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Harmonie Krieger Bio, Age, Job, Family, Jewish Matchmaking

Dating can be difficult; and even more grueling when you’re Jewish. Harmonie Krieger, who experienced the marriage pressure from the community, knows this firsthand. Thus, she sought help from the Jewish Matchmaking expert Aleeza Ben Shalom to find her the perfect partner.

Get to know her better as this Harmonie Krieger Bio proceeds.

Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking: Are Harmonie Krieger And Ben Still Together?

Ben follows Harmonie on Instagram, but she doesn’t follow him back, making it appear that their relationship has ended.

Harmonie immediately made it evident that she was not one to settle since she understood what she was worth with her bright eyes, broad smile, and effervescent demeanor when she first appeared on our screens. After all, although being in her mid-40s, the New York-born, Los Angeles-based public figure appeared considerably younger in spirit due to the combination of her wild, fun, stylish, sophisticated, and fit lifestyle.

Her need for a spouse included him being passionate, loving, caring, and family-oriented because she wants to start a family one day, which undoubtedly plays a factor in this as well.

Harmonie was raised as a single child in a non-traditional Jewish home, but she now observes all of the High Holidays because she genuinely values the cultural significance of them. So rather than being religious, she describes herself as an empathic, spiritual, “hippie vibe” being. Because of this, she also hopes to find someone whose core values coincide with hers.

Plus, she admittedly feels way “more taken care of when I am with a Jewish man, and I think it’s important for me to feel that way… I definately want someone that adores me and I adore them.”

“I do feel immense amount of pressure,” Harmonie expressed at one point in the series. “You’re supposed to, as a Jewish female, be married and have children and all of the things by a certain age… You know, I’m so grounded in who I am, but I worry that is it too late?”

When she was paired with university professor Aron Temkin, whose communication, openness, and treatment of hers were practically faultless, she was therefore favorably astonished. After two dates, she decided to stop things amicably because she didn’t sense the burning, love spark. This was also the case with Delray Vice Mayor Adam Frankel.

Then came Ben and Aleeza, a personal trainer from California. Ben Shalom had carefully chosen Harmonie after getting to know both her tastes and her heart’s wishes. Their first date was actually to create a bouquet at Flower School, where they were able to be incredibly open about everything, from their failures to their goals. They both ended up cautiously but joyfully optimistic since they were able to laugh, enjoy themselves, and tease one another for a small period of time.

“I like the features,” Harmonie candidly stated in a confessional after meeting Ben for the first time. “…Six feet tall. Love that. Is it what I would’ve cultivated in my dreams? I don’t know, but it was close enough to where I felt, wow, you’re actually on the same page [in looks]… The spark is TBD, but [Ben] is the kind of guy that is going to be with you in life as your partner, going to support you… He’s not the bad boy; he’s the good guy.”

On the other hand, Ben said, “My first impression of Harmonie, other than the fact she’s beautiful, she’s bubbly, happy. She seems like the kind of person who can have fun doing almost anything, and that’s a key quality for a life partner.”

Harmonie Krieger On Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking

After a big success with Indian Matchmaking, the creators are introducing their niche audience to Orthodox Jewish singles who are desperately looking for a partner. In Jewish Matchmaking, Aleeza Ben Shalom takes on “shidduchim” — a centuries-old matchmaking system in which Orthodox Jewish singles are introduced for marriage, and our star, Harmonie Krieger was just one of those hopeful romantics.

According to Harmonie, she’s a “fun combo of both coasts” thanks to her “no BS radar” and self-described “hippie vibe.” Her passion for adventures (traveling, hiking, and more), is driven by a “magical spirit and endless energy.” Thus, she needs someone to match that energy. Someone to complement her own “spiritual practice” — ideally a guy who’s more on “the reform side and cultural.”

However, the guy should be open to having kids and following Jewish traditions in the home as a family. “I truly strive to be the best version of myself and to help others tap into their greatness,” she added.

As for her relationship with Judaism, she’s lived her life based on Jewish values. Infact, after taking up kabbalah, she’s never felt more connected to her spirituality and was seeking to “incorporate these cultural traditions into [her] life at a higher level.”

