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TJ Osborne Boyfriend Abi Ventura, Net Worth, Height

It’s not uncommon for the stars to thank their nearest and dearest, especially after their win at the big award ceremonies. But to TJ Osborne — who just came out as gay in February 2021 — kissing his boyfriend Abi Ventura after winning the 2021 CMA Awards, was a big achievement.

Let’s get to know more about TJ Osborne’s boyfriend, and his personal life as this article proceeds.

Who Is Abi Ventura, TJ Osborne Boyfriend?

Brothers Osborne took home the prize for vocal duo of the year at the CMA Awards in September 2021. And that was where Abi Ventura first appeared to the world as TJ Osborne’s boyfriend.

After the announcement, TJ got up from his seat, kissed Abi, and then went on to the stage to accept his award. Meanwhile, his brother John Osborne shared a smooch with his wife Lucie Silvas.

TJ first came out as gay in February, earlier that year. In an interview with Time, TJ said, “I’m very comfortable being gay. I find myself being guarded for not wanting to talk about something that I don’t have a problem with. That feels so strange.”

His fans were very supportive of him coming out, and flooded him with “a tsunami of love” — “almost to the point that it was hard for me to comprehend it for several days”, he added.

Also, he went on to share that his family had known about it for quite a while then, so it was comfortable. But, publicly, he felt like he was “stuck in a second gear phase.”

“That type of attention is just uncomfortable. To be able to do that in that moment, to do it in one full swoop, it was nice. For me, it was that moment of just taking a leap of faith,” TJ shared.

He appeared to be single the first time he came out to the public. So, he probably first met Abi later in his life.

As for fans’ take on his new boyfriend, they loved him.

A fan wrote, “TJ Osborne kissed his boyfriend on national tv during the CMAs, and it’s the content I like to see.”

TJ Osborne Dating History Before Abi Ventura

In the past, TJ has reportedly dated the superstar, Miranda Lambert. Yes, Blake Shelton’s ex-wife.

However, the reports of them being romantically involved with one another were based largely on speculation, as the two were spending more time together. After TJ’s sexual revelation, Miranda commented on a video he shared indicating that the two were just supportive friends.

How Much Is TJ Osborne Net Worth?

TJ Osborne flaunted a net worth of over $2.5 million in 2021.

A singer by profession, TJ has been officially singing with his brother John Osborne ever since they landed a recording deal with EMI Nashville in 2012. Since then, the Brothers Osborne have released several albums as Port Saint Joe Pawn Show, BROS, Skeletons, and All night.

Last we checked, the brothers were set to perform in Kansas City, MO; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Richmond, VA; Washington, DC; and Pittsburgh, PA in November 2021.

Also, the band sold merch like hats, hoodies, tees, ranging anywhere from $30 to $55.

Did you know: In 2019, as the brothers were making their album, “Skeletons,” John who’d battled anxiety since childhood, hit a crisis point.  But luckily, TJ was there, and with a lot of therapy and love from friends and family, John recovered.

TJ Osborne Height

TJ Osborne stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, TJ has a long triangular face, brown eyes, and ripped abs.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is TJ Osborne?

TJ Osborne was born on Nov 18, 1984. That made him 36 years of age in 2021.

As for his brother John, he is two years older and was born on Apr 27, 1982.

  • Is TJ Osborne On TikTok?

No, as of September 2021, TJ Osborne wasn’t present on TikTok.

However, find him over IG @tjosborne with 89.8K followers, Twitter @brothersosborne with 209.9K followers, and Facebook @BrothersOsborne with 494K followers.

Also, the brother entertained 245K subscribers over their eponymous Youtube channel then.

  • Who Are TJ Osborne’s Parents?

If there’s one person, TJ Osborne has to thank for his gift for music, it’s his dad  “Big John” Osborne. His father was a plumber and part-time songwriter, who formed a band called “Deuce and a Quarter”, with the brothers — John on guitar and TJ on bass.

Some of their earliest gigs were at the Happy Harbor Bar in Deale, and that was when Big John noticed something in his boys: “I kinda noticed, ‘These are guys are pretty good.’ And I tried not to be The Dad – they’re my kids! – but I could see it,” Big John said.

Initially, TJ’s parents also put the brothers in a music class. They would be playing violin and “had you heard us play the violin at that age you’d think, ‘Yeah, music was never gonna happen for these kids, they were terrible!’” John laughed.

As of 2021, TJ’s parents are no longer married. But he is close to both of them and often featured his mother over his IG.

TJ’s mother also wrote songs and sang. Guess, TJ also has to thank his mother for his gift.

Talking about TJ’s siblings, he has an older brother and sister who didn’t acquire musical skills. As for his younger sister, Natalie Osborne was a publisher in Nashville at Downtown Music, and a brilliant singer herself.

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