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Clay Gravesande Bio, Job, Family, Height, Age, Love Is Blind

Meet Clay Gravesande, one of the singletons appearing on the 6th installment of Love Is Blind. While you enjoy his journey, allow us to bring you details about his job, family, height, and age as you scroll down this article.

Tag along and read all about him here.

Clay Gravesande On Love Is Blind

Clay Gravesande came into the Love Is Blind looking for someone who is hygienic. Along with discussing his awareness of himself, he acknowledges that he has a big ego that occasionally irritates his future bride.

“If you’re smelling bad, I’m going to tell you,” he told Netflix.

In the much-awaited sixth season of the popular Netflix series “Love Is Blind,” Clay is getting ready to show off his more affectionate side as he sets out to locate his ladylove.

Clay shared, “[Relationships] are a roller coaster and I need somebody who’s going to stay with me through the test of time.”

All in all, though, Clay firmly maintains his resolve to remain loyal to himself. He’s determined to find a soulmate who will accept him for who he is and not try to change him, not even when it comes to his somewhat too confident self-image, which he freely admits may sometimes annoy his future husband. Under his tough appearance, Clay exhibits a genuine sense of sensitivity and his readiness to commit himself totally to love.

Clay added further, “I got myself a house. I got myself a good job. This is the moment where I’m ready.”

On 17 January 2024, Clay announced on his Instagram, “My mom said this would be a good idea. Tune in on February 14th 💕 to see if she was correct. @loveisblindnetflix.”

Are Clay Gravesande And Amber Desiree AD Still Together?

Given how Amber Desiree AD and Clay’s first encounter unfolded, it should come as no surprise that their romantic vacation to the Dominican Republic was just as exciting and fulfilling. The couple actually talked about their impending nuptials as if it were inevitable, pumped each other up at every turn, declared their love and physical and emotional attraction to one another, and talked some more about what they had in store for the future.

Even when they couldn’t agree on how he should handle her physical changes “when” she was pregnant, they still had a friendly conversation about it instead of squabbling over his delivery and creating drama before moving on to more serious subjects.

Given that Amber Desiree AD first spoke with 36-year-old senior financial advisor Matthew Duliba, it was first a bit awkward for her to speak with 30-year-old entrepreneur Clay. But when the latter started opening up to her in a way he had never done before, and the former made it plain that he was also completely devoted to her, everything turned upside down. She thus began to feel something for both of them, only for Matthew to disappoint AD by telling another girl what he was telling her.

It didn’t help that Clay became enraged about AD having a different relationship, particularly since she was already having trouble accepting his help because his appearance meant a lot to him. He had even gone so far as to ask her to give him a brief description of herself since he wouldn’t pop the question if he didn’t think she was pretty. However, he was fortunate enough to make some personal progress and realized that, as a result of witnessing his father’s behavior as a child, he frequently allowed his ego to take control, which led to an apology.

As Matthew pursued his other relationship, claiming that “America is going to be watching,” Clay supported AD in a way that was unprecedented for him and acknowledged that he would push her. They then carried on joking around, confiding in each other about their darkest secrets and discussing their hopes for the future as they moved closer to their shared objective of perhaps spending eternity together. And although at first seeming like a simple playboy, the latter is able to overcome his reservations about physicality as they get to know each other better and start to fall deeply in love with AD.

Since AD readily accepted, Clay’s subsequent proposal to her was, if we’re being really honest, one of the most romantic ones in this episode. Then came their in-person meeting, which went far better than anyone could have imagined because they were instantly attracted to one another and were overjoyed to see each other.

The fact that they touched each other at every opportunity until he finally buried his head in her arms—basically melting into her so that she could, in his own words, baby him—was actually a strong indication of this.

Clay Gravesande Age

As of Feb 2024, Clay Gravesande is 31 years old.

Clay Gravesande Family

Clay Gravesande is the son of Margarita Gravesande and Tevor Gravesande. Born in March 1964, Margarita is 59 years old. Whereas, Tevor turned 64 in January 2024.

Margarita is working as a senior customer services representative at PGP Glass Pvt. Ltd. He is a graduate of Centenary University where she received her BBA.

Clay has four siblings: Langston Gravesande, Nathaniel Gravesande, Trevor Gravesande, and Emily Gravesande.

Clay Gravesande Job

Clay Gravesande is working as a sales leader and modern Work Specialist- Global Financial Services at Microsoft. He joined the company in January 2024. Before that, he was employed at IBM.

At IBM, Clay was working in the role of Hybrid Cloud Advisor. He joined the company as a Watson A.I. Consultant in January 2018. Then he took the role of Enterprise Sales Specialist.

From 2016 to 2017, Clay worked at Verizon Wireless as an Enterprise Account Executive.

His other LinkedIn has stated that Clay has also worked as a Sales Representative at Creggar Company, Social Media Manager at Pro Bowl Motors, and also served as an intern at Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority.

Clay finished high school at University of South Carolina-Columbia. While he was a student at the university he was a 6x all-American in track and field. Whereas, in high school, he was titled Somerset County Athlete of the Year. He was also a New Jersey Meet of Champions winner in the 400m New Jersey State Champion in the 400m and section champion in the 100m, 200m, and 400m.

Clay Gravesande Height

Clay Gravesande’s height measures around 5’11”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Clay Gravesande From?

Clay Gravesande hailed from Somerset, New Jersey. He is now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Is Clay Gravesande On Instagram?

Yes, Clay Gravesande is available on Instagram (@grave_sande).

  • When Is Clay Gravesande Birthday?

Clay Gravesande celebrates his birthday on 6 September.

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