the two-year mark, I told him, ‘Listen, I would like to get married,’ and he told me, ‘Yeah, no problem. That’s great.'” She added that she and ex-boyfriend started planning their wedding and that she had bought an engagement dress.

Cindy shared further, “But like kind of happened and we ended up going our separate ways. Those doubts were there before but marriage forced us to really think about it and now with time I realize that I don’t think that we were meant to be.” However, Shalom felt that she still was hung up over her past relationship.

While in Jerusalem, Cindy went on a few dates with her potential partner Daniel. After spending some quality time together on their first date, Cindy and Daniel decided to meet again. On the second date, though, Daniel arrived late and provided a mysterious explanation. Daniel claimed that his wallet had been taken, and he had gone to the police station to report the theft.

Cindy, on the other hand, didn’t think he was telling the truth and ended their romance. Cindy only went on a date with one of her matches, Daniel. Shalom thought there might still be a connection between Cindy and her ex-boyfriend, nevertheless.

Cindy Seni On Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking

Cindy Seni seemed really excited when one year later she was finally allowed to share her truth about being a part of Jewish Matchmaking.

In the show, its love expert Aleeza is shown hopping on a flight to Israel to help Cindy find love, who is apparently tired of her Jewish family asking her why she is still single.

As shown in the program, very observant Cindy is looking for a partner who like her finds power in tradition. A self-proclaimed “Jew in every sense of the word”, she hopes to continue her family’s legacy in her everyday life. That is why she actually left her home in Canada four years ago and made Aliyah, a Jewish tradition of immigrating to Israel. And her life, she claimed, has never been the same since.

While she’s gained plenty of followers, Cindy hasn’t met her match IRL just yet. “Being a more observant Jew means that it has narrowed my dating pool,” she tells Tudum, as some men “don’t necessarily feel comfortable dating someone of a different religious level.” But, for the record, Cindy has dated all over the religious spectrum — from extremely secular guys to Orthodox Jews. At the end of the day, no matter who you are, what’s most important to Cindy is “respect and understanding.”

Is Cindy Seni On Instagram?

Yes. Cindy Seni can be found on Instagram. As of 3 May 2023, her IG @israelwithcindy included 522 posts and 16.1K followers. Here she highlighted “🤳🏽Surviving Israel one Reel at a time”.

There was one more IG @cindyseni, a personal account, which is seemingly a personal blog and this she had kept private until that time.

Cindy also happens to be showing glimpses of her life as a “Sephardic Jewess” and “Jerusalem foodie” on Twitter @cinabin1, ‘Cindy Seni’ Facebook, TikTok @israelwithcindy, and on her YouTube channel ‘AuthentiCindy’.

Through social media, Cindy has been wanting to show young Jews in particular how there is so much joy in Judaism.

Cindy Seni Age

Cindy Seni was born in 1994. So, she reached the age of 28 in 2022.

Cindy Seni Job

To the cameras of Netflix, Cindy introduced herself as someone working as a freelance content creator in Jerusalem in recent years. She also revealed how back in the day she was employed as a public affairs officer for the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

Per LinkedIn, Cindy has been self-employed as a spokeswoman, storyteller, and communications specialist since August 2021. Also, since March 2022, she has continued working part-time as a social media specialist for Brothers for Life – Achim La’Chaim.

Cindy also has kept up with her job as a creative and managing director of haute couture accessories company Pascal Olivier (Paris). This one, in Toronto, Canada Area, has been her stint since January 2017.

How Much Is Cindy Seni Net Worth?

Cindy Seni reportedly boasted close to $800K net worth as of May 2023.

Looking back at her career, Cindy is the proudest of her demonstrated history of working in the public policy industry.

She loves to tell the world that she is skilled in leadership and public speaking, event planning, inter-community and academic relations, and social media. Also, she believes in being a strong media and communication professional. In addition, she happens to have acquired a Bilingual Specialized Honors BA focused in Psychology and a specialization in Trauma from York University – Glendon College.

Cindy Seni Family

Cindy Seni comes from a family with a Sephardic heritage. They are Sephardic Jews. If you don’t know, there are the Spanish Jews who once were forced to convert to Catholicism or face expulsion from Spain after 1492.

Her family includes her father Pascal Seni, mother Missou Seni, and siblings David, Pascal Oliver, Eve, and Shirley Seni.

Sister Shirley was seemingly born in Paris, France. As of 2023 though she had been living in Toronto, Ontario. Also formerly, she went to Lycée Lucien De Hirsch, Etienne-Brûlé High School, and Glendon College York University.

Eve Aimee studied History at Glendon College and also went to Etienne-Brûlé High School.

Cindy’s brother David, an alum of Dispute Resolution MA from Tel Aviv University, Glendon at York University, and McGill University (studied Law), was based in Jerusalem, Israel as of 2023.

Cindy has also more than once talked about her grandfather Albert who lived through the holocaust. He was born in Paris and at the age of 10 when World War II broke out, he was forced to flee Paris into the the farms of southern France. He lived in the attics with rats hiding and pretending to not be Jewish.

Cindy was also just as much fond of her Nona, who unfortunately is no more. She passed away on 13 May 2021.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Cindy Seni Birthday?

Cindy Seni’s birthday is on July 5th and that makes her a Cancer.

  • Where Is Cindy Seni From?

Cindy Seni originally hails from Canada. One can even read her takes on living as a Canadian Jew in Israel on The Times Of Israel blog.

She lived in Ontario in Canada. Afterward or maybe before she also relocated to Paris in 2013. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Jerusalem, Israel. On the Netflix show, she was described as “a recent transplant to Israel”.

  • How Tall Is Cindy Seni?

Beautiful and fashionable Cindy Seni stands above 5’4” in height.

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