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Clinton Kane Family: Father, Mother, Brother

Filipino-Norwegian singer Clinton Kane shared publicly that he lost three of his family members (father, mother, and brother) in a year. However, some recent TikTok posts from his ex-girlfriend are stating otherwise. So, who are his family members? Are they still alive?

Here is what we know.

Meet Clinton Kane Family

TikTok musician Clinton Kane real name “Clinton Concon” promoted his debut album Maybe Someday It’ll All Be Ok using his trauma of losing three family members in a year.

Speaking to, Clinton addressed losing his family stating, “I don’t think I’d honestly be here without it. Took a little of actual grieving for three months before I even started writing but soon as I started it, I was allowed to let my feelings out in a safe space.”

In an Instagram post that has since been removed, Clinton talked about his difficulties dealing with the deaths of his mother, father, and brother. This served as a talking point for him when he talked about how he became famous.

On the Zach Sang Show, Clinton talked at length about his mother’s passing and related how he sobbed at her funeral. However, the comments section was full of people disputing his statements and asserting that his mother was still alive.

He even persuaded Taylor Weatherby to write an article on him for the Grammys website that “Brutal honesty has never been an issue for Kane” because of his honesty.

It turns out that even though many others who are grieving have been impacted by Clinton’s songs, he was reportedly dishonest about his family’s passing. Brooke Schofield, his ex-girlfriend, claims to have receipts as evidence.

Later on a podcast episode, Zach Sang, the host, and Tana Mongeau, the best friend and podcast co-host of Clinton’s ex-husband Brooke Schofield, criticized his purported lies even further.

“I can’t wait for there to be a Netflix four-part documentary about that s–t,” Tana said talking about Clinton. “We were all rooting for it in the beginning. I was like, ‘I love Clinton’s music’ — I still do to this day, I think he’s so talented. We all were like ‘F–k yeah, marry him.’ And then it was like ‘F–k yeah, run.’ It flipped very quickly.”

At that point, the two podcasters clarified their ambiguous remarks, saying that Zach’s podcast comments were what allowed them to uncover Clinton’s purported lies.

“In a nutshell, allegedly, Clinton Kane, who you may know from TikTok, he wove together this entire narrative that he had lost his mother,” Zach said. “Allegedly, Clinton Kane has lied about his mom being dead, even though he’s released numerous songs about it, and an album about it.”

Clinton then withdrew his statement, claiming that the “mother” he referred to in his songs was a mother figure who had adopted him when he was a little child, although even this claim has been called into doubt in the wake of this internet rumor.

Brooke also confirmed details that surfaced in Zach Sang’s interview. Brooke claimed that she discovered the video online and began reading the comments after overhearing the talk. She came upon one in particular that confused her. It suggested that Clinton was impersonating an Australian, casting doubt on the likelihood of his mother’s survival given that she had supposedly been sighted recently. The commenter said that they went to school with and knew Clinton.

In her TikTok video series, Brooke shared discovering two Facebook accounts matching his mother’s name. Although she asserts that Clinton characterized his mother as blonde-haired and Norwegian, the images purportedly showed a completely different person.

=In video Part 13, Brooke claims that learning that Clinton had been unfaithful to her gave her the confidence to confront him about his lies regarding his family’s demise. He initially disputed it, according to her, but after she tricked him and told him she had been talking to her, he acknowledged that he had been lying about his mother and sister and that his father had passed away.

Who Is Clinton Kane Father? Is He Still Alive?

The name of Clinton Kane’s Filipino father is not public. Many sources have claimed that his dad passed away.

Who Is Clinton Kane Mother? Is She Still Alive?

Singer Clinton Kane’s Norwegian mother is likely named Edna Concon. On a Facebook post from September 2017, Clinton wished his alleged mom via a lengthy post that read, “Omg its this girls birthday!! Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, humble, optimistic, down to earth, kindest and amazing mum ever. I don’t think it’s possible for me to express how much I want to thank you for everything. Seriously.”

When clarifying his claims Clinton Kane confirmed that his alleged mother is still alive. He later corrected that the one who passed away was his mother figure.

Hence, his mother is still alive and doing well although we know very little about her.

Does Clinton Kane Have A Brother? Is He Still Alive?

Clinton Kane allegedly claimed his brother passed away in 2021. The only brother that we know he has is Marcos Jay or Marcos Concon. According to Marcos’s Facebook, he is a Software Engineer / Software Engineering Lead at Respiree Pte Ltd. He studied at Curtin University Malaysia.

Marcos most recently posted in January in his Facebook. According to his profile, he lives in Singapore.

Did he have another brother who passed away? We don’t know for sure.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Clinton Kane Family From?

Clinton Kane’s family is likely residing in Australia.

  • Are Clinton Kane Family Members On Social Media?

Yes, Clinton Kane is available on the social media. You can find Clinton’s mother’s Facebook here. She hasn’t posted on the platform since 2017. His brother’s Facebook is (@marcos.concon).

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