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[Winter Everett’s Boyfriend] Jah Bio, Last Name, Age, Job

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno are some of the most beloved couples in TLC’s reality TV 90 Day Fiance. Thanks to their popularity, they have a separate spin-off for themselves, The Family Chantel, which follows them and their immediate families as they navigate in an intercultural marriage.

Chantel’s sister Winter Everett and Winter’s boyfriend, Jah, are one of the main focuses on the 3rd season of The Family Chantel, which premiered on October 11, 2021.

Learn if the pair are still together after the shocking reveal in Season 1 of the TLC show. Also, get to know Jah’s job, last name, and more.

Are Winter Everett And Her Boyfriend, Jah Still Together? 

Jah came to Winter’s life when she was only 19, with a baby-daughter, Liani. For Winter, it was a crazy experience. “I became an Insta Mom. At first, I was very nervous because no one’s ever ready to be a mom,” Winter recalled of their romance. But, she later added that they soon became inseparable.

Though Jah had a smooth relationship with his girlfriend Winter, he had some issues with Winter’s parents. “Winter’s family, they’re a little overbearing. You know, they like to pry a lot… sometimes take it to the extreme,” Jah told on Season 1 of The Family Chantel.

As a force of habit, Chantel had hired a private investigator to investigate Jah’s relationship side of things. What came as a result of the investigation shocked everyone including Winter herself.

Winter found out that Jah also had a 9-year-old son, besides a daughter Liani, from another relationship, whom he had been hiding from everyone. It was also found out that Jah had been also paying the child support for his secret son behind Winter’s back for years. According to Winter’s mother, Winter was “visibly hurt” and “confused” by the shocking reveal.

The way the incident had left Winter devastated, the viewers thought their relationship was over. It even looked like so for a long time as Jah was nowhere to be seen on Winter’s Instagram.

But, with time, we got to know that although Winter was deeply hurt by the incident, the pair are still together. In the trailer for Season 3 of The Family Chantel, we get to see Jah and Winter’s mom, Karen, get into a heated exchange over a diet plan. “We follow a biblical diet,” Jah talks about himself and Winter.

Though Jah does not go deep into what his religious beliefs are, he makes it clear that they don’t eat things like shrimp. After Chantel criticizes Jah’s beliefs, Jah says, “You eat a bottomfeeder, you think like a bottomfeeder,” which infuriates Karen.

Jah On The Family Chantel

TLC’s spinoff The Family Chantel might put 90 Day Fiance couple Pedro and Chantel Jimeno as the focus, but there’s a whole lot of other things going on in the series.

Chantel’s sister, Winter, and her boyfriend Jah’s relationship was one of the main storylines in Season 1 of The Family Chantel and will be in the 3rd season.

In the 1st season of The Family Chantel revealed a lot of secrets about Jah’s history, including the shocking revelation of his secret son from his former relationship. Let’s see what Season 3 of the TLC show has to tell about Jah.

Winter Everett’s Boyfriend, Jah Baby Mother

Though we know Jah has at least two kids from his former relationships, a daughter named Liani and a son, we are still unaware of the identity of the baby mother.

How Old Is Winter Everett’s Boyfriend, Jah?

As of October 2021, Winter Everett’s boyfriend, Jah, was 27 years old whereas Winter herself was only 24.

What Does Winter Everett’s Boyfriend, Jah Do For A Living?

Besides being a part of The Family Chantel, we don’t know about any jobs that Jah does for a living.

Jah earns around $15 thousand per season plus a bonus worth $2.5 thousand for being a part of The Family Chantel.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Winter Everett’s Boyfriend, Jah’s Last Name?

To date, we have not heard anyone from the show mentioning Jah’s last name. Nor did any research on the Internet pay off. Jah’s last name is therefore still a mystery.

  • Is Winter Everett’s Boyfriend, Jah On Instagram, Facebook?

If you’re one of the people desperately trying to find Jah on the Internet, you might have a very hard time doing so as he does not use any social media. His girlfriend, however, is on Instagram as @winterckyler and Facebook as well.

  • How Tall Is Winter Everett’s Boyfriend, Jah?

Winter Everett’s boyfriend, Jah, stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs at least 70 kilograms.

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