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Cooper van Grootel Wikipedia, Height, Transgender

Meet Cooper van Grootel, the actor playing a beloved book character Nate Macauley in the new teen drama One of Us Is Lying. After its premiere on 7 October 2021, fans have been looking for stories about actor Cooper.

Luckily, this Cooper van Grootel Wikipedia is just that.

Cooper van Grootel On One Of Us Is Lying

The New Peacock Series begins on the first day of school after a disturbing post on a blog run by Simon Kelleher (Mark McKenna) spilling all of Bayview High School’s dirtiest secret promising forthcoming exposures on four anonymous students. The list, of course, includes Cooper van Grootel’s character, Nate, Cooper Clay (actor Chibuikem Uche), Adelaide “Addy” Prentiss (actor Annalisa Cochrane), and Bronwyn Rojas (actor Marian Tejada).

However, the unexpected happens and Simon Kelleher dies. Police believe it to be a homicide and the drama begins when the four the prior mentioned four students including Cooper’s character become the prime suspects.

This way One of Us Is Lying combines the plot of murder mystery and the drama of high school for a notably complex storyline.

The relationship between Cooper’s character, a troubled guy in a complicated situation. and valedictorian of the senior class Bronwyn also draws viewers’ attention as the story develops.

Is Cooper van Grootel Transgender?

Cooper van Grootel is certainly not a transgender. He was born male and this, he mentioned on his Facebook profile.

Does Is Cooper van Grootel Have A Girlfriend?

Likewise, Cooper van Grootel shared his relationship status as ‘single’.

Other than this, Cooper has never opened up about this topic. Even recently, he mostly kept his interviews about the show, pressure of playing a fan-loved character from a book, and such.

Further, Cooper also recently, admitted being friends in real life with Marian Tejada, his co-star on One of Us Is. They have known each other for more than two years, i.e, before their palpable chemistry on the show.

Cooper van Grootel Net Worth

Pretty set on acting as a career, Cooper had below an estimated $300K net worth until October 2021.

So you know, until early 2019, Cooper, who is also a keen surfer, then with a part-time job at Woolworths, was managing to save up enough money to try his luck in Los Angeles later in the year.

Cooper developed his passion for acting very early in life. Since landing his first role at the age of twelve, as Jayden from The Legend of Gavin Tanner, and believing Leo DiCaprio as his inspiration, he had back-to-back key roles on major projects including the ABC series Mystery Road.

Cooper, the slicked-back, bleach-blond racer on Go Karts, studied at Carine Senior High School. Later, on the internet, he found acting school Filmbites (Screen Academy). He studied there and got a role as part of the cricket team in Pemberton-shot feature Jasper Jones. That was his first professional job and he was a 14-year-old.

Who Are Cooper van Grootel’s Parents, Siblings?

Cooper was born and bred in a small town of Perth in Western Australia. Addressing his move to Los Angeles when he was aged 18, he said, “being thrust into a city living environment was very different and tricky to get used to.”

His parents Robert and Laura van Grootel are on Facebook.

We also found out Cooper has two siblings, both brothers, namely Arie Van Grootel and Adam Roberts. Of the two, Arie is the one who studies at Curtin University and went to Carine Senior High School.

Cooper, who is not used to sharing much of his personal life stories, has, however, shared that he is grateful that he has got his family, agents, and a manager who have been a great support through his journey, especially his acting success.

His mother is used to seeing him on sets and let us tell you that Cooper is used to going home to see his family and two dogs.

Related FAQs

  • When Was Cooper van Grootel Born?

Cooper van Grootel was born in 2001 on Australia Day, i.e, the 26th of January. So, he turned 20 years old early in 2021.

  • How Tall Is He?

Blue-eyed and tousled blonde-haired Cooper van Grootel stands to a height of around 6 feet.

  • Is He On Instagram, TikTok?

Cooper’s Instagram @coopervangrootel had been deleted at the time of this writing. Otherwise, his assemble of pictures on Instagram gives off this dope retro film vibe. Cooper shared, he does not just go around snapping shots aimlessly instead for him the photo has to have a purpose.

Until 20 October 2021, Cooper also did not seem to be on TikTok.

Still, however, he was active on his ‘Cooper van Grootel’ Facebook (with 825 friends) and Twitter @GrootelCooper (with 490 followers).

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