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Corey Loftus Bio, Charli Burnett, Age, Net Worth, Height

Charli Burnett from Vandepump Rules has a boyfriend and fans couldn’t be more excited to learn about him. He was briefly introduced in the show, but you should know that he is all over her socials. So who is Corey Loftus?

Delve into this Corey Loftus Bio where we discuss his age, net worth, and height.

Meet Charli Burnett’s Boyfriend, Corey Loftus

Corey Loftus and Charli Burnett started dating each other at least in June 2017. On 11 June 2017, Corey introduced his girlfriend with a post that he captioned, “Partner in crime 💃🏽🕺🏼” Whereas, a month later he made his debut in Charli’s IG that she captioned, “What’s up ❤️”

Ever since then, they have been featuring on each other’s social media posts.

Charli’s boyfriend, Corey stayed a mystery in the show until the Vanderpump group was vacationing in Palm Springs. She spoke to him over the phone and viewers got to hear his voice. He made his debut in the show and also attended the dinner party with other casts. Though it marked the first introduction to the fans of the show, the relationship between the two goes way back.

Charli then unveiled that she was getting a new place with her boyfriend in the 9 November episode of the show. Speaking and updating her life with Ariana Madix, she opened up about the new place. She said, “We have a place. I know that I’ve been living with Corey, but it’s different when we’re getting a place together. That place he’s had for a while.”

The reality star admitted jokingly she was dating a playboy. She clarified that she wanted to move out of the place because she doesn’t know who he had romanced with before meeting her. Charli also pointed out Corey has been a support system in her life. Moreover, she admitted he had helped her get through some of her issues.

Charli’s boyfriend has also been a topic of discussion for another reason, his looks. He has been compared to rapper Macklemore. She even addressed him as the “Thrift Shop” rapper in one of her posts where she wrote, “That one time I met @macklemore at SUR,” She posted it out of the whim that fans started asking her question if she started dating Macklemore.

Her followers on her Instagram were the first who compared Charli’s boyfriend to the rapper. But, Corey is unamused by the joke and the comparison.

Initially, Charli “didn’t see it” and later admitted she couldn’t get it out of her head.

Speaking for her Corey, Charli shared that he had no idea he would be on the show and it was certainly new for him. She shared, “He’s the one that always has off, and he hangs out and parties with the crew more than I do.”

Corey Loftus Age

Talking about age, as of 2021, Corey Loftus should be around 28 or somewhere in the range of late 20s and early 30s.

Corey Loftus Height

The tattooed and bearded-handsome hunk, Corey Loftus stands tall to the height of 6 feet 2 inches.

What Does Corey Loftus Do For A Living?

Corey Loftus started his career as a Project Manager for Zero Energy in 2012. Immediately after living Zero Energy in July 2013, he joined Life AsRx as a Creative Project Manager. Meanwhile, from December 2013-August 2014, he worked as a social media manager for Shindy.

At the end of December 2015, Corey joined BUNCH magazine as Advertising Manager. He also started working for IDrive Online Backup as an assistant to the CEO working in the Business Development of their iOS app TALQ.

From January 2018 – January 2021, Corey worked as a digital marketing consultant for The Brand Elevate. Whereas, he worked for POWERDOT, Inc. as Global eCommerce/Marketing. Corey is a digital strategist, specializing in eCommerce, site optimization, Amazon Seller Central, customer acquisition strategy, content development, digital marketing, DTC brand growth, and international commerce.

Corey has a LinkedIn profile. He earned his associate’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from Palomar College in 2013. Whereas, he also developed skills with Digital Marketing Immersive, Digital Marketing class in General Assembly in 2017.

Corey Loftus Net Worth

Corey Loftus’s estimated net worth is around $600 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Corey Loftus Celebrate His Birthday?

Corey Loftus celebrates his birthday every year on 3 July.

  • Where Was Corey Loftus Born?

Corey was born in his hometown of San Diego, California.

  • Who Are His Parents And Siblings?

Corey Loftus was born to his father Michael Loftus and mother Michele Loftus Haynes. His parents stayed married for a very long time. Michele is a San Diego-based artist specializing in animal portraits, whimsical paintings, abstract and contemporary art.

Michael and Michele had three children; Corey and his two sisters Taylor, and Lulu. Not much is known about Lulu, but she lives in Laguna Niguel, California. She attended Vista Murrieta High School and worked as a Medical Assistant / X-ray Technician at Surfside Urgent Care of South OC.

Michael and Michele recently paid for a vacation trip to Hawaii for Charli and Corey. Charli shared that she missed being with her friends but Hawaii was definitely worth it and she possibly couldn’t miss the free trip. Charli said, “But I had the best time in Hawaii, drank so many piña coladas. 10 out of 10 do not regret.”

  • Is Corey Loftus On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Corey Loftus is on Instagram (@coreyloftus) with 3,302 followers. His Facebook handle is @corey.loftus.756.

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