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Claim To Fame Monay Famous Relative, Instagram, Last Name

Claim To Fame wrapped up season 2 and one of the finalists sophomore season of the show was Monay who many believed was the daughter of Steve Harvey. As it turns out, they are not even remotely related. So who is her famous relative? Is she on Instagram? What is her last name?

Keep scrolling down to find out more about Claim To Fame Monay.

Meet Monay From Claim To Fame Season 2

Season 2 of Claim To Fame premiered in June 2023 and the 10th episode of the show premiered on 28 August. While you may have believed that you’ve figured out the famous relative of all the cast members of Claim To Fame, think again.

Monay, who many including us believed was the daughter of Steve Harvey. The program began with a well-known, straightforward game called “Two truths and a lie.” Two real facts and one complete fabrication were required of the pretend celebrities as they introduced themselves and their famous relative. Monay was quite cunning with hers. She was rather ambiguous about all three points.

Her three clues were: her relative was her father, he won an Emmy, the biggest award that he has in his name, and he is an athlete.

Monay also said that her famous relative has been on television for a long time. Based on that and some hints about their physical feature, it was suggested that her father was Family Feud host Steve Harvey.

We also have several other options thanks to the clue wall. There are football and baseball mitts, which both have rather obvious uses. But there is also a horse, which might be a jockey. Since there is a steering wheel, there was also a possibility that someone’s family was a racing car driver.

But, Distractify got in touch with Monay, and here is what she has to say about her finale episode, and her journey all the way from the jump. Monay said that she is in touch with Shayne from the show and they formed a genuine friendship. She also expressed that she was surprised by Jane’s early departure and commended that they were pretty impressive and had “expected her to go much further.”

Who Is Claim To Fame Monay Famous Relative?

Straight to the point, Claim To Fame Monay is related to J.B. Smoove. Monay and Gabriel were the final contestants on the finale episode. Gabriel decided to be the guesser in the episode and Gabriel got it right saying that J.B. Smoove is her father.

Monay shared, “To be honest, I felt a mix of excitement and joy when he correctly guessed who my dad is. I’m a good sport, so I was happy for Gabriel. At the same time, I was ecstatic to talk about my dad and express how proud I am to be his daughter.”

She told the entertainment news outlet that her dad told her to “Have fun and be yourself”.

Speaking with EW, she shared that her dad told her, “At first he was really excited and then like two days before he got nervous because I’m an only child and I work directly with my dad all the time. Day-to-day, we’re hanging out, emailing back and forth, doing calls together. So when I said I was gonna go on the show, he got nervous. He’s like, who’s gonna take care of everything? I’m gonna miss you, blah, blah, blah. But I made sure he was set up fine and then he was excited for me again. He just gets nervous.”

When asked if there was anything that she would do differently, Monay said, “Thank you for saying I played a strong game. I went into this knowing, it’s exactly that — a game. While we all felt genuinely connected, it’s hard to play the game as a unit, because ultimately, it’s the last man standing. I feel really good about my time in the house and I came out of it with some great new friends. So no, I don’t think I would change anything.”

Jerry Angelo Brooks, better known by his stage name J.B. Smoove, was born in Plymouth, North Carolina, on December 16, 1965. He is an American actor and comedian best known for playing the quick-witted and coarse Leon Black in the improvisational comedy television series Curb Your Enthusiasm (2007-). His performance as Ray, a television station cameraman, in the situation comedy The Millers (2013–2015), is another one for which he is well known.

J.B. has played a number of characters who are frank and talk quickly. His professional moniker is drawn from his previous stage name, J. Smoove, which he used for a brief time as a hip-hop dancer. He is an enthusiastic fan of hip-hop music and culture.

Speaking of Monay, J.B. shared with Life of Dad, “Let me tell you about my career. A lot of people might not be able to do this, but I quit my day job the day my daughter was born. On the day she was born, I quit my day job. I was doing okay. I wasn’t at all in the position that I am in now. At that time I was just doing clubs, traveling, and doing some gigs and colleges. I was working to keep the lights on. I always say how I work is to keep the lights on and everything else is just gravy.”

Claim To Fame Monay Last Name

Claim To Fame Monay’s last name is Brooks. Her full name is Jerrica Monay Brooks.

How Old Is Claim To Fame Monay?

Claim To Fame Monay is currently 29 years old in 2023. She was born in 1993 on 21 October.

Is Claim To Fame Monay On Instagram?

Yes, Claim To Fame Monay is on Instagram (@j.monay21).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Claim To Fame Monay From?

Claim To Fame Monay hailed from Mount Vernon, New York.

  • How Tall Is Claim To Fame Monay?

Claim To Fame Monay’s height measures under 5 feet 7 inches.

  • Is Claim To Fame Monay Married?

No, Claim To Fame Monay appears single.

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