Jewish Matchmaking premiered on May 3, 2023. But Harmonie revealed the secret a month before on her FB post, captioned, “** Secret is Out** I’m so thrilled to announce my wild LOVE Journey continues on the New Series #jewishmatchmaking on Netflix.”

She added, “This is as real as it gets..putting yourself out there is never easy, especially publicly…yet in my heart, I knew this was my chosen path! I hope the show truly resonates w/ everyone who is looking for their person! Such incredible people + stories to follow! Excited!”

Is Harmonie Krieger On Instagram?

Find Harmonie on Instagram @harmoniekrieger.

Also, here’s her Facebook @harmonie.kriege and Twitter @HarmonieKrieger.

Harmonie Krieger Age

Harmonie Krieger was 45 years of age when she appeared on Jewish Matchmaking in 2023.

However, she was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Harmonie Krieger Job

Harmonie Krieger is a seasoned event director with 10 years of experience in media and experiential marketing. She’s worked with Clients and Brands such as LA Fashion Week, Topshop, Eventbrite, YouTube, Warner Bros, and celebrities such as Tammin Sursok of Pretty Little Liars and Adrianna Costa.

In 2023, she worked as an Experiential Event Strategist at Accomplice and also ran her “One Stop Shop to create the ultimate Pop Up experience” called Pop Your Shop. there, she helped companies who wanted to launch a new product, create buzz around an existing product, or look for a new experiential platform to engage consumers.

Prior to this, she worked for FITfluence, The Visionary Group, Modern Luxury, Pineapple Fitness, Signature Direct Magazine, and Sugar Communications.

Besides this, Harmonie has also worked as a TV host. You might have seen her hosting shows such as Trick My Tricker, Just a Guy Thing, Fashion Rocks, Outback Jack, International Matchmakers, The Inside Look, and a few more.

As for her education, she attended Syracuse University – Martin J. Whitman School of Management and got her BS in Marketing.

How Much Is Harmonie Krieger Net Worth?

By 2023, Harmonie Krieger garnered a net worth of above $1.5 million.

Harmonie Krieger Family

Harmonie Krieger loves her family; especially her parents Zachary and Sharon B Krieger.

According to Harmonie, her father Zachary was tough on her “in the best possible way. He pushed her to places she “didn’t want to tap into” because he knew his daughter’s gift. “He taught me to be a LEADER & to never take no for an answer if I truly wanted something in my life. I know exactly who I am and what parts of me were influenced by him,” she added.

Sadly, Zachary was battling Parkinson’s Disease in 2023 at the age of 80. The disease changed his entire life, his body, and what he was able to do. He was incredibly limited in his movement, but the one thing he had was his razor-sharp is his mind. “It’s miraculous that he remembers the name of my boyfriend from when I was 15, the first car I drove and the first car I drove,” Harmonie explained.

On the other hand, Harmonie’s mother Sharon was doing well at the age of 76 then. “My mom is my ANCHOR and I am hers. Being with one another and continuing our mother/daughter tradition of the things that make us happy, has helped us come into more acceptance with the unknown,” she shared.

Likewise, Harmonie shared a close bond with her grandmother who turned 98 in September 2020. Infact, the bond they shared was so unconditional that Harmonie often cries thinking of it. “My grandma has always taught me to be true to who I am, to love deeply, to cherish family no matter what the circumstance,” Harmonie wrote.

Also, Harmonie has a cousin named Kori Krieger Schack who worked at Verizon Yellow Pages.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Harmonie Krieger Birthday?

Harmonie celebrates her birthday on February 6 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • Where Is Harmonie Krieger From?

Harmonie hails from Scarsdale, New York. But in 2023, she resided in Los Angeles, California.

A proud American, Harmonie took to her IG on Independence Day 2021 to write, “🇺🇸FREEDOM is the ultimate privilege…never take it for granted 🙏🏻I choose my life every single day and you GET to choose yours! Proud to be an American.”

  • How Tall Is Harmonie Krieger?

Harmonie stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and weighs 47 kg (105 lbs).

She has green eyes, blond hair, and a long face.

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