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Coach Kenneth Hunter Bio, Salary, Net Worth, Last Chance U

When season 1 of Last Chance U premiered in 2021, viewers met one of the assistant coaches working at East Los Angeles College Kenneth Hunter. So where is he today? Is he still with ELAC? Is he married? What was his salary at ELAC?

These are some of the questions we will be tackling in the article here. So, keep reading and learn more as you proceed.

Coach Kenneth Hunter On Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2

Coach Kenneth Hunter has been training the Huskies for five years now since he first joined the college as the team’s Assistant Coach. One of the best in the national junior collegiate circuit, he also acts as the team’s recruiter who has an integral part to play in the college’s basketball program. Despite the fact that Ken’s own basketball career ended due to a severe accident that left him paraplegic, his love for the game only continues to grow.

But, viewers also remember him because he was in a wheelchair. How did it happen? He was hurt while attending LA Trade Tech while squabbling with his roommate. Admittedly, he fractured his C-4 vertebrae three times, injuring his spinal cord, and instantly becoming paralyzed.

Sadly, he has been paralyzed ever since. Although he could never become an athlete and deviated from his ways for years joining the Black Mafia family, he conjured all of his willpower to become a basketball coach. Viewers learned this story until the ep. 7 of the first season.

Coach Kenneth Hunter Salary

According to Glassdoor, the assistant coach at East Los Angeles College makes around $45,415 per year. So, Kenneth Hunter’s salary should be around that range.

How Much Is Coach Kenneth Hunter Net Worth?

Coach Kenneth Hunter’s net worth exceeds the minimum figure of $400 thousand. At a very young age, Ken found his love for basketball and competed while attending the Powerhouse Detroit Southwestern High School and the Ecorse High School. Ken’s talent was obvious even in high school when he frequently lead his squad to multiple victories.

Ken was so motivated to become a professional basketball player as soon as he graduated. He was given the chance to play Division 1 basketball, but he had to go for the army because fate had other plans. Additionally, by the time he returned, only division 2 teams were interested in signing him, so Ken decided to play for the Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

After his accident that put him in a wheelchair, his coach Richard Wells from Los Angeles Trade-Tech College encouraged him to try his hand at coaching. Since then, Ken has never looked back and is currently pursuing his coaching career.

Ken made the decision to commit his services to the ELAC basketball team in the 2015–16 season. He rapidly rose to the position of Coach Mosley‘s right-hand man. Additionally, Ken’s outstanding work was acknowledged when his name was included on the list of the 50 most influential coaches in 2020 by JUCO Men’s Basketball.

Coach Kenneth Hunter Height

Coach Kenneth Hunter’s height measures above 6 feet.

Is Coach Kenneth Hunter Married?

Yes, Coach Kenneth Hunter is married to his wife Ingrid Hunter. Although they got married on 6 June 1997, they had a huge wedding on 16 August that year. However, they met each other three years before that.

On 6 June 2014, Ken posted on his Facebook, “Up thinking how blessed a brother is, screaming HAPPY 17th damn did I say 17th Anniversary to my wife Ingrid Nicole Hunter!!! Been together for 20 yrs, more than half my life, and still going!!! Can’t be there today but I’ll be on the beach with you tomorrow night, love you and Stay Blessed!!! I’m bumping the intro of course with a little Tony Toni Tone.”

Hence as of 2022, Ken and Ingrid have been married for 25 years.


The married couple now shares four children namely Tiana, Kenneth III, Ian, and Quen. Tiana was a Californian who lived in Los Angeles. She was a student at Melvindale High. Kenneth Jr. was a psychology student at the University of Michigan at the same time. Later, he was employed by Diamond Supply Co.

Kenneth Jr is a former manager at Diamond Supply Co. He studied Sport psychology at the University of Michigan. He attended phantom Basketball – Cathedral High School – Los Angeles, CA. His son Ian is about 15 years old.

Though the rest of the children appear on Ken’s socials, not much is known about them.

Sadly, Ken and his wife Might’ve separated. In February 2022, Ken took to his Facebook and wrote, “We had a good 28 yr run(since Dec 94) and lord knows I tried. I’ve been blessed w 4 beautiful kids 2 grown, 1 who just graduated college, 1 on his own raising his family working and still in college, one great amazing 15yr old, and one amazing 8 yr old who helps extend our time together. People grow apart, I’m not the same guy who got time to put up w self-sabotage. I can’t feel sorry for anybody cause I don’t even feel sorry for myself. Life happens you have to learn to keep grinding and keep it moving. Wish her nothing but the best and hope she continues to be a good mother to our kids.”

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Coach Kenneth Hunter?

Born in 1978, coach Kenneth B Hunter is 45 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 18 June.

  • Who Are Coach Kenneth Hunter Parents?

Coach Kenneth hasn’t shared much about his parents but there are a few pictures of them on his Facebook without going into personal details. But, the birthday posts that he writes for his dad on 5 September every year, his father is also named Kenneth “Kenney” Hunter Sr.

  • Is Coach Kenneth Hunter On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Coach Kenneth Hunter is on Instagram (@coach_ken_last_chance_u) and Facebook (@khunterjr).

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