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Corinna Brown Bio, Parents, Partner, Age, Heartstopper

Netflix’s queer drama Heartstopper gives just the kind of inspiration that many Gen-Z’s are looking for. Even its actress, Corinna Brown wondered how things would have been if a show like this existed when she was growing up. But who is she?

Keep reading this “Corinna Brown Bio” to learn all about her.

Corinna Brown On Heartstopper

Corinna portrayed “Tara Jones” in Heartstopper. Her character grew up with Nick and was one of his first crushes. However, Nick later went on to be openly gay and heavily crushed a rugby player Nick.

Besides Nick, Tara is also one of Elle’s first friends at her new school. So, Elle being close to Nick and the crew brings Tara into the circle. But Tara already was in an exciting relationship with her first girlfriend, Darcy then.

Heartstopper portrays all different kinds of love, and for this Corinna praised the show. “It shows everyone, all young people, that love is okay, whatever age you are, let’s not shy away from it,” she shared.

Also, she added, “Queer love is okay, straight love is okay, it’s all the emotions you go through at that stage. To have a show that depicts it all brilliantly, it’s like, oh my God, if I had that when I was like 14, it would have made things so much easier!”

Joining Corinna for the inaugural season were its casts — William Gao (Tao Xu), Joe Locke (Charlie Spring), Kit Connor (Nick Nelson), Yasmin Finney (Elle Argent), Sebastian Croft (Ben Hope), Kizzy Edgell (Darcy Olsson), Jenny Walser (Tori Spring), Cormac Hyde-Corrin (Harry Greene), Sebastian Croft (Ben Hope), Echo (Nellie), Fisayo Akinade (Mr. Ajayi), and Chetna Pandya (Coach Singh).

Also, there were two new characters, Isaac Henderson (Tobie Donovan) and Imogen Heaney (Rhea Norwood), added to the cast who are mentioned in the graphic novels.

For those who haven’t seen Heartstopper, it revolves around Charlie and his sports-loving crush Nick who discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love.

Corinna Brown Net Worth

Corinna Brown garnered a net worth of under $100 thousand by 2022.

Although Heartstopper was her first big role in the entertainment industry, Corinna does have a handful of screen roles credited to her name. Some of them include — The Show Must Go Online (2020), The Show Must Go Online (2020), Profile (2018), Daphne (2017), and My Murder (2012).

The last we checked, she was represented by Macfarlane Chard.

As for her training, Corinna went to East 15 Acting School for Acting & Stage Combat from 2017 to 2020. No wonder, she is highly skilled in Choreography, Dance, and Singing. Also, this actress has received training in Aerial Work, Bartender, Circus Aerial Work, DBS (CRB) clearance, Stilt Walking, Theatrical Gun Handling training, and Trapeze.

Trivia: It was April 2021 when Corinna first let her followers know she made it to the cast of Heartstopper v.i.a IG.

Does Corinna Brown Have A Partner?

Corinna Brown didn’t seem to have a partner as of 2022. 

For those of you wondering if Corinna and Kizzy Edgell ever took their amazing on-screen chemistry out in the real world. Unfortunately, they haven’t. However, having wonderfully represented a healthy lesbian relationship in Heartstopper, they’ve been an inspiration to many.

“Seeing the struggles I myself have faced as a lesbian made me feel seen and not alone,” a fan wrote. 

“There isn’t a whole lot of lesbian representation in media and your portrayal of them was so awesome to see and me personally I felt so seen as a lesbian <3 so genuinely thank you,” another tweeted.

So, why was Corinna single all those years? Her 6-year-older cousin had an answer — “she’s emotionally unavailable.”

Corinna Brown Age

Corinna Brown was born in 1999. That made 22 years of age when Heartstopper premiered in 2022.

Surprisingly, this also put her on the list of the older cast that season.

Corinna Brown Parents

It’s clear that Corinna Brown loves her mother more than her dad if she’s got to choose one among her parents. She even once took it to her Tweet to share, “don’t need a dad cuz I got my mum.”

Corinna often mentioned her mother over her socials. In June 2012, she joked, “Me: ‘But mom what if I get kidnapped?’ Mum: ‘Trust me, they’d bring you back.’ -___-”

As for Corinna’s siblings, she has two brothers — one big and one small. Well, she often fought with her little one and used her baby-sis power on her big bro to make him do her chores.

Overall, the bond was strong between them.

Is Corinna Brown On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @itzz_cori.

Also, here’s her TikTok @notcorinnabrown123 and Twitter @itzz_cori.

Corinna Brown Height

Corinna Brown stands tall at a height of 5 feet (152 cm) and weighs 57 kg (126 lbs).

Mentioning her distinct features, Corinna has brown eyes, dark brown hair color, and a long triangular face.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Corinna Brown From?

Corinna Brown hails from the UK.

As of 2022, she resided in  London, England.

  • When Is Corinna Brown Birthday?

Corinna receives her birthday wishes on December 24, making her of the Capricorn zodiac.

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