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Matthew Duliba Age, Family, Job, Height, Love Is Blind S6

Matthew Duliba is upset that Netflix’s Love Is Blind portrayed him as a villain. What was his journey like in the show? Learn more about his age, family, job, and height as you scroll down this bio here.

Matthew Duliba On Love Is Blind S6

Matthew Duliba failed to impress many of his prospective partners when he made his debut on the Netflix series Love Is Blind. He brought in a list of questions to pose to each person, claiming that small conversation was not his strong point and that this would appear to streamline the procedure. Although this made a lot of ladies unhappy with Matthew, he did appear to get along well with AD, also known as Amber Desiree.

Are Matthew Duliba and Amber Grant Still Together?

Even though AD and Matthew had a great relationship, AD was also close to Clayton “Clay” Gravesande. She wasn’t sure which of the two men to choose, but she soon began to suspect that Matthew might be more interested in her than Clay. Indeed, when Matthew brought up her father, she could not help but be moved.

AD revealed that her father had died approximately four years prior, which Matthew found upsetting because he had intended to seek his approval before asking AD to marry him. AD felt extremely valued because of this and Matthew’s declaration that he was ready to go with her the very next day.

But the words that had given AD such a sense of affection suddenly began to haunt her. Soon after her date with Matthew ended, AD was having a conversation with Amber Grant. Without realizing it, Amber Grant told AD that she was dating Matthew as well and that he had practically said the same thing to her about their fathers and leaving the pods as he had told AD.

AD decided to speak with Matthew before informing Amber of the entire circumstance.

Reiterating his statements, Matthew stated that he was prepared to go with AD at his side. AD was so conflicted that she even told Clay that she was seeing Matthew. This surprised Clay, who said he could never picture AD dating someone like Matthew. Amber felt deeply deceived when AD went back to the women’s quarters and revealed everything to her. When Matthew and AD went on their second date, Matthew claimed he was really angry that Amber had left the show.

Matthew continued to express his displeasure at having ended up shattering someone’s heart on “national television,” which seemed to enrage AD even more when AD asserted that it should be evident why this occurred.

In the end, Matthew decided to stop the experiment.

Matthew has accused Netflix of portraying him in a negative light. Matthew started the debate by claiming that Love is Blind on Netflix was depicting him badly and as a villain. He openly claimed that he was unfairly portrayed in the dating reality show’s editing techniques.

According to Matthew, the show left out information on his alcohol-free lifestyle, which had a significant influence on how he interacted with the other candidates. He claimed that omitting this information caused viewers to misunderstand his actions and motivations. He continued by saying that the show’s editing methods, which lacked complete context, warped viewers’ impressions of his character.

Is Matthew Duliba Dating Anyone?

After Matthew Duliba was done with the show, he appears single now.

Matthew Duliba Age

Born in January 1987, Matthew Duliba is 37 years old.

Matthew Duliba Job

Matthew Duliba began his career in the world of finance as an investment manager in 2011. He served the role of Fundamental Wealth Management until January 2014 and left the company to join PNC.

In PNC, Matthew served as an assistant vice president & investment advisor until 2016. Then, he took the role of Relationship Manager, AVP.

Matthew is currently working at Vanguard since November 2019. He joined the company in March 2018 as a financial advisor, a role in which he served until 2019 before holding his current position in the company.

Matthew is also a certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) and Certified Financial Planner. He graduated high school from Forestville Central School. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Matthew also went to MIT Sloan Executive Education as a .

Matthew Duliba Height

Per his collegiate athlete profile, Matthew Duliba is 6’1”.

Matthew Duliba Family

Matthew Duliba is the son of Tina and Ronald Duliba, residents of Forestville, New York. His dad Ronald is 65 years old whereas his mom turned 63 in July 2023.

Matthew has an older brother named Ronald Duliba who is 41 years of age. He also has a sister named Christy Dualiba, a 39-year-old from Forestville, New York.

Furthermore, Mattew lost his grandmother Marilyn Sanders on 3 June 2014 at the age of 76. She was survived by her husband of 57 years Raymond Sanders, and her other daughter Jody (Sean) Murphy.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Matthew Duliba From?

Matthew Duliba hailed from Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • When Is Matthew Duliba Birthday?

Matthew celebrates her birthday in January.

  • Is Matthew Duliba On Instagram?

Yes, Matthew is available on Instagram (@15mduliba).

